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Mike Myers as Pepe LePew

It’s one thing to destroy Yogi Bear. It’s quite another to violate Pepe LePew. New York Magazine is reporting that Warner Bros. is developing a live action feature film with a CGI Pepe, like the Garfield movies. If that’s not enough to make you ill, they are passing over former Pepe thespians Joe Alaskey and Maurice LaMarche to let Mike Myers (The Cat In the Hat, Shrek) voice the skunk. Confidentially, this stinks!

I wonder what our readers think?

  • something rotten in the state of hollywood.

    on the upside, maybe we’ll finally get a set of all those pepe cartoons… ah, who’m I kiddin, they find a way to botch that, too…

  • My inner child is crying and there’s no way of comforting her :(

  • Could we send a live-action Tasmanian Devil into the boardroom that greenlights these things?

  • The Gee

    it is too bad that Myers is doing the lead voice instead of someone else but it doesn’t matter all that much that it is being made. Like the Yogi Bear movie this is just one of those Shaggy D.A. flicks. It might make little kids laugh and folks of certain ages might just roll their eyes.

    Personally, I don’t even understand how Underdog was supposed to be a good idea given how I understand the story went. For a Pepe LePew flick…I can’t even come close to imagining how that would work. The humans being owners of cats? Or, the main humans being some madcap duo who work in Animal Control?

    The only thing that would get me excited about this is if there is a promise for a genuine, certified, bon homme in the form of a CGI mime….maybe a raccoon or a ferret.And, of course, there better be berets aplenty. And, Pepe better get hit over the head with a baguette and then utter:
    “Ah! She wants to break zee bread with me! Onh honh honh honn!” <–laughter

    bottom line: if it sucks, don't see it. no blame, no shame.

  • Isaac

    I think it’s way too early to tell what stinks and what doesn’t. What if this looks as good as the Roger Rabbit 2 pitch test?


    Still, it’s too early to call.

    • Fredy

      that is sooo true!!!

  • Christopher Cook

    WB is making the same mistake. Pepe got just so much mileage out of seven-minute shorts, so what makes the suits at WB think he’s worthy of a feature film? The pool of originality has become shallow.

    • Bill

      I see signs that say “No diving” outside of them nowadays.

  • Paraphrasing the philosopher called Vader: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • I think you’ll find it’s spelled ‘DO NOT WANT’

  • drmedula

    Judging from the fact we keep getting these things,I assume that this practice of sticking a couple of CGI cartoon characters into a live-action film is somehow more profitable than just animating the whole thing?

    • Bingo.

    • Bill

      That and realistic special fx are the thing now, hiring a few cheap VAs and drawing the whole thing is probably cheaper then celebrities and a bunch of fancy cameras.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I hope it never sees the light of day.

  • Iain

    P.U. is right!

    I’ve noticed all these string of live-action / CG Looney Tune movie announcements, first there were Speedy Gonzales and Marvin the Martian, then Bugs Bunny and this, is this Warner Bros’ (set to fail) attempt to introduce the Looney Tunes to a new generation? I know for a fact that I first come to know these characters when I was little with Chuck Jones’ “Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Movie” compilation.

  • There is only one true ‘Locksmith of Love’, mon che´ri.

  • I can imagine the plot already: “A suburban family return from a vacation trip from France and on their retur they find a Rodolfo Valentino type of skunk in their baggage.” Brendan Fraser as the dad.

  • I am not surprised in the least.
    Will pepe be molesting a real black cat with a white line painted on its back for 90 minutes?

    I remember in his stand up, dave chapelle calling pepe a rapist.
    the furries will be ecstatic, hon hon hon!


  • le poo poo

  • Matt Bell

    Oh for Christs Sake!
    Are “new” ideas and “original” material really that scary to film biz executives?

    Someone please tell the ‘entertainment’ corporations of today to pull their fingers out and try something else.

  • Baron Lego

    Aw, you don’t wanna know what I think- we’re not allowed to use excessive profanity in this comments section.

  • Camilo


    I hope we’ll finally get a LT-SuperStars DVD of Pepe Le Pew!

  • Jeff Hunsel

    Never a big fan of Pepe. This doesn’t help.

  • The wonderful thing about Pepe, is that he’s one of the few protagonists in film/tv who would mercilessly stalk the “romantic interest” and NOT be with her in the end.

    • Dan Ang

      Actually, it’s a pretty safe bet that it will end with him and his romantic interest together. Remember the kind of situation we’re dealing with.

  • Was my face red

    I think we all know what we’re all going to think. These things are going to keep on coming and posters getting outraged can’t do anything to stop it. The moral of the movie is going to be love who you are, not what you pretend to me. Pepe will eventually learn to stop chasing pussy and settle for a skunk.

  • “Remember those cartoons, with the French skunk?”

    “Oh yeah!!! They showed those on Nickelodeon or something! I loved that show! The skunk farted and it was hilarious how bad he smelled!”

    “Yeah, and he wanted to have sex with cats! I was thinkin’ — let’s make that into a MOVIE!”

    “YES! We could get that guy, who did that fantastic CAT IN A HAT movie!!!”

    “SCORE! This is going to be so awesome that it hurts! Is Jenna Elfman available? Maybe he can try to ‘do’ her!!”


  • uncle wayne

    ” ‘FADING’ AMerican icons!!!????” Whoa. That’s about the worst thing any one could “put in print!” There’s something giantly wrong with THAT comment! (Especially if it’s almost TRUE!) HOW do we get these (WB) films back on a goddam tv!???? How how HOW!???

  • Austin Papageorge

    Yeah, this is pretty bad.

  • I’m more curious how they plan to tone down Pepe’s, um, “rapey” vibe. Let’s be real – Pepe’s cartoons weren’t exactly show-stopping delights.

    But Mike Myers is always fail, so…

  • nw

    Even if Alasky or Lamarche were involved, its still a bad idea.

  • Mark McD

    I think “Cat in the hat” demonstrates that Mike Meyers knows how to stink up a theatre.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You certainly can’t clean out stains like that with just soap!

  • Lawrence

    I can understand why you would have Myers voice a new character, such as Shrek when that movie debuted. But the star of a Pepe LePew movie wouldn’t be Myers, it would be PEPE FRIGGIN LEPEW! Does Warner Brothers really feel that they need to attach a “star” to this movie in order to sell tickets?

    Wait, of course they do. Silly question.

  • Geo

    Sounds like Pepe is going to become Austin Powers in a skunk suit with a bad French accent.


  • Rodger

    This is why Burbank needs prop 19 man. They need a diffrent kind of Skunk to draw inspiration from…

    Pepe LePew, as a cultured cosmopolitan European, would probally agree, no? ;-)

  • Rooniman

    It’s begun. It’s finally begun. The destruction of beloved cartoon characters, performed ever so hatefully by the big, fat, money-grobbing, douches that are the WB executives.

  • I blame Chipmunks’ success. That’s probably why they are suddenly so interested in making all these CGI/life action movies. They were doing them before but now it looks like a plague. Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise is not fantastic but it’s tolerable as a children saga. Even though I would prefer it in traditional animation I think it makes some sense in the CGI/life action mix, since it has always been about chipmunks living with humans, and the original concept was that a real musician created a group of chipmunks.

    Now, Yogi Bear and especially Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes make absolutely no sense in CGI/life action. They are pure cartoon logic. Who would like them to look real? No one, I hope, cause if these movies are a success we’re doomed. It’s already bad that we almost don’t see 2D animation in theaters, but at least 3D could be used to do full animated, well designed movies and not this ugly ‘realistic’ crap.

    I don’t understand Warner Bros. The attempt of doing Roadrunner/Coyote shorts in CGI may have some detractors, but they are actually trying to keep the cartoony spirit within the context of what audience demands now: CGI and 3D effects. Also, The New Looney Tunes Show, we still don’t know how that’ll work, but it looks kind of appealing. I thought they had actually learnt from all their errors and they were trying to improve Looney Tunes productions. But then they started to announce all these CGI life action films, which is the worst thing they can do with these characters. Worse than Back In Action (which is mediocre but tolerable), worse than Space Jam and maybe even worse than Loonatics. I don’t have hopes in new Looney Tunes series being half as good as the originals, but they should have a minimum quality. They’re dealing with classics here.

    • CGI/live-action films make a lot of sense economically.

      Making a live-action film is relatively cheap. Constructing sets, props, costumes and actors themselves are easy to find and whose costs are well known.

      Animation on the other hand is expensive in comparison. Creating sets, backgrounds, human characters and locations is extremely expensive when compared to live-action.

      Hybrid films use the best aspects of both worlds. It is much cheaper to animate characters (especially classic cartoon ones) by themselves and have them interact with their live-action surroundings.

      The most economically effective parts of both artforms are combined in a (seemingly endless) parade of mediocre films put out by Hollywood studios who will leap at the first opportunity to mine the nostalgic value in classic animated properties.

      • that explains alot. if cost cutting executives kep running the show, were doomed…:(

    • For your facts, “Alvin” may have started the trend, but I think Garfield was released when the Alvin movie was picthed. Though Davis Entertainment had no inolvement.

      And besides, what two great characters that the Fleischers and Famous Studios adapated onto screen cartoons were later made into live-action movies probably first?

      Superman and Popeye. Yes, this trend is nothing new. Get your facts straight.

      • There’s a difference between doing Popeye and Superman in pure live-action and doing a Looney Tunes movie in CGI/live-action hybrid style. Besides, super hero movies are the one genre of comic strip-to-film adaptions that usually work – because the super heroes are often drawn pretty realistic.

        This discussion isn’t about ALL comic strips and cartoons which are adapted into live-action (a much broader theme). It’s about taking characters that were obviously created for the caricatured world of cartoons/comics and remaking them as terribly designed CGI characters in a cheap live-action world.

  • jake tashjian

    i have something to say about this movie: shoot me.

  • holyduck

    What happened to that Marvin the Martian all-CG movie?

    Plus, they’re doing the same with Bugs.

    Should be just expect ALL THE Toons to be killed off by Hollywood so we won’t be so pissed?

  • The Scarlet Pumpernickel

    They had better not butcher the fractured french and other stereotypes that made the series enjoyable. Being myself a French, I will show no mercy regarding this subject.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      No doubt you people have fought hard to maintain such integrity only for someone else to be ruining it through political correctness!

      • Manny

        Well, Pepe isn’t just French. From what I can gather, he’s French , Italian and a bit Swedish (I’m one :)). But mostly French :D. And by stereotypes, the most common frenchy I’ve seen so far is a musician. His name is Sebastien Tellier. Know him?

        And if they want to be really clever into setting Pepe into something “modern”, they should put him in an 80’s set-up as a New Romantic/Goth. He got the hair, the ‘tude, everything really. Do you agree?

  • Sarah

    I have one question for this: Why?!

    It’s bad enough we’re getting a Smurfs movie (seriously, who’s keep giving George Lopez work? He’s not even funny).

    I never liked the Chipmunks movies (live-action/CGI ones that is).

    When it comes to Hollywood executives making these kinds of movies, in the words of Stewie from Family Guy “I’d say are you blind or just stupid?”

  • I’ve always wonder why POP culture of our days does things like that, only using big names for the money.

    And most importantly Why does it bother us so much?

    Why can’t it be more like the 40s when Gene Kelly used to dance with Jerry Mouse?

  • never really liked Mr Le Pew…do what you must with him…he is a 1 trick pony

    • And still they’ll find a way to make this movie about anything but that one trick… judging from the ideas they were knocking about for that Speedy Gonzales movie.

  • Russell H

    I see the fundamental problem with taking Pepe–or any other cartoon character like this–into a feature film is that the character just wasn’t “designed” to support anything more than a 7-minute cartoon. Characters like Pepe, or Yogi, or any of the others, are basically “shallow;” they have a few distinguishing aspects and maybe an “obsession” (chasing *les femmes*, pic-a-nic baskets, etc.), and those can be very funny, indeed, can be great comedic figures, but they just aren’t “deep” enough to sustain 100+ minutes of screen time. What the character does in 7 minutes is so concentrated that we don’t have time to care that much about his inner motivations or psyche; we just laugh at what he does or what happens to him.

    A Pepe movie would most likely require a newly-invented “backstory” to make him “make sense” over a feature-length: for instance, that he was unloved by his parents, he was “shy” as a child, he was rejected by a “true love,” etc. and that’s what led him to his priapic antics–and in doing so, he’d be made into a sympathetic character with real depth and feelings–and, most likely, he wouldn’t be funny any more.

    • I thought I sent an answer to this before, but I don’t see it published… Anyway, I don’t agree with this reasoning. A backstory is not the only way to make a character interesting.

      Pepe is not even the best LT character, but he has more personality than most characters in modern animated features.

      Are you telling me that Megamind guy can support a whole feature and Pepe can’t? Is Shrek more charismatic than Bugs Bunny?

      I could even hold the comparison with decent characters in good movies, like Remy in “Ratatouille”. He has a dream and a backstory and he still doesn’t have the personality of Pepe or any Looney Tunes character.

      “The Three Caballeros” used Donald Duck succesfully in a long feature without adding emotional pathos or a backstory for him. Because he’s charismatic and fun, and that’s all what matters in a comedy. The Marx Brothers didn’t need the loving couples to make their movies interesting, even though the most conservative part of the audience would believe they did.

      • Ok, I read it again and maybe I didn’t understand what you said at first. I do agree with you to some extent. It’s true that it’s difficult to extende Pepe cartoons which are based on the same formula and I agree that the usual trend is to include a backstory and emotional parts. I also agree that could kill the comedy.

        However, I will still insist on pointing out that Looney Tunes characters -or, for that matter, any golden age cartoon character- are usually more charismatic and interesting than most of the recent protagonists in modern features. So if these new creations can be the stars of whole movies I don’t see why the Looney Tunes couldn’t, cause they are characters with stronger personalities.

        Yogi and Pepe’s motivations may be basic, but is not Remy’s motivation of being a chef pretty basic too? And I know more about what kind of character Pepe or Yogi are than I know about Remy. The only thing I know about the rat is that he’s slightly refined and likes to cook. With Pepe we know he’s french, very self-confident in his own charm, unaware of his odor, very romantic and a little mischiveous (I remember him faking suicide in For Scent-imental Reasons so he could get Penelope in his arms). I know Yogi is “smarter than the average bear” but less sensible than Boo Boo, that he defies authority and likes to talk in rhymes.

        If they were in the mood of doing it right, I think a Looney Tunes movie could admit SOME pathos, anyway, if they kept it toned down and mostly concentrated on the jokes. Come to think of it, “Kung Fu Panda” was actually sort of a Looney Tunes movie. The main character had a dream and sort of a backstory but he was mostly a comic character, and most of the movie was devoted to the action sequences and the jokes. And “Monsters Inc” was esentially a comedy with a few emotional parts. And Sulley-Boo’s relationship seemed somewhat inspired on Chuck Jones’ Marc Anthony and Cleo. Another movie that introduces some pathos without getting too sappy is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. There is a couple of scenes with Roger feeling sad cause Jessica is cheating on him, and also some conflict around Valiant losing his sense of humor because of his brother’s death, but none of that makes the movie moralistic or overly sentimental.

  • AJ

    I think some film makers just want to go to France and not pay for it.

  • what on earth is happening to Warner Bros. and Disney these days? The two companies that ruled animation for so long are just crumbling in front of us.

    *le sigh*

  • Karen

    Mike Myers is a MAJOR prima donna egomaniac, who treats cast and crew TERRIBLY on any film he works on. He’s not a particularly good actor, outside of short skits, and certainly not a box office draw.

    Why would Warners soil their property by attaching him to it? If the idea stunk before Meyers, it stinks even more now.

    • Truth here. Myers wasted millions on the first Shrek because he decided on the Scottish accent practically halfway through production.

      • purin

        I thought it kind of faded in and out in the first movie…

    • Because Shrek.

  • Once upon a time there were no stories. All stories were original. Then the evil pixie from the land of Yawn-Lazy-Bore came down and saw all the stories and decided to make all the stories again, except without as much care, love or enthusiasm. And when he finished, he made them all again, and again, and again…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I guess this story has no ending (albeit, a Möbius strip of mutated permutations).


  • Shaun Lang

    That’s it. Now we HAVE to blow up Hollywood.

  • Alissa

    “It’s quite another to violate Pepe LePew. ”
    I see what you did there… :)

    Isn’t Mike Myers the voice of Shrek? Why would want want to associate a suave skunk with a rude redneck fake-scottish-accented ogre? Oh wait this is Hollywood.

  • Why. Why would you do that, Warner Bros. :I

  • Scarabim

    I’ve always gotten a kick out of Pepe…and yeah, it distresses me that they’re going the live action/CGI route with this. WB must really need the money, and doesn’t care how badly its classic characters are handled in pursuit of it.

    So what’s this movie going to be about? Hmmm…maybe Penelope belongs to a woman who uses the cat as an emotional crutch because she’s a dud at romance – in other words, she’s turning into a cat lady. And Pepe thinks Penelope won’t look twice at him because her owner’s in the way, so he decides to help the woman find a boyfriend and clear the way for him to woo the kitty. One can imagine dialogue like this:

    Pepe: (to woman) Frankly, madame, when it comes to romance…you stink worse than I do.

    Um, okay, it was just a thought…

  • purin

    One again, the most amazing logic ever:

    We’ll make a movie using a classic, recognizable, much-loved 2D animated character! People will pay money see it, guaranteed!

    What? 2D animation? Who would put money in such a film? Nobody wants to see a 2D animated character! Don’t make me laugh!

  • I actually think Mike Meyers is very talented, but all he ever does with it is either Shrek or something like this.

    I really don’t appreciate how they get movie stars to impersonate cartoon characters (Dan Aykroyd, Mike Meyers) when there are professional voice actors who already do a fine job of it.

    • Scarabim

      I totally agree with this. I bet Billy West is really pissed right now…

  • Merde.

  • What is the deal with celebrities? When they’re approached to voice a classic, ICONIC cartoon character, can’t that celebrity ask the producer, “Why do you want me? Don’t you guys use regular voice actors?” I just wish enough of these celebrities would just tell the producers to kiss off.

    It’s such an insult to Joe Alaskey and Bob Bergen. And they DON’T. FRICKING. CARE.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You would think that would happen by now, or do celebs have half a brain to not even question the existence of such people worthy of the job?

    • MarkMcD

      Because for big Hollywood stars it’s a big Hollywood check for three days of work in a recording studio. And a quick way to keep your name out there for a few months between features. Only Will Ferrell can open a crappy movie EVERY month!

      • But, if someone like Mike Myers or Dan Aykroyd truly feels that way, then they are no better than the producers in charge of this crap.

  • Crone

    Great. My absolute favorite character stomped on. Way to go Hollywood. Go make your $$$.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    I’ve always been creeped out by Pepe LePew, since he’s always grabbing, groping and molesting that poor cat.

  • David

    Who cares?

    Jerry, you and Amid spend more time worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter in life more than any two people I’ve ever seen.

    • Who cares? Our readers do. And I do.

      It’s a news item. And it does matter. The late creator of Pepe LePew was one of the greats in the field of animation. And now, to chase a fast buck, the character’s corporate owners have decided to exploit their classic properties by grinding out mindless movies, that disgrace/distort the creators original point of view.

      My readers and I are entitled to our opinion, just as you are entitled to yours. If this sort of thing doesn’t interest you, I invite you to quit worrying about what we post and stop reading this blog.

    • purin

      You’re asking this on a blog devoted to animation, movies, and feature entertainment?

    • The animators, industry personnel, and fans of animation who frequent this blog would beg to differ…

    • Spencer

      And clearly, you sir, just don’t have any taste. Plus, if you DIDN”T care, why would you bother to comment and knock on a crowd of people that DO care.

      Obvsiously, animation isn’t your passion, so why don’t you excrement on someone else’s blog.

  • Ehh, if Chuck Jones were still alive, he’d probably embrace the project as another chance to promote himself as a “soopah genius”. I’m far more disappointed that Jerry seems to think that Pepe occupies a higher rung of the cartoon caste system than Yogi!

    • Scarabim


      Pepe beats Yogi all to heck. He’s funnier, better designed, more likable, had a better voice actor, a more creditable creator, and he was in much better company (Bugs beats Boo-Boo all too heck too).

    • Spencer

      Interesting comment.

      However, Pepe definitely employs a wrung on the ladder as one of the classic cartoons of our time. I’d like to see you come up with a cartoon nearly as funny or iconic as Pepe.

      • The Gee

        My goodness.

        Pepe LePew is a great comedic character but in comparison to Yogi Bear, he’s a one note character.
        Like the Road Runner/Coyote cartoons the LePew cartoons were variations on a theme. You need not look as far as the fact that HB milked Yogi in a lot of ways, in a movie, and at least a couple of TV shows past the original appearance.

        Such a thing wouldn’t really happen with the skunk….well, until now.

        Also, as it goes, Spence, don’t go dissing on anyone needing to make a better character because they may have already done that. You just may not be aware at how good their work is.

      • Spencer

        Agreed. I think I’m just a little too fired up about this impending cinematic abomination.

  • Hmm… when I sent this link to Jerry, I thought Brew readers would be more interested in the statistics about Looney Tunes characters mentioned in the article:

    QUOTE: According to E-Poll Market Research data, even the most popular of the Looney Tunes bunch have trouble connecting with audiences: For instance, more Americans over the age of 13 can recognize Mike Myers (68 percent) than can recognize Bugs Bunny (66 percent) or Daffy Duck (56 percent). Even tougher for Warner Bros., more Americans have a favorable impression of Bugs (65 percent) and Daffy (55 percent) than they do of Myers (52 percent).

  • oh geez

    How are they going to make a an entire film about a cartoon rapist?

    The shorts were perfect.

  • Bob Lindstrom

    This surprises anyone?

    While I TOTALLY understand Jerry’s riposte above, I have to repeat Who Cares? I’ve been long-since benumbed by these events.

    Warners has been taking a repeated dump on their classic Termite Terrace characters for years. This is just the latest BM from the WB.

  • MichaelDair

    Orson Scott Card is right:
    Everything you love, everything meaningful with depth and history, all passionate authentic experiences will be appropriated, mishandled, watered down, cheapened, repackaged, marketed and sold to the people you hate.

  • You folks don’t honestly think this will be set in France, do you? Pepe will no doubt be transplanted into the U.S. a la the first Mr. Bean movie, where all the straight-laced Americans just can’t figure out this little black French skunk–oh the hilarity…and at the same time, maybe we can learn about respecting others despite our differences, too. This is going to be a lame, live action version of the (somewhat slightly overrated) short “Really Scent.”

    I already said this over on the Golden Age Cartoons board, but I’m more disappointed in the fact that we can’t even rely on these announced movies–Speedy or Pepe–to even have a coinciding DVD release of any merit. We’ll get a “Complete Pepe le Pew: 1953-1962” DVD in letterbox (ugh), and when that doesn’t sell, then Warner Bros. will be convinced that the Looney Tunes property as a whole doesn’t have an audience anymore on the format.

  • FP

    Gee. Pepe was a pretty smart cartoon, and Myers’ timing has been slipping. I read on some gossip site he is developing early Alzheimer’s aggravated by diabetes. This project doesn’t sound as if it will be any better than CAT IN THE HAT or THE LOVE GURU.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’m at the point now where I’m just too busy dealing with other things to care. It’s an obvious cash grab/tax write-off, and as time marches on, the ultimate fate of such things are to be forgotten while the original lasts.

  • Cyle

    I’ve gotten so used to this kind of news that I’m almost desensitized, but it’s still aggravating. Mike Myers? Really?

  • dbenson

    CGI Pepe gives “hilarious” romantic advice to a teenager (from Disney Channel series), either to improve his own love life or to fix up a single parent (Eddie Murphy?).

    Pepe, presented as a “real” skunk, writes blog (which movie thinks is like a cable access show). Slacker comedian pretends to be the Internet sensation Pepe to win girl, then Learns to Be Himself.

    Studio management changes, Myers is dumped and budget is slashed. Pepe is played by that guy from “The Room.” “Mon cheri, you tear Pepe apart!”

    Pepe lePew movie becomes Foghorn Leghorn movie when a Saturday Night Live guy does sketch in costume: “I say, I’m Foghorn Leghorn, dangit!

    Ends up on “Family Favorites” DVD with Marmaduke, a Chipmunks sequel and Cat in the Hat

  • Shmorky


  • Willow

    Wouldn’t he be considered an ethnic stereotype unless Maurice plays him?

  • God help us if the Goofy Gophers get a film, with Andy Samberg and Will Forte as Mac & Tosh.

  • Manny


    Those succer moms had already stunned him to be unable to failmance uncompromisely, which is his gag. This is the final shot and then, he will be all dead.

  • Martin Juneau

    Pepe le Pew is not enough popular for be a star in a feature. Speedy having some appeals since it was a icon star in the 70’s and 80’s but not Pepe. Who will endured him for 90 minutes? And now, they have plans for a live-action movie crap with Marsupilami, the original Franquin’s character. Ouch!!

    BTW, who will next? Peanuts? Woody Woodpecker? Foghorn Leghorn?

  • They should have gotten Dave Chapelle to write. He understands the character better than anyone.

  • Callinggamers

    This just shows how much I hate Hollywood and all of the insanity that is going on down there.

  • I guess it’s official then: Mike Myers is the new Robin Williams of animated films.

  • Jenny

    It makes it worse that Pepe LePew basically glorified rape:

    No really. I ain’t joking.

    • Scarabim

      Oh, come on. You’re serious? When did he ever even get close to “raping” the cat? He was pursuing her to woo her, and it was FUNNY.


  • As a certian banned book character said in his certian Censored 11 cartoon adaptation,

    “My body may belong to you, but my soul belongs to Warner Bros.”

    And that’s the truth about our favorite cartoons being made in to live-action cartoon movies.

    In fact, I came up with a better movie idea (not telling you if it’s real or not), that may seem gimmicky at first, but it’s a surefire classic. While it may BORROW elements from cartoons, it doesn’t matter because it: 1. Reunites some certian people who don’t want to be reunited, 2. Is all live action. No 3D, no visual effects, just pure storytelling 3. Isn’t based on any cartoon or TV show completetly (Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, Mission Impossible, and now, Pepe Le Pew) 4. And won’t intend to have any toilet humor.

    Now my 35mm/16mm screening of 20th Century Fox’s 1944 film “Laura” is being sabatoged because the historic theater played a Pepe Le Pew cartoon along with a UM&M print of a lost Fleischer Screen Song. And other YT users crush on the Tiny Toons incarnation makes it even worse.

    I can remember the scene in one of his most famous apperances where white paint falls on the kitty’s tail very fondly.

    The movie thing I came up with mentioned eariler (again, not telling you if it’s real or not) is probably much more tasteful than some cartoon crucification.

    You’ll see Warner Bros., or should I say, Whorener Brothers!

  • Cypo

    …I find it shocking that it takes studios one of these films three weeks in the box office to realize something isn’t working, while the common audience will recognize it the moment the news hits the internet, long before pre-production has even started.

    The Looney Tunes are masterpieces, and one of those reasons is because the people involved in them (Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, etc.) worked hard to make them as excellent as we still view them today. They’re a testament to traditional animation, and a big influence to just about everyone who gets into the business of animation.

    To make a live action/CGI hybrid of them, not only cheapens the characters, but shows how little respect they have for their own property to attempt this and the other three films based on them.

    -A Marvin the Martian movie where he ends up wrapped up as a present for some suburban family during Christmastime? …What part of this feels like a Looney Tune story?

    -A Speedy Gonzales movie that has leave for America to befriend and teach confidence to a struggling racecar driver? Not to mention, cast that talentless hack, George Lopez to voice Speedy? No… No, no, no, no, no.

    -A Bugs Bunny movie, which you know they’ll screw up here too. Probably with some live action Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam played by Jack Black and Will Ferrell.

    -And now Pepe Le Pew… which even if they don’t steer far from his premise of pursuing Penelope Pussycat… how can you stretch a 5-12 minute short into and hour and a half without it getting stale? …You can’t.

    *sigh* I can only hope that they learn their lesson before it’s too late. As this decision to do these films aren’t going to be helping them increase revenue in the Looney Tunes series… it’s going to cost them even more for these pieces of unimaginative pieces of trash. If they REALLY want to make a Looney Tunes movie, here’s an idea…. a feature length, traditionally animated movie of the characters on a roadtrip-esq plot in the same vein as The Muppet Movie.

  • Oh, not again. Please stop plundering animation’s past for a quick buck. Someone do something original for Chuck’s sake !

    (ugh, Myers’ foul performance in The Cat in the Hat gives me the creeps to remember it , especially now that he’s set to likely do the same thing to Pepe le Pew) .

  • Darren

    I hate how animation these days is voiced by the flavor of the month celebrity. The world will forever miss the TRUE talents of Mel Blanc.

  • stavner

    You’d think they’dve learned from The Cat In the Hat. Are you sure this isn’t a joke?

  • Spencer

    YOU’VE GOT TO BE &^%&#^@(*#&[email protected](*#$%*&ING KIDDING ME!

  • Incidentally, Pepe is not a rapist! He’s a gentleman. What kind of P.C. cartoon fans are you? Even if Warner Bros cartoons were designed exclusively for mature viewers and included explicit sex I don’t think Pepe will ever rape her lover, he would just try to seduce her. And the only reason why Penelope doesn’t fall in his arms is because of his odor, in most of the cartoons she’s actually fine with his seductive plays before she finds out that he stinks.

    • Scarabim

      THANK YOU. You phrased it perfectly. Pepe was a gentleman lover at all times. The idea of brutalizing a female would be anathema to him. What a sad world we live in where some would see the romantic antics of a good-hearted, chivalrous character like Pepe in such a dark light.

  • Just read about this in the news. Could care less who will voice Pepe, the “live action” element of the film is just a bad idea all around. Here come’s another train wreck.

  • Danny R. Santos

    I loved animation at one point and I must say, love stinks!!!!

  • Nathan Strum

    I’ve come to expect no better from Warner Bros. They simply don’t care. I simply won’t watch it.

  • So is it safe to assume that movies like this (Garfield, Alvin, Scooby, marmaduke etc..) are making money?

    If thats the case, then the only way to stop these movies from happening is to ignore them.

    Give as little hype as possible – if its dumb, ignore it becasue its dumb.

    Encourage your friends and to ignore it.

    Dont go anywhere near it.

    If these movies are still popular to a young crowd that is not familiar with the source material then what can we do except support the GOOD animated output and try to get involved in good cartoon production?

    Also. i just wanna add that the pepe lepew cartoons always made me feel uncomfortable. How the heck would that run 90 minutes?

  • Carmen

    Im dead inside….my childhood is dead..almost

  • Zat peekchair weel STEENK!

  • David Breneman

    Next up: A live-action/CGI movie of that frog from “One Froggy Evening”. He can spend the first 90 minutes of the film doing what he did in the original cartoon, and the last 20 minutes of the film plugging a lame concept for a TV network called “The W-B”. In the last five minutes of the film, he gets locked in the cornerstone of an office building. Think of the merchandising potential! There can even be a ride at Six Flags Over Schenectady!


  • Lara

    We don’t need a Pepe movie. We need to bring back 6-minute theater shorts with original characters from emerging studios.


    I don’t even like the stupid Shrek movies… the only thing I remember liking Mike Myers in is his Wayne’s World.

  • Rebecca

    I agree with the majority of people here. Why?! Why?! I could give it a chance, but seeing how badly other classic cartoon characters have been translated into the live action/CG film realm (story-wise/personality-wise, the CG itself is very well executed)I don’t hold out a lot of hope for this… And another thing, I LOVE PEPE!! PLEASE DON’T RUIN PEPE!!!!!! :(

  • Bob

    What’s next? A CGI/Live Action feature with Bosko?

  • Bill

    I won’t complain about how bad this sounds, I can still watch the classic shorts and thats enough to satisfy me.

    I still say that sticking a character made for shorts into a movie is an odd move, but I am impressed with them keeping Pepe French over blanding him down so we can relate to him (he’s a talking skunk!).

    CGI Rocky and Bullwinkle looked good and a part of that was the lack of detail in their textures, lets hope WB goes with this same idea so we don’t get another ultra real zombie.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Knowing Hollywood they may make him gay.

  • Mike Myers as Pepé Le Pew?! I have only one thing to say about this: LE N-O, NO! I do NOT want this to happen to my favorite Looney Tune! My first cartoon crush, even! Please, say it ain’t so, Warner Bros.! SAY IT AIN’T SO!

  • demoncat

    this just shows holly wood has now come one step closer to the bottom of the barrel and has lost all originality . first the evil that is yogi bear. now Pepe La pew winds up with Mike Myers voicing him thus taking any of the good ness of the character away. looks like the box office will need to have to be de skunked for a stinker is coming

  • Robert Schaad

    There should really be at least one Pepe animated short directed/designed by John K. The reaction shots by people, fellow animals, etc. would be great!

    Not into the CGI movie version.:(

    • Scarabim

      Gotta disagree with you. I’d hate to see what John K. would turn Pepe into. Probably a mangy, depraved lecher, if we go by what he did to his own Ren and Stimpy.

  • Autumn

    What the hell WB? Just…what the hell. Speedy, Bugs and now Pepe.

    Mother F…

  • For those thinking this film will bomb, don’t worry, WB will cover that by releasing it in 3D, and that’s how it will make its money back.

  • Robin

    I have the feeling they would rather hire a voice actor that isn’t invested in the nostalgia of the character so the directors won’t feel bad for ruining a classic.

  • I can understand wanting to cash in on the classic characters, but they fail to understand that what people really want is the original classics. They claim there’s no market for the characters on TV, then they announce yet another new series based on them, and movies like this.

    “Looney Tunes Back in Action” was actually a pretty good film, all things considered. But it was poorly marketed and it bombed at the box office. They proclaimed it a failure…yet here we go again.

    Warner Bros. is like Wile E. Coyote…they keep trying, and they keep failing.

    Plus, there’s the sheer laughability of characters like Marvin, Speedy and Pepe being able to carry their own feature-length films, with or without live action and special effects. The original Speedy cartoons are great, but they’re only 7 minutes long and generally variations of the same plot. Same with Pepe and Marvin.

  • Scarabim

    ^Warner Bros.’ struggles to bring back the Looney Tunes characters reminds me of something somebody wrote not long ago about the ongoing attempts to bring back the Muppets. Every attempt has failed so far, what with flop movies and TV specials, and lackluster merchandising sales, yet the struggle goes on, and as the author of the article put it, God knows why, when the characters are puppets in an age of computer-generated animated wizardry, the voices don’t sound right (a running gag on Family Guy) and the puppets don’t even look so good anymore. While the Muppet brand got some publicity with that Bohemian Rhapsody send-up, it seems to have faded away again. One wonders why Hollywood keeps sinking energy and dollars into brands that peaked long ago and have left no story idea or gag unexplored. It’s sad, especially in the case of Looney Tunes, to see the struggle go on. Enough already. Let them rest in peace!

    • I’m repeating myself but the muppets were at least brilliantly used in “Muppets Tonight”, which I thought it was hilarious and as good as the original “Muppets Show”. Yep, that was more than ten years ago, but it’s something.

      Problem with the Muppets and Looney Tunes is nobody has still figured out how to make them work in a movie. I guess “The Muppet Movie” was sort of decent and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” has some fans, but I think they still work better in tv series.

      Similarly, The Duck Dodgers tv series, while not brilliant, is probably one of the most decent things they have done with LT for a while. ‘Back in Action’ was good in concept but mediocre in execution. The story has some clever ideas and some good use of the characters, but it was very hit and miss in the gags and technical aspects. The acting wasn’t very good either. I usually enjoy Brendan Fraser (even in something like Monkeybone) and Steve Martin but this wasn’t their best work.

      I’d say “Daffy Duck Quackbusters” was a pretty good attempt of a LT feature, cause it had a good story to combine all the shorts. If someone could come up with a decent plot like that one, without using footage from original shorts, that would be the perfect thing. Another direct-to-video movie that I find interesting to look at is “Tiny Toons: How I spent My Vacation”. Not emotional pathos, just jokes. Lots of plots for different characters. Imagine that kind of structure with the original Looney Tunes. I think that movie would be a winner.

  • crtoons

    Just another, in a long line of examples, of how Warner Brothers has NO IDEA what to do with it’s legacy of classic animated characters! At the very least, couldn’t they have stuck with either Joe Alaskey and Maurice LaMarche instead of, yet again, going to stunt casting a “name star” to voice Pepe? Most often than not, with a few exceptions, name celebrities don’t add a lick of creativity to the art of voice acting as well as the men and women that do it for a living!

  • Jed G Martinez

    Just three words: IS NOTHING SACRED?!

  • Sparklyghost

    I wonder if the other looney tune charaters are going to be in this movie or its just Pepe.le Pew’s movie but anyway I cant wait to see this movie! But it better not be stupit as shit

  • What? Mike Myers was already considered as Marvin The Martian! He can’t play as 2 of the ‘Looney Tunes’ characters! One is enough!