Trailer for Klasky-Csupo’s <em>Immigrants</em> Trailer for Klasky-Csupo’s <em>Immigrants</em>
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Trailer for Klasky-Csupo’s Immigrants

In case you were wondering “Whatever happened to Klasky-Csupo?” — Here’s your answer:

This trailer says Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita) opens next week, but I think that’s the Hungarian release date. The film still has no U.S. distributor that I’m aware of, but it will screen at the American Film Market in Santa Monica on November 5th and 6th.

(Thanks, Lev Polyakov)

  • VT

    I always shudder whenever I see Klasky-Csupo doing things that aren’t Rugrats related and suddenly connect it back to the Rugrats thanks to that iconic style…And now I kind of want to see what I know is just another stupid movie.

  • I like how it says “from the animators of the Simpsons,” despite not being involved in the show for years.

  • Sam Filstrup

    A bit of a new direction compared to their previous works to say the least.

  • Dr.Pepper

    Is this an official trailer? Because the titles look like they were made in Movie Maker.

    I think I’d enjoy the film, though.

  • Am I going to be the only person thinks that looks really good? Its about time the Klasky Csupo house-style was used to convey that kind of warts’n’all version of the world that it did back in the Duckman and Rugrats days. It was never an appropriate look for all the silly kids shows it was later attached to.
    And it looks about a world away from Bridge to Terabithia too. I’m beginning to think Gabor Csupo might secretly be one of the most versatile and idiosynchratic voices in animation.

  • acetate

    The first thing that comes to mind is a brochure I still have from them stating that they do not have a “house” style. (From a storyboard test I took there for Duckman) Well I beg to differ. All their stuff looks exactly the same to me. If it weren’t for the cartoon boobs and drinks these could be scenes from the missing episodes of Rugrats, Real Monsters, Duckman, Wild Thornberry’s !

  • Seni Oyewole

    Aren’t these the same guys who gave us “Rugrats” and was pretty much the whole reason why Nickelodeon was interesting?

  • And how many years did Klasky-Csupo work on the Simpsons show? Three, maybe? That’s like saying “from Warner Bros. cartoon director Earl Duval”.

  • Wow. I want to see this one! Hope it comes to NY.

  • Karma

    Oh for god’s sake….

    Why can’t you just stay dead, Klasky-Csupo?? The world is so much better off without you.

    And this is the proof.

    As if Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberrys and As Told By Ginger, somehow wasn’t ENOUGH proof.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    The tease question at the beginning should have read “What the hell has happened to Klasky-Csupo?” This looks like a proposed live-action film script that got rejected because no living actor was shameless enough to do it, and then it was picked up and animated with no adjustment in the KC house style whatsoever. I kept expecting Tommy Pickles to toddle into the frame, or at least a cameo from those “Rocket Power” kids skating through. I’m actually grateful that it hasn’t found a distributor yet.

  • Jorge Garrido

    This was released in 2005, it was actually six episodes of a tv show edited together into a movie.

    Gabor Csupo is directing successful live action movies now.

  • FP

    Wow, is that a CCH Pounder imitator as the voice of the strong female authority figure?

    The trailer looks like exactly like every KC Nick series.

  • Kevin Martinez

    I love how the trailer proclaims “From the animators of the Simpsons” especially considering how the only Klasky-Csupo animation projects that still hold up today are their work the first four seasons of that and “Duckman”.

    Now that Rugrats is no longer Nickelodeon’s #1 cash cow and as a reuslt Nick is no longer greenlighting any turd K-C can come up with, this kind of comedown from their “glory days” is probably inevitable. That said, there is some legitimately funny material in this trailer (despite the designs looking like rejects from “As Told by Ginger). Maybe the movie won’t be a total waste.

  • I hope this film gets a US release, I’d like to see it.

  • joecab

    Still so odd to see how fast they fell from top of the animation heap. And yup they worked on Simpsons since their beginning as Tracey Ullman shorts up until 3 years of the actual series.

    And, sorry, i disagree: As Told by Ginger was one of the most enjoyable shows they ever did. Loved it.

  • And why not.

  • Ryan

    I’ve never seen anything from Klasky-Csupo I haven’t enjoyed – well, besides All Grown Up, Rocket Power, and all of the Rugrats stuff since Dill was born.

    Just realised, “Dill Pickles”. Clever.

  • Grant

    Sleazy Hollywood wannabes come to America to make a buck by making ugly crap and screwing people over and then running back to their motherland to live off the glow of their 15 minutes of fame.

    Sounds sorta autobiographical.

  • OM

    …Well, if you ever wondered what Borat would be like on Coal Tar Heroin, now you know.

  • OM

    “Still so odd to see how fast they fell from top of the animation heap. And yup they worked on Simpsons since their beginning as Tracey Ullman shorts up until 3 years of the actual series.”

    …Anyone know the reason K-C was dumped?

  • Tom Pope

    It does sound interesting and different and adult-oriented.

  • Don Duckwad

    If truth in movie trailers were prized, K-C would’ve billed itself as “The Original Animators of ‘The Simpsons'”…

  • julian

    yes it sounds good to me as well -its different from the norm and not made for kids a very mature way of using the art form.

  • I would see it! :-)

  • Liam Scanlan

    This movie looks like it could be called by critics, “the ‘Superbad’ of animation”. I think Sony Pictures Classics should distribute this here and say “from the Creators of ‘Rugrats'” or something. I think this film is a bit sexy but it’s too silly to get an R rating. I think this should either go the Apatow route or get the PG-13 rating.

  • unclephilsmovie

    I remember Klasky Csupo was doing a show called The Immigrants for Spike TV back when they started their animation block (remember that?). I guess this is what became of that.

  • Elmer

    “…Anyone know the reason K-C was dumped?”

    K-C wasn’t dumped, they wanted to spend more time on their own shows like Rugrats, so it’s actually the Simpsons who got dumped

  • Mr. Semaj

    Although they’ve returned to the adult arena, this still has the boring designs from their last few projects.

    Klasky-Csupo is still going to need to make a lot of changes, hopefully with some of their pilots, before people want to see their stuff anymore.

  • Vegetable Byproduct

    Elmer, that’s the pc version of what happened. It was simplier and uglier than they needed more time to spend with their own shows.

  • Asymetrical

    Elmer is wrong. KC was dumped from Simpsons when they got into litigation with the Labor Board over unpaid overtime which was a certain female executive’s fault who we all know has caused trouble from day one in the business. Then they were dumped from Nick when they wanted too much money for another Thornberries movie. Some big muckie-muck at Nick decided they had had enough of them and phased them out.
    Simple as that.

  • Jim D

    Fox or Gracie tried to dictate how KC would be run, Gabor stood up to them and the show was taken away.

    Later, they were locked into an exclusive deal with Nick and Nick was passing on everything they did, sometimes before it was even done. pre-failed pilots.

    Although some of the shows weren’t so hot a lot of talented people got their starts there. some of us are still trying to get from under the stigma.

  • Jim D

    “Then they were dumped from Nick when they wanted too much money for another Thornberries movie”

    Since the first Thornberrys movie didn’t make a profit (after the production cost and the marketing costs) there was never talk of a second one. The Thornberrys/Rugrats crossover (Rugrats 3) was actually a tv movie that at Nick’s request was pushed into full theatrical feature production.
    I think there were other reasons…

  • Ridgecity

    I hope they get to work on “Rugrats: Married Life!” soon…

  • Nestor

    Another kiddie show burdened with the overwrought, dated KC house style was the flop “Santo Bugito” for CBS.

  • AAaaaah Real Monsters movie please. Thanks. :)

  • Pez

    Even though I have never been a big fan of their design choices I am always glad to see another 2-D animated feature. I would see this just to support HAND DRAWN animation. I remember hearing about this project as a TV series for Spike TV when they were trying to have an animation block like CN’s Adult Swim.

  • Wow, what a strange thing to see such a familiar style in an adult orientated movie. I’m think I’d like to see this one. If it was live action I wouldn’t be interested, but just for the style and it being animated it interests me – partially as a demonstration that animation can do any genre. Even ‘dumb’ comedies like this.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Uhhhh this is not the first time KC did adult animation, guys.

  • Actually this looks like FUN. Those of us who are old enough to remember the prime of Saturday Night Live remember the Festronk Brothers from Bratislava, aka the Two Wild and Crazy Guys. Some of us felt gypped that there was never a movie featuring Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd and their Eastern European “swinger” characters. Yeah, we got Borat but that was a bit different.

    The sketchy, doodle-y “house style” of K/C works here, where maybe it kind of failed in some of the post Rugrats stuff they did. It kind of fits that this was originally conceived for Spike TV…the bikini girls and Csupo’s take on the “Gainax Bounce” does kind of fit with what Spike wanted. I’m also a sucker for movie “meta”…LA is a weird place and movies about LA weirdness is cool in my book.

    This needs to be given a chance. I hope an American distributor steps forward. Actually, Paramount should do it: it would only be fair considering that Viacom basically chewed the old K/C studio up and spat it out. It doesn’t look like “High Art” but it looks like fun. This might be just the ticket for a 1st Quarter 2009 release.

  • bob

    im glad to see Klasky-Csupo still working, they made some of the best shows when i was growing up. duckman is one of the best shows ever made. theres to much dubbed anime on saturday mornings now, i feel sorry for kids now. not that i hate anime i like american animation more.

  • Alberto

    i’ve always hated their drawing style…. eck.