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Shrek Forever After

Shrek Exposed is a new blog that reveals all of the character’s dirty secrets. It’s run by a group of concerned American citizens who are in NO WAY affiliated with the MacGruber movie which comes out the same weekend as Shrek.

  • captainobvious

    Way to stay classy, Amid.

  • lmfao wow

  • Mike!

    Huh…. what? A poor retread of that now-defunct ‘Bert is Evil’ site.

  • Dave


  • NC

    If only MacGruber was as funny as their anti-Shrek website.

  • erlab

    Informative bit of current events.

    Something great to see, after having already planned to see Shrek this Sunday!

  • Dave

    But NC, MacGruber IS as funny as their anti-Shrek website!!!

    I bet you didn’t even see the movie. I just came from it, and it’s hilarious.

    Sorry DreamWorks. I love How to Train your Dragon, but this weekend my money is going to SNL!!!

  • hahaha, WOW!

  • Is it just me, or is this in really bad taste? Ugh.

  • Goofy! though admittedly I haven’t seen either film yet.

  • Inkan1969

    I’ve always regarded “Shrek” as an overrated fraud. The franchise debuted pretending to be some kind of sharp satire of Disney, when it was nothing more than cheap Disney bashing. Just take cheap shots at Disney and drop a ton of cultural references to pass off as “hip”. I don’t like “MacGruber”, and I didn’t find that website all that clever. But believe me when I say I hate the Shrek franchise as much as that website pretends, and I mean it. The sooner this wretched franchise dies the better.

  • Inkan1969

    John K. chimes in with a like minded blog entry.