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New Art from The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

New stills have appeared online from the forthcoming direct-to-video Rob Zombie feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. Chris Battle, who did some work on the film, posted a few of the images on his blog with this accompanying thought:

“Above are some of the better pics that actually retain the brilliance of Carey Yost and Mark Colangelo’s original art, but judging from some of the other pics, the final product is falling a bit short of what it was supposed to be. I guess that’s what happens when the studio shuts things down way too early and sends everything overseas before it’s ready in order to concentrate on sure-fire winners like ‘Everybody’s Hero’…”

That’s disappointing news to hear. Back in August 2006, Jerry had written on the Brew about the promise of this project.

UPDATE: Multiple well-placed sources inform us that El Superbeasto is still being prepped for a theatrical release and not direct-to-video.

  • Some Guy

    Direct to video?!? Damn, I wanted this to be hit! It looked really good!

  • Kevin Martinez

    Everyone’s Hero was a sure-fire winner? This is news to me.

  • The “sure-fire winner” remark was written with a heaping spoonful of sarcasm…. ;)

  • JP

    There is still a chance that SUPERBEASTO will not go just to DVD. Depends on what the Weinstein’s think of the final product and if they want to do a limited run.

  • Matt Sullivan

    ANOTHER mexican wrestling show/movie? Between Dora, Maya and Miguel, and that Quexo….Quix…Twixoquatal….er..whatever the dragon’s name is on DragonTales ( I have a niece, that’s how I know ), you’d think Spanish is our primary language.

    Oh well. Tengo una pesca negro y mi mama esta en elbano pequeno.

    That’s all the Spanish i’m willing to learn *hehe*

  • Aw man. So the project’s been derailed slightly AND it’s going straight-to-video now? Damn. :(
    I was really hoping this would be a hit. Does Rob Zombie not have any clout over it now?

  • red pill junkie

    Well, I suppose back in 2006 a Lucha libre cartoon seemed like a decently original idea, particularly because this one seemed to retain some of the kitschy B-movie flavour of El Santo movies, who used to fight against martian vampirellas and radioactive zombies back in the 60s.

    PS: Matt, you need to practice a little more, mi amigo :-)

  • R

    Oh look, an El Zombo knock-off in a John K style. Straight to DVD you say? shocker.

  • I’m really looking forward to this.
    But then, me and my friends do worship Doug Lawrence like a big, shiny false idol.
    “MY LEGS!!”

  • Granted it looks similar to John K’s designs, but I’ll give it a shot. It doesn’t look too bad at all — probably quite enjoyable. My only gripe is that it’s another movie that hooks onto demographics. My best friend, Jacob, has always told me that demographics limit creativity. While I don’t think that statement is entirely true, it’s true most of the time. So far I’ve been trying to picture adult cartoons as being made for generalized audiences. Some would probably work rather well and some probably would lose their appeal. For this cartoon….I dunno. I think it would lose its message if it were made say, for everyone. However, I’ve often wondered what The Critic would be like if it were even more adult — probably wouldn’t enjoy it too much. Anyway, I’m off on a tangent. . . I’ll stop now. :)

    I gotta say…I do like some of the screen caps.

  • Hmm… looks like I didn’t have my facts straight. At the time I blogged about this, I was pretty positive I read on the El Superbeasto MySpace page (Straight from Rob Zombie himself) that it was going straight to DVD; I can’t find that quote now. I can’t even find the original website that first mentioned the updated photos. Perhaps this is why one shouldn’t blog late at night.

    Just to clarify things, I was by no means trashing the film. I haven’t even seen the finished cut. (Most of us finished work on it in 2006.) I think after reading the mention of it being direct-to-DVD, as well as an interview with one of the voice actors claiming it was “sitting on a shelf”, I was disappointed that a lack of theatrical release would deny a proper showcase to all the amazing talents and hard work of the crew, which included many of my favorite artists and personal friends like Carey Yost, Mark Colangelo, Miles Thompson, Joe Orrantia, Chris Reccardi, Lynne Naylor, Craig Kellman, and Director Doug Lawrence. I sincerely hope that everyone will have a chance to see El Superbeasto at their local multiplex sometime soon.

    From here on out, consider my blog “for entertainment purposes only” ;)

  • OM

    …Bah. It’s still Rob Zombie. Interest = AbZero.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Seriously. Rob Zombie has no directing talent. I walked out of house of 100 corpses after 2 1/2 minutes.

  • Chris Leos

    Looks like a cool cartoon but for direct-to-DVD? Why not release it threachical? And when will this come out?

  • Christopher

    I really hope it gets into the theathers…They really need an adult cartoon even that its 2d animation

  • something clever

    Seems like another delayed Rob Zombie project that will probably suck!!!!!