<em>Open Season 2</em> trailer <em>Open Season 2</em> trailer
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Open Season 2 trailer

Trick or treat? Here’s a peek at the direct-to-video sequel to Open Season:

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  • Dave

    torture to sit through the trailer (which I turned off as soon as “Who Let the Dogs Out” started playing.)

    no thanks

  • Animation Student

    mmm… Not looking so hot storywise… Designs are cool, though!

  • Pedro Nakama

    It should be called “Open Season 2; this is why we fired Yair Landau”.

  • Lucy

    Direct-to-video? Yipes, it certainly looks it! I didn’t watch this with the volume on… I think I spared myself quite a bit in doing so…..

    Really, Sony? Really??? Can’t you focus your attention on making another film that’s as good as Surf’s Up? ….I hope you know how disappointed I am in you, Sony.

  • I liked the first Open Season but I can honestly say that trailer did nothing for me whatsoever.

  • Chris Hatfield

    rolls his eyes

  • Daniel

    lots of yelling.

  • SlappyHappy

    I guess it didn’t take long to ruin something that was at one point likable.

  • tom

    I could even be called a fan of the first one, but like others here have said, this trailer did nothing for me but make me question the quality of the sequel. And that “Who Let The Dogs Out” thing is like audio bullet time. We’ve seen it so often that we can’t help but judge the originality of the entire enterprise by that one decision.

    Sony, get it together!

  • Crispin Glover as an insane french poodle is perhaps one of the best animated voice casting decisions in the last 10 years.

  • Grimmy

    Where’s my cookie cutter?
    I wanna make a feature!

  • Sam Filstrup

    I’ve enjoyed both Surf’s Up and Open Season but the story in this is just not as appealing as the first. The visuals in the first film were inspiring and had an appeal to classic animation unlike what had been seen in 3D before. However the lowering of the quality really doesn’t help this half baked sequel, I think I’ll pass on this and continue to enjoy the first film.

  • Julian Carter

    How would you guys rate the quality of the animation?

    I think it looks decent (i.e. better looking than the animation I saw from the trailers of Hoodwinked and Happily N’Ever After) but not on the level of the first film. I’m surprised Sony themselves produced the animation for this. I thought it would be out-sourced.

  • Mike Russo


    These days if it’s not Pixar I couldn’t give a flying crap anymore.

  • Steve Gattuso

    “(i.e. better looking than the animation I saw from the trailers of Hoodwinked and Happily N’Ever After)”

    Ouch. Talk about damning with feint praise…

  • “This time… the enemy *isn’t* man!”

    Out of context, that line alone might have made this movie groundbreaking.

  • KyleB

    I loved the first Open Season, but like every one else this trailer does absolutely nothing for me.

    I want to think they outsourced this to this one Indian animation studio like they did with the Chubs Chubs christmas short, but even that had better looking animation than this.

  • “I want to think they outsourced this to this one Indian animation studio like they did with the Chubs Chubs christmas short, but even that had better looking animation than this.”

    Wait… they DIDN’T outsource this? I thought I read somewhere that they did…

  • Can we please ban “who let the dogs out” from family movies? That and “we are family” are the most overused pieces of music in cinema history by now, surely.

  • hopefully this pays for a lot of Chris Sanders work :)

  • Gillian

    This wasn’t a treat, it was a trick!

  • reader A

    “hopefully this pays for a lot of Chris Sanders work :)”


  • Roman: What? How is Sony going to pay for any of Chris Sanders work. Chris works for Dreamworks. Next time you have something clever to say, make sure you are dissing the right studio.

    Overall, it looks pretty cheap all right, but then, it is a direct to video sequel so that is to be expected. Story-wise, it might be dumb, but it’s still looks a lot better than the OS sequel idea I was privy to.
    Poor Sony.

  • It was outsourced, but not overseas.

  • When the first Open Season came out I didn’t hear much of a rush to say how great it was but now that there’s an Open Season 2 there are all these “I loved the original, but…” comments. How odd.

    I like the fact that you can’t judge the story from this trailer because I hate trailers that give away every story point.

    There were a lot of good characters in the first one and this doesn’t look like a disgrace. I’ll look forward to renting the DVD. I regret the first one didnt’ do well enough to put more of a push on the sequel.

  • Rio

    Looks like Sony Animation is feeling the economy crunch. It’s like someone said, “Hey, we need to make a quick buck and not spend much. How about a Direct-to-DVD Open Season Sequel? Kids don’t care about quality and their parents will buy it just to make ’em happy!”

    Animation is so ugly when it’s only goal is to make money.

  • anonymous

    “I’m surprised Sony themselves produced the animation for this. I thought it would be out-sourced.”

    I love all the comments about Sony doing the animation. Does anyone that reads this site, actually work in animation?

    The animation was done by ReelFX in Dallas.

  • Baron Lego

    Is it just me or is the timing really sluggish overall?

  • Thurgood Marshmallow

    Since when did Sony aspire to be Dreamworks?

  • KyleB

    “Wait… they DIDN’T outsource this? I thought I read somewhere that they did…”

    No, I just meant I didn’t know where they outsourced it.
    Thanks for the studio name, anonymous.

  • Davidd

    Anyone working in 3D care to comment on the overall drop in quality? Looks to me like lighting was bare-bones with those shifty gray shadows; animation lacks specificity; backgrounds are mushy. Is it a totally different workflow, or do they just say, “OK guys, we’re out of time. Just move your stuff around and throw your textures on!”?

  • some guy

    Agreed I don’t like the “Who let the Dogs out” song, but I’ll definitely rent it. It’s a direct to DVD feature, so of course the attention to detail isn’t as good as the original….the budget has got to be significantly lower and so you make do with what your resources are. Some of you guys are comparing apples to oranges when comparing a feature film to a direct to DVD release.

    That being said I think it looks pretty damn good for a direct to DVD feature. There are so many jaded comments and Noobs to the animation industry making snide comments about what they think is a horrible story and how the movie is an obvious and transparent attempt for a studio rake in money. I don’t see that. I was actually surprised at how good the animation looked considering it’s a direct to DVD movie…

    People are already knocking the story as if they have seen the movie and giving weird crits like, ” animation lacks specificity” . Specific to what? I’m an animator and I don’t really understand what that comment means or how one can deduce that from a movie they haven’t watched.

    I guess all I am saying is that for me, the movie peeked my interest and I would rent it. I think many of you out there don’t look at movies with am objective eye. Some of the veterans are cynical and jaded while some of the greener people are still sucking on the proverbial teat of pixar.

    Looking forward to watching the DVD and THEN passing judgement.

  • tom

    Eh! I’ll go ahead and pass judgement up front.

  • Pez

    Sad to see that they are wasting time on a sequel. Is Sony going to make another theatrical feature? I thought open season was OK but I really like Surfs UP. I didn’t think the characters were strong enough in Open Season to make a sequel.

  • someguyisright

    DavidD, your comment lacks specificity.


  • Gbro

    Wow. I love that people are making blanket statements about the quality of the overall story based on a 1:50 collection of random shots from the film. And while I totally agree that using “Who Let the Dogs Out” was a bad choice for the trailer, that’s a marketing decision, not a Director’s decision. Clearly, the people commenting here are highly educated in the ways of the animation industry.

    And in case I didn’t deliver it with enough “specificity”, that last sentence was sarcasm.

  • tony

    what are you all talking about? the trailer looks good! cant wait to see it! great family fun!

  • Nadine

    I hate to say this, but I have to agree with the others. I love Open Season, but couldn’t Sony Pictures try to do better? I don’t care about the direct-to-video release, but the story plot sicken me! It doesn’t connect with the orginal movie! This is where I think these companies should stop making corny ideas like this!!