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New 9 Trailer

It’s looking better and better… here’s the new trailer which premiered yesterday on G4:

(Thanks, Iain Robbins)

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Looks good, but when I saw a preview for it in theaters, everyone just kind of laughed at it… and I don’t think it’s a comedy.

    The character designs might make people not take it seriously. When you think about it, they do look a little goofy.

  • Looks great! I’m really rooting for this film. Maybe it prove that modern audiences can support a more indy & quirky animated feature. Especially after Coraline.

  • mike white

    i got to see the finished cut in a screener a couple of weeks ago and it is absolutely perfect. definitely one of my favorite movies, animated or otherwise. i can’t wait to see it again in september.

  • Looks cool. Go Drew Dawg!-and Duncan!

  • ditto, I think that image might be even more reinforced by the marketing that was done with “Little Big Planet”. Been waiting for this ever since I heard it was being adapted. Not sure how I feel about Tim Burton & co. directing though…it does lend itself to his “style” but I’m afraid it’s going to fall into the same formulas. Still…can’t wait!

  • I love it.

  • Sunday

    Been looking forward to this since day one, but every time that guitar thwamping music kicks in I just lose all interest in a trailer.

  • I’m looking forward to this one! Looks great.

    Not to be confused with NINE, of course. ha ha

  • I’m excited for this too.

    My friend Barry (of Bardel Animation) told me about a story about production problems that “9” had to go through. It was fascinating, but I’m unsure if it’s true or not since there had been no reports of this (leaked or official.)

    I’m hoping it does well though.

  • Nillin

    Love the goofy character design, love the aesthetic, love the thumping music. It looks excellent.

  • This looks GREAT!! Can’t wait…..thanks for posting.

  • Anna

    this looks exciting and I can’t wait to see it!!

    … but still dont understand how does a barely 10 minutes short becomes a full length movie

  • “… but still dont understand how does a barely 10 minutes short becomes a full length movie”

    Movie MAGICâ„¢!

  • Anonymous

    @ Sunday:

    Guitar-thwomping music? No love for Coheed and Cambria?

  • Kate

    Man, I am stoked for this beyond words. The short was incredible and I love Focus for taking risks with the animated movies they release. I hope this rocks!

  • This trailer does make it look much better than the others. The other trailers make the story look very weak. I might go see this.

  • fish

    Holy ZOIKS! That looks incredible, I can’t wait for its release!

  • Angry Anim

    Love the trailer, but I agree with Sunday about the guitar. It cheapens it.

  • Have to say I was skeptical about this film at first, since I loved the short and it’s hard to stretch things that work so great in that format to a longer, more commercial one…but this trailer shows much more solid stuff.

    Yeah, the guitar thwompin’ is pretty cliche, but I’ve seen trailers worse off.

  • I’m with Plummer on this one I loved the short when I first saw it a few years back but I have to say, this film is a small breathe fresh air in terms of 3d features. I’m excited and will probably throw down my A. Hamilton to peep this on opening week.

  • I too think it kinda looks like a mix between Little Big Planet & Final Fantasy, with a twist of Matrix lime to add flavor. But the story intrigues me.

  • Anonymous D. Tractor

    Nu Metal soundtrack, severe chromophobia, adolescent graffiti-doodle character designs…

    I can`t really imagine something LESS my cup o`tea. But I guess I`m a bit older than the audiance this is aiming for.

  • Daniel M.

    I’m glad the producers who are finally getting the credit they deserve. The director/creator has gotten far too much attention.

    I’m glad Tim Burton and that Russian guy came on the project to keep the suits out of the way and give flick the autonomy it deserved , but, man…poor Shane Acker. This and the original short will never be considered his anymore.

    Maybe he and Henry Selick can start a support group.

  • It’s amazing how true the designs and environment are to the short.

    I wonder if it’ll have the same charm or mystery.

    And I personally don’t mind the guitar at all. ‘Welcome Home’ is a good song, and it fit the first trailer especially well. Chances are it won’t be in the movie except for the credits, so why complain?

  • Can’t wait for the film to come out. I’m excited! :)

  • Am I the only one who misses the physical 3d aesthetic of the short? And part of what made the original so compelling, for me at least, was the mystery. Too many times in film they explain all of the secrets away. Honestly, it felt too smooth and floaty and I felt like I was going to see an episode of the Littles.
    I’m happy for the creators, but my gut reaction is that it’ll be a lowest common denominator story marketed to the kiddies.

  • I can only think of my initial reaction to Shane’s original short, of how reminiscent it was of the work of Fred Stuhr. The Stuhr-ian look and feel has continued to the feature. Of course, Fred died before he could do more than just a few music videos, commercials, and a bumper for a failed TV show.

    When he died, he was working on a pitch film for a project he wanted to make: Moto Creeps. Moto Creeps was influenced by the Mad Max films, of course…a young hero and his cyborg dog (yes he was a bit of a Gary Stu character, complete with a dog based on his own beloved Gertie, a mutt missing one of her eyes) fights an endless parade of tough, rough mutants in the post-nuclear ruins of human civilization.

    Here’s what he was able to complete of the showreel before he was cruelly taken from us in a car crash:

    This was going to be his attempt to do a theatrical movie. He was also thinking of doing a dimensionally animated Sweeney Todd movie, although he had no idea how to secure the rights or if he even had a fighting chance of securing the rights. As it turned out, one of the people he admired the most, Tim Burton, wound up with the rights, and made an excellent live action movie. But I couldn’t help but think of Fred’s ideas of how to bring Sweeney Todd to life, and what might have been.

    9is Shane Acker’s movie. Nobody can take it away from him. Although the popular perception is likely going to be that it’s a Tim Burton movie, as Henry Selick has also labored to get out of Burton’s shadow, eventually Acker will have a breakout moment and be celebrated for himself, like Selick with Coraline. Alas, that moment is not going to happen for my dear friend Fred. RIP dude.