<em>Monsters Vs. Aliens</em> trailer <em>Monsters Vs. Aliens</em> trailer
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Monsters Vs. Aliens trailer

  • Pez

    Looks like animated dolls.

  • I’ll go see it!

  • Kyle Maloney

    hmm, doesnt look horrible to me. Ive seen worse. for Dreamworks at least.

    doesnt hold a candle to pixar of course, but I might give it a chance.

  • I think the film looks interesting, and I’m anxious to see what TRU3D adds to the film.

  • Not that much new footage since the last trailer… I’m still optimistic, though.

  • I have high hopes for this, I think it’s going to be properly funny.
    And properly nothing like a Pixar film; which is probably a good thing.

  • Nick

    Pretty crummy character design, but it looks like it could be funny, some good jokes. Knockoff Gen. Turgidson is disappointing, though. Some stuff just doesn’t need to be re-done.

  • akira

    monsters inc. meets incredibles, meeets toy story, meets mars attacks

  • Pedro Nakama

    I wonder how it will do coming out 2 days before “Up”.

  • You guys are rough. I’m as partial to Pixar as the next guy but from what I see here, this looks great. About the only thing I didnt like was the logo. I think stylistically it looks nice and technically it looks as good as most big budget c.g.i. Obviously, it’s very indebted to the “Incredibles.” I guess what it comes down to is the script (go figure) and it’s hard to gauge that from the trailer. Katzenberg is allegedly a stickler for story -and one of the early champions of the whole Vogler “Writer’s Journey” shtick – so I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    It’s like a bag of trail mix, but i’m definitely seeing this one. Certainly entertaining looking. I’m guessing it might be as good as Panda.

  • I think there’s some terrific looking stuff here.

  • Is it just me or did the evil alien look like Jeffrey K?

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…. ;)

  • ghoest

    This looks awesome. I’m excited

  • Bobby D.

    Fun, fun, fun! No, “it ain’t no Pixar”, comments from me. Aren’t we WAY beyond that? Go, enjoy, be well!

  • Cowboy Woody

    Mmm it is’nt Pixar but it shure wants to be it. It’s like a mutant Pixar film throw all the funny things in from Monsters inc with action elements of The Incredibles etc. And the stereotypical badguy stance haven’t we seen enough evil geniuses who don’t really want to be evil geniuses. You know I am kind of evil but deep on the inside i feel like you because I know I can’t scare billy who’s 4 years old. I mean even kids are going to go mom can’t we go see that batman movie?

  • The evil alien has my eyebrows…
    I think this looks very promising, I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • I can understand how people might not like the designs but, I think they’re awesome. I really like the Will Elder-like style and I think it really fits this plot. It’s like Dr. Strangelove with a MAD magazine twist.

    Lots of fun.

  • Also, they cut the best gag from the last trailer (the bootleg), viz. the president screaming like a girl!

  • 808

    Hey what’s up with that “white” president?
    Dreamworks will need to re-render some scenes from today on!

  • James

    I like the idea, but I didn’t find it a very good trailer.

  • eero

    More of the same… terrible. I got shivers from the photorealistic close-up of that army characters mouth. why should we bother going to see this?

  • acetate

    When people stop going to these films then they’ll stop making them. Although we could always bring Eisner in to kill an entire art form !

  • Mike

    Looks good to me, very entertaining. But I still have not forgiven them for space chimps. The trailers did not give a clue to how bad that movie actually was.

  • Andrew

    I saw this a while ago when you posted a version recorded from a screening. I still think the designs are ugly, but the concept is intriguing.

  • Andrew


    Space Chimps was not made by DreamWorks.

  • KC

    One of the background tracks (@0:31 or so) is definately reminding me of something, but I can’t place where the tune is from. Incredibles?

  • J

    I also thought the multi-eyed alien at the beginning looked like Katzenberg.

  • Tor

    KC – That’s from the score to “Team America”.

    This looks amusing. In particular, the blob ‘catching’ the robot was good.

  • Humans either look like CG Spitting Image puppets or less impressive Incredibles characters.

    Dreamworks sure does love that “little guy getting stepped on by bigger character and carried thru scene” gag. Didn’t that happen already in Antz almost beat for beat? And I thought Bee Movie had the same thing but with a tennis ball?

    I’m still looking forward to it, mostly for the casting of Colbert as President…

  • elan

    Gosh, I really want to like this, but its all so unoriginal! I mean, Will Arnet in his like, 5th animated film role, Seth Rogen in his…3rd? The character designs look early CG/uninspired, and the jokes…do…not…land. (except for the foot-stomping, goo stuck to foot joke, that was funny)

    Other than that, not a single laugh :\

  • Mike

    Space chimps was advertised as “by the makers of Shrek” and I thought dreamworks had a hand in it. I am glad to hear I was wrong.

  • Uli Meyer

    Hey Mike,
    John Williams, the producer of Space Chimps has a producer credit on Shrek because he originally owned the rights to Steig’s book and sold them to DreamWorks. That allows him to put “From the makers of Shrek” onto every film he manages to get produced (see ‘Valiant’).

  • FP

    Damn. Damn, that looks good.

  • Soooo… The story is that there’s this girl, and she’s playing Crazy Taxi on the Sega Dreamcast, and she gets sucked inside, but is still disproportionately sized to the mid 90s in-game graphics world. Right?

  • matt

    I like the monster/alien designs O.K., but the human designs are a bit Bee-Movie-ish. Then again most 2-d movie human designs have the same “I look anorexic because I show both sets of teeth” Disney look too (take their hair off and see how different they look), so…

    Anyway that’s a pretty sexy walk for a ‘big’ chick!

  • Dave

    Some of the jokes just didn’t work. No more pop culture references please DW? You were doing so well with Kungfu Panda.

  • matt

    And Wall-eyes are ALWAYS funny! ;)

  • Peter

    Probably fun for little kids. The character designs are awful; has no one learned anything about CG human cartooning from Pixar’s The Incredibles? It’s like all the fundamentals of character design for animation were thrown out the window when CG came along, in favour of photorealism and human-like movement. There is so much potential in the medium that is not being tapped at all in movies like this.

  • Mike Ventrella

    I can wait for the DVD.

  • The president looks like Ira Glass.

  • rhinotonight

    i love that insectosraus(?) i might still drag a ferind to the theater with me to see it. though it does look pretty bad.

  • Richard Gadd

    I think this looks a lot of fun. Could be as enjoyab;e as ‘Panda

  • Steve Gattuso

    This looks supremely silly. I can always use a well-measured dose of silly, so I look forward to this with gusto.

    “Hey what’s up with that “white” president?”

    It’s a 50’s B-movie thing. ;3

  • I’m pretty sure that’s Ed Helms as the newscaster. I wonder if he’s a fleshed out character or a one line bit?

  • Justin

    Oh man this looks so funny. missile”ET go home.” HA HA .
    sadly though. if you have ever seen the concept of or Aliens Vs. Monsters.
    the movie loosy does the art justice. the art looks like it would be fantastic in 2D animtion.

    But Dreamworks looks like they will be able to pull off this movie

  • I love the President and General designs. A nice MAD magazine look indeed. The other humans and the alien…meh.

    Most of the monsters look great. The blob is the worst one.

    The gags are kind of mixed, but I think it’s going to be entertaining at least, and I really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda, probably more than Wall-E.

    Incidentally I’ve recently watched “Up” trailer in Disney.go.com and it looks fantastic.

  • matt

    Before we get too caught up in “this might be awful”, maybe we can take solace in the fact (yes fact) that they can’t possibly make anything as bad as Shark Tale/Tail/whateverTF it was called ever again. I don’t think it’s actually possible as the universe would implode.

    And the humans might be meh as the kids like to say but they’re nowhere near as ugly as that crappy Weinstein little Red Riding Hood movie. Yecch! I guess they couldn’t get the Panda designer for this one.

    I’m glass half full today!