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Rango trailer

Rango intrigues me. Here’s the second trailer for the Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp/ILM/Nickelodeon Movie slated for release next March:

(Thanks Justin, Iain, Isaac and Hal)

  • I think it looks pretty interesting. Not especially cute, but specific designs and the jokes and story seem different. The toy fish we saw in the previous teaser looks especially intriguing. It’s something different and the main character looks charismatic. I also like Depp’s voice in the role so far.

  • Roberto Severino

    Ugh. I’m so sick of seeing a damn celebrity’s voice on every one of these pictures, especially when they don’t even have that much of a distinct voice themselves that they can add to the character they’re voicing. Johnny Depp? Come on. No one cares anymore if a celebrity is doing the voice or not, especially the children watching these things (Delgo, anyone?). I know that this practice can be traced back over many decades, when Disney was hiring people like Phil Harris to do voice work on movies such as The Jungle Book, and even further than that possibly, but I think it’s time for these major animation film producers to stop following such an arbitrary rule for no sensible reason. Just makes me wonder why they wouldn’t hire someone like Tom Kenny or Billy West to do a major character role on any of these movies. They do great cartoon voices for television, so why not in animated films? For shame.

    As for the trailer, the animation is a heck of a lot better than the lousy voice acting and I congratulate the talented artists who worked on this film, even though the chameleon character is pretty unlikable, both in personality and character design. I couldn’t really identify with him in any way really. He just seemed like another empty character undergoing the same trials as every other animated film lead during the past decade or so with no personality. I still don’t get what the part with the fish from the teaser clip is about even after watching this.

  • Gobo

    It’s got a quirky unique style, it’s not afraid to take design risks with animal characters while still keeping them nearly photorealistic, it’s got surrealistic dream sequences (?), and it’s got the first anthropomorphic tarantula I’ve seen in a CG movie. Oh, and it’s not in “eye popping 3D”. I’m intrigued!

  • Tim Schuit

    Wow! Talking animals and slapstick humor! And a story about an outsider seeking help from the locals in order to complete a journey. All tied together with a celebrity voice actor!

    Looks utterly horrible. What a waste.

  • The look is a bit too realistic for my taste, but it at least seems like it might be interesting.

  • Tedzey

    Dude! I don’t want to send my expectations too high, but this looks like the nicktoons-type film i’ve been waiting for! I would say “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” was the closest, but it left me feeling empty by the end.

  • Mark

    It looks so incredibly BLAND, with very odd compositions and clashing, unrelated visual styles. A mish-mash of everything CG so far. In a bad way.

  • KcD

    Oh my GOODNESS! They actually used red-tailed hawk sound effects FOR a red-tailed hawk! (As opposed to the 3 million movies where they use red-tail sound effects for eagles…)

    The first shot of the chameleon with his large head and crooked neck and Johnny Depp’s voice reminded me a bit of the cover of “Fear and Loathing”.

    I’m not sure about the goofy slapstick but I think the “western” aspect of the film looks interesting.

  • killskerry

    I really think everybody is being unnecessarily harsh on this movie right out of the gate. It looks like it could be completely fabulous! You can almost tell immediatly that this is not your average shrek like film from the preview. I don’t see any lame catch phrases or massive text explosions or a long list of 40 celebrity voices, not to mention the overused music cues are absent..born to be wild didn’t assault me at any point during this trailer! Extra points all around!

    I love seeing realistic animals that have been stylized. The chameleons crooked neck is a great example. The animation looks really top notch as well, those natural flickering movements on the chameleons eyes are beautifully subtle. I can’t wait to see more from this film.

    I think there are like fifty Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas jokes just waiting to be made here.

  • Gobo

    @Tim, ok, we get it, you hate talking animals. You don’t have to see it. I like ’em and I’m interested. And yep, celebrity voice actors (especially ones who’ve done animation before and have proven their abilities at it) make for good marquee names on posters.

  • something about the ‘realistic’ look of the animals walking and dressed up makes me think of ‘Blacksad’

  • I like it.
    Verbinski returned to ‘ The Mexican ‘?

  • NC

    Interesting, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas + Spaghetti Westerns + Nickelodeon = I don’t have the slightest clue. I’ll wait for the next trailer, this looks like it could be great or forgettable, I’m crossing my fingers.

  • Mark

    “I love seeing realistic animals that have been stylized.”

    Where’s the “stylization?” Certainly not in the trailer or website. Is it t he Hawaiian shirt?

  • Xyboo

    It’s too early to say much about it, but I’m enjoying the visual style, and the comedic writing, aside from the slapstick, seems pretty solid.

    Also, I appreciate the Fear and Loathing nod at 1:48.

  • Scarabim

    Okay, that is just awful looking. Nightmarishly awful-looking. The character designs are so maliciously non-cute that I’m going to have to go look at Hello Kitty merchandise for a while to get those horrible images burned off my retinas. Thanks a lot!

  • I think it looks great! This and the floating fish trailer have got me itching to see it. I love the off-kilter humour.

  • Erin

    Nifty! I don’t usually see animal movies where it isn’t something adorable and soft taking center stage. And I love the twisted look of it, almost like a Dali painting. Fits the surrealist atmosphere and takes full advantage of the CGI’s ability to recreate reality while tweaking it slightly to create something bizarre.

    For the people who say “what stylization?” you haven’t seen enough chameleons. Those proportions are pretty whacky, especially on the main character who looks so uncomfortable, in design and appearance, against the earthiness of the natural environment. He really looks like he’d be more comfortable in Vegas or something, where he’d fit in better (being just as whacky as the town) then out in the desert where, as the trailer says, everything’s had millions of years to adapt/

  • Sam

    I don’t see what’s wrong with talking animals, if you want to go that direction I’d say UGH what’s up with all the human stuff, don’t we get enough from live action shows already? It’s just variety, people.

    The design isn’t horrifying like the ‘furry fandom stuff’ is (aka Alpha Omega). It’s certainly different than what Pixar and Dreamworks would do, and I think for realistic animal direction it’s also not like Alvin and the Chipmunks either, I think these looks pretty appealing and interesting because they stick to an entirely CG world.

    Overall, I like it. I always applaud for new direction than the done-to-death styles. I’m happy Nick and ILM is jumping into the ANIMATED film too and not just doing the over slapstick, or live action stuff.

    I will watch this!!

  • I like it. It’s totally odd and weird, and definitely not predictable.

  • Love the Fear and Loathing reference when he hits the car windshield. This looks interesting.

  • w

    I’ll watch it.

  • Hal

    I LOVE the mouth animation of that rock lizard. Its just funny. I also love how lumpy all the lizard scales are and how awkward and bizarre that little mole girl looks. I love that Rango has tiny little eyes in giant balls and manages to be expressive. I love really good live action directors showing the animation world how to push animation in more interesting directions (even if its only slighty darker and more cinematic territory of kids movies) – RANGO and ZACK SNYDER’S SLOW MOTION OWL MOVIE seem to be the most ambitious animated features of the next year. ILM is stepping off on the right foot for future animated features with this one. Too bad the title cards are just plain white on black – is this a Woody Allen movie or something?

  • Hal

    @Roberto Severino – Honestly, if you didn’t see “JOHNNY DEPP IS RANGO” in BIG WHITE TYPE ON BLACK would you have REALLY been able to peg that voice as his? He’s giving a fine vocal performance as far as I can tell vs. the “phoning it in routine” most celebrities do. Save riding your high horse for the next MASTERMIND trailer comments where it’s somewhat appropriate.

  • fred ferdman

    Well said, Hal. I don’t get the hate. Is there anything you marys -do- like?

  • Connie Pinko

    “We can’t stop here! This is hawk country!”

  • looks fun and interesting. love the western flavor.

    hope it is a unique picture


    That looked gooood, like I want to see it *now* good :)

  • MattSullivan

    i said it before, I’ll say it again.

    MEH! Meh meh meh meh meh!

    Hope I’m proven wrong though, and it’s not meh but instead, huh…

  • Kyle Maloney

    That’s Dep? sounds kinda like Billy Crystal.

  • Ryan Summers

    Sounded like Johnny Depp was channeling Kermit the Frog as he ran away screaming. Definitely intrigued with this one, between the directing talent involved and the fact that this is finally ILM’s FIRST animated feature we could have something special on our hands.

  • Arman Iranmanesh

    Okay, now I’m intrigued. I’ll have to wait until the second trailer comes out, but this film definitely has potential.

  • diego

    Is that a “Hunter Thompson” cameo at 1:48? It looks like Depp impersonating him. I like how the trailer looks.

  • Those whining about celebrity voices are going to have to get over it.
    It’s not going to change.

  • Ben

    Yeah, if they hadn’t said Johnny Depp, I wouldn’t have guessed. At least he’s doing a different voice, and it’s not just “him” as most other celebrity voices are. Also, for Nickelodeon, this looks more promising than any of their other CGI endeavors. I mean, compared to “Barnyard”, this looks genius!

  • >>@Roberto Severino – Honestly, if you didn’t see “JOHNNY DEPP IS RANGO” in BIG WHITE TYPE ON BLACK would you have REALLY been able to peg that voice as his? He’s giving a fine vocal performance as far as I can tell vs. the “phoning it in routine” most celebrities do. Save riding your high horse for the next MASTERMIND trailer comments where it’s somewhat appropriate. >>

    This. Also for those who don’t like talking animals and slapstick, I should suposse they don’t like Looney Tunes either?

  • kazzer

    i assume these are all the same dimwits that thought ‘fantastic mr. fox’ was too realistic-looking and weird (have you ever seen real foxes or chameleons, amigo?) and for some reason think the shrek designs are ‘cute’. memo; you are what is holding animation back.

  • I think this looks fantastic!

  • Michael F.

    I’m not too big on the celebrity voice thing either but even I think Johnny Depp sounds good here. He has done so many different voices for his live action films that he could transition to animation well.

  • Gummo

    It looks like it has marvelous potential — great characters and animation and it’s actually funny.

    I like it.

    And I don’t get all the negativity.

  • Haha! This trailer is way better. Nice designs too-can’t wait! & my daughter will love this one too!

  • Roberto Severino

    I was a little bit too strong and harsh with my initial comment, but I was just voicing my frustration with that practice in general. I wasn’t trying to start any arguments or controversy and I shouldn’t have been so hasty with that comment. As I said, the animation is pretty well done, though I still don’t like the character design for the main character. After watching a few more times, Johnny Depp’s voice performance wasn’t as bad as I thought initially, and some parts of this trailer were actually funny, so this might be an interesting film to see next year.

    “This. Also for those who don’t like talking animals and slapstick, I should suposse they don’t like Looney Tunes either?”

    I was pretty put off by whoever said that myself. I don’t see anything wrong with having talking animal movies as long as they’re funny to watch, like the Warner Bros. cartoons.

  • Yikes! That opening with the Mariachis singing on the skull in the desert sure brought back memories. I did a sketch much like that years ago for a Disney film called, “Sweating Bullets.”

    Were we ripped off or what?

    • Hal9000

      Just curious, were the “Sweating Bullets” Owl Mariachis designs before or after Sandro Cleuzo’s involvement? He discusses his work on those characters on his blog, but only mentions them as being Cicadas, then Crickets, then Butterflies before being axed from the film. He includes some scanned drawings with the blog entry. Not doubting you, just curious about the genesis of this previous idea.

  • This looks bizarre. I’m intrigued.

  • Alissa

    Very strange and surreal- looks like it’ll be a fun ride.

    If I remember correctly Johnny Depp voiced a character in Corpse Bride, sounded ALOT like that chameleon actually.

  • Gore Verbinski is quoted implying this is some sort of mo cap


    “But the most interesting thing about this new project is that Industrial Light & Magic will be doing the animation using “cutting edge techniques” that Verbinski has said, “will allow us to capture and translate every aspect of Johnny’s performance, using it to drive the computer-generated character in a way that has yet to be seen in an animated feature.” “

  • Justin

    He did do a voice in Corpse Bride, and it did sound the same I believe because it’s got pretty much the same attitude as in Corpse Bride- a scared and confused guy yelling while running away from things. I think its kind of his normal excited/panicky tone, Jack Sparrow has the same sound when something’s going wrong.

  • Olo

    Like the visuals but not a big fan of this ‘realistic’ animation style.. The designs are so fantastically exaggerated so why hold back on the movement, posing and arcs?? Shouldn’t they go together? It’s a bit jarring to see more stylized animation in action bits and goes back to ‘grounded’ movements in everything else. That lizard running around in panic and the same lizard walking through the swinging door and talking to the little girl seemed like they came out of different movies.

  • Good Work !!!
    but check out Bejinxed done by Whistling Woods International School of Animation Students

  • Ryan G


    Neil Blevins (who works at Pixar) said on CGTalk.com that the article implying motion capture is incorrect, that it is all hand animated. If this is true, why lie like this?

    Oh wait, who am I kidding, it’s this type of line that the public laps up. I mean, what sounds better to Joe Blow: “this movie is hand animated”, or “this main character is all driven by Depp’s actions”.

  • Craig

    I have to be honest. This looks AMAZING. I love the design of Rango with the asymmetric head. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it.

  • steppo

    Sorry – didn’t read any of the comments before me. Yeah. . .I know. . .disrectful/lazy/ignorant . .blah blah blah.

    I’m more interested in Gore Verbatim’s directing than thoughts on a made for summer crowd trailer. I find it interesting that we see directors like Brad Bird moving over to live action and Gore moving into animation. The Pirates series was in no way special to me. But I did fall in love with certain sequences that were made really really well. I fear Rango stinks. I hope it blows me away.

  • I like the ugly look. Sick of cutesy. I’ll be watching it for sure.

  • pappy d

    I was thinking the same thing! We’re all one big incestuous family.

  • Katie

    I’ll be happy to watch anything that looks this strange and somewhat trippy I’m not really bothered that its Johnny Depp. I actually don’t mind huge celebrity names in roles if the story is good (ie toy story)

  • Richard Gadd

    Have to say this is looking very promising to me. Nothing wrong with slapstick if done well (and GV did pretty darn good slapstick in Mousehunt I seem to remember).

  • I agree with Katie. I’m not sure why people don’t like famous actors in animated films. It’s odd to make a big deal out of the fact that Johnny Deep sounds like Johnny Deep, in some of the trailer. Especially when one of the biggest stars on the planet, Tom Hanks, is voicing the biggest film of the year…and he sounds exactly like…Tom Hanks. It’s why they’re stars, they can act…really well!

  • Ridd

    Looks alright to me. Sounds like Depp is pushing it a little too, which is good. I’ll see it.

  • Peag

    So much cynicism on these boards…I don’t think I’ve come across a more elitist, snobbish, ego-filled group of people in my life. All you guys do is wait for something to be posted so you can comment and try to sound like the wittiest A-hole of the bunch. Do you people like ANYTHING?

    God, it gets on my nerves….

    Rant aside, I think this looks great, and way more original than what else is out there. I’m intrigued, and happy that the trailer drops ‘hints’ instead of telling me the WHOLE DOGGONE STORY from beginning to end in 60 seconds. Can’t wait, March is too far away!

  • celia

    I’m 32 years old, and I would see this film. I couldn’t say this about any other film Nick has made. Good work, Nickelodeon!

  • AH

    there is nothing here that i do not like. i am all over this movie like white on rice!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    I actually like what I assume they’re going to do here- Rango’s going on a quest of self-discovery, right? Well, real chameleons like the ones Rango is based on are very, very difficult to care for as pets, or so I’ve been told, which would make for a set-up for the titular hero’s need for a quest of self-discovery. He’s a wuss and needs a bit of fresh air to harden him up a bit, but like these stories usually go, he bites off more than he can chew.

    Yeah, I see the story coming a mile away. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it.

  • Hal9000

    BTW, this film is not Motion Captured. Regardless of what some articles may imply it’s 100% keyframed (with the only exception being some of the camera motion, which was captured to impart a more “real” operator feel). The “cutting edge techniques” cited in some interviews/press releases is just sizzle for PR’s sake. The character animation in the film is entirely hand crafted.

  • Well, it’s now in theatres, and Johnny Depp is..where? Just this gecko. Let’s have a timely discussion of this now in theatre flick.

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