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Simpsons Movie: 1st Review


Okay, I admit it. I’m excited about seeing The Simpsons Movie. But why are they opening it on the same weekend as the San Diego Comic Con? Over 100,000 first day ticket sales will be busy at the Con buying comics or attending Mark Evanier’s panels. I predict The Simpsons Movie will have a helluva Monday night box office gross, when all the fans get home from San Diego.

In the meantime, I think this is the first official review of the film. It was posted today by the London Times – and it’s very positive.

  • I don’t know about you, but I already bought tickets for a midnight show at the Mission Valley theatre on Thursday.

  • Cyber Fox

    In sheer honesty, The Simpsons lost it’s unique sense of humor a slew of seasons ago. now it’s nothing more than a fest of dissing fox news and a ton of cheap pop culture jokes. People whom feel the same way will not see this movie!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > In sheer honesty, The Simpsons lost it’s unique sense of humor a slew of seasons ago. now it’s nothing more than a fest of dissing fox news and a ton of cheap pop culture jokes. People whom feel the same way will not see this movie!

    Pretty much what’s keeping the show alive nowadays. I’m still not sure whether to see it or not, just don’t feel like I have to see it just yet.

  • Cyber Fox – I think despite how most people feel about the tv series been past it’s prime, Groening’s crew have done more than enough over the last 18 years to warrant at least a little bit of trust from anyone who ever once loved the yellow Springfieldians. With the extra effort put into this movie outside of the relentless TV schedule (and David Silverman in the director’s chair) I truly believe we’ll be pleasantly suprised if we put the cynicism aside for a moment.

    Part of me *is* still a little worried that it will veer too close to slapstick over story integrity, but I definitely feel I owe the first Simpsons feature film the benefit of the doubt!

  • Quiet_Desperation

    >>> when all the fans get home from San Diego.

    I know what you mean, seeing as there’s no movie theaters in San Diego.

  • tom

    I will not read a single review. I don’t want anything else spoiled for myself. Can’t wait!

    Go see it in SD!

  • I disagree with the continued assertions of a decline in quality. Big targets are easy targets.
    I’m seeing it on opening night, and can’t wait.

  • Floyd Norman

    …and David Silverman in the director’s chair.

    That’ll be my reason for going.

  • You mean to say that San Diego theaters will sell a 100,000 more tickets than normal! For some folks the Con does stop at some point during the day. I already know some peeps who are going to have viewing parties at the Plaza after dinner on Friday night. So far everything they’ve done to premiere this filck has been top notch – can’t wait to see it!

  • Rick Farmiloe

    I animated on it at Film Roman….I’m going to the ‘premiere/wrap party’ tonight…and will give my humble opinions on it…withOUT giving any of the plot away. I haven’t seen it in a long time. The film was being constantly plussed as we were working on it, so I’m excited to see the new, final version. I honestly think ANYONE who liked the show, past or present will be VERY ENTERTAINED. It looks great! It’s still the Simpsons style..but amped up for the big screen. I’d really encourage everyone who is curious to check it out. I have NO stake in this, trust me….but we worked really hard for a long time…and I think the effort really shows! I’d be curious to hear the waterfall of comments.

  • I am going to watch it but I have low exceptations, the trailers and clips I have seen didn’t do too much for me.

  • REH

    Ugh. The last couple of lines of the review make me NOT want to see it. But I will anyways, because I’m sure there’ll be some great gags and bits along the way.

  • Jonathan G.

    Thinking that 100000 likely movie-goers will hurt make or break the grosses of a presumed blockbuster is a little geek-centric. Reminds me of a friend and I going to a cheap matinee of a family sci-fi film and him being shocked at the number of kids there. Of course I have kids now and those “cheap” matinees run near the triple digits by the time all of us are seated and the chidlers are fed.

    Besides, maybe Fox figures of the people at Comic-Con, the most likely “worst episode ever” bloggers will be kept out of the theaters until after opening weekend.

  • Thanks to my bosses at Bongo Comics, my son and I attended the 7:00 preview screening of THE SIMPSONS MOVE on the Fox lot last night.
    Matt Groening greeted everyone at the door and a few minutes later, thanked the crowd for coming.

    THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is terrific. It starts out with a great Itchy and Scratchy segment, then Homer breaks the Fourth Wall hilariously, in a way that can only work in a theatre-screened movie. The first act has LOTS of great laughs in Springfield and introduces a few new characters, the second act drags a teensy bit inasmuch as the Simpson family is removed from all the regular supporting characters, then the third act moves like lightning, with lots of action. Inside jokes pervade the entire picture and just about every featured character from the SIMPSONS TV show makes an appearance. And, as you’d expect, there were lots more gags during the credit roll.

    (Plus,we were the last ones leaving the theatre and were surprised when director David Silverman sneaked up on us to say howdy.)


    Before and after the screening, Fox held a terrific barbecue for all the guests. (Mmmm…barbecue…) And there were tons of cartoonists from the film’s production (and otherwise) in attendence, many of whom I hadn’t seen in years.

    Don’t judge THE SIMPSONS MOVIE by its TV trailers; wisely, the powers that be didn’t want to reveal too many gags in it. I won’t give any spoilers here; suffice it to say that a lot of spectacular stuff occurs, but what THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is REALLY about is Homer’s selfishness finally driving away his family’s love, and his extreme efforts to redeem himself in their eyes.

    The film’s biggest flaw is that two important story points from the first act are completely neglected by the third act, but this didn’t even occur to me until we were driving home.

    A great movie and a great night in general…so great, in fact, that I almost forgot that I should have been getting ready for the San Diego Comic-Con International! The only thing that could have really improved the experience was if there was a faux movie trailer for THE POOCHIE MOVIE beforehand!

    Go see THE SIMPSONS MOVIE. It’s guaranteed to make a lot of d’oh at the box office!



    P.S.: One of the secondary perks of the evening was sitting with Sergio Aragonés, a MAJOR Simpsons fan, who was chortling with delight and reacting to the movie with comments under his breath. From anyone else, this would have been annoying; from Sergio, it was endearing! — SS!

    P.P.S.: There’s a scene of the Comic Book Guy looking back on a life spent collecting comic books that every person here will LOVE! — SS!

    P.P.P.S: Another perk of the evening: free cans of BUZZ COLA! — SS!

  • vzk

    How violent is the Itchy and Scratchy segment?

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Okay….Scott beat me to it.!! But, the Simpsons Movie came out GREAT!!! It had changed a lot from an earlier screening we saw. I was really proud to have worked on it. This really is one of the FUNNIEST movies of the year! Simpsons fans will love it, trust me! There may be some points people will criticize, but overall the film has a really nice flow and has a very satisfying ending. The film really looks like a big screen event, without losing the simplicity of the show’s style. There are a couple of story points that sort of disappear by the end of the film….one involving a pretty important character that sort of just …..disappears. But this has so many laughs and moves so quickly, you really have no time to nitpick. David Silverman did a wonderful job directing……I met Jim Brooks afterwards and he seemed EXTREMELY pleased with the results. The barbecue and party were really nice, and catching up with old animation pals was great! There were no gift bags or anything…so that was a bit disappointing…..but there was plenty of Buzz Cola to go around….and three well stocked bars! Who’s to complain?? A reallly great night all around. Please do yourself a favor and see this movie! I can guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

  • >How violent is the Itchy and Scratchy segment?

    Just saw it myself. Loved it. Here in Australia we got it one day earlier! As for the Itchy and Scratchy – it is the most extreme one they’ve made. Even more extreme than the one where the moon fell on Scratchy.

  • Lionel Hutz

    It had a few good jokes but overall I thought the movie (like the recent Simpsons episodes) was sadly a disappointment.

  • I thought it was a great effort. Very funny and a distillation of everything I loved about the TV show.

    My complete take on the movie

  • The Simpsons is a cool movie. A translated version of this review to portuguese is available here.