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Snow White: The Sequel

I don’t know how I missed this on my radar. It’s a new feature from “Picha” (Jean-Paul Walravens, of Shame of the Jungle fame) with English dialogue by Tony Hendra (National Lampoon) and narration by Stephen Fry (Harry Potter).

It was produced in 2007 and never released in the U.S. as far as I know. It’s crude, silly, X rated, and definitely NSFW.

(Thanks, Jupey Krusho)

  • Bob

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought it had something to do with the 1993 film Happily Ever After.

  • Chris Webb

    Sorry Jerry, I am not as web savvy as you. What does NFSW mean?

  • NSFW means “Not Safe For Work”. Don’t watch it while you are on the job.

  • Chris Webb


  • Mike Fontanelli

    I’m home sick from work, and just wasted a chunk of lifetime watching all 8 parts! (Now I feel worse.)

    Perhaps it lost something in the translation? Anyway, I think NSFW really stands for Not So Funny, Walravens…

  • Professor Widebottom

    A really fine example of someone trying to conceive of an irreverent parody but obviously out of their league. Pretty lame and obvious at every turn.

  • Here’s a boring anal comment from a boring anal man: Stephen Fry isn’t in Harry Potter, but he does narrate the audio books…

  • Saturnome

    I think the film flopped if I’m not mistaken, that’s a shame because Picha did good stuff. All of this animated films are NSFW, featuring lowbrow bellow the belt humor, but one of them is a treat; The Missing Link (Aka Le Chaînon Manquant), made in 1980, it’s still lowbrow here and there, but it’s vision on modern society seen through cavemen is very funny and well done. The english dub is tamed down though, it must be seen in original french.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Kinda like Shrek meets Eyes Wide Shut. Well, at the very least, it kept a lot of European animators working and as far as Picha’s films go, it was a step or two above all his previous work. I did enjoy Snow White’s song on the ending credits, some delightful single entendre sung with an innocence that made it funnier.

  • uncle wayne

    Ahhhh, poot! I, too, had NO clue what NSFW meant…..but was so hoping we could make UP what it meant!


  • While I didn’t really like the story, I thought the animation was fluid.

  • Ryan

    Well, I loved Shame of the Jungle, but don’t have the neck-strength to watch the whole thing on YouTube, and the DVD costs around £30 on Amazon – which is a lot for a whim purchase! Think I’ll wait around for this one, I’m intrigued.

  • Some of the jokes fell flat and the film is actually surprisingly holding itself back with the rude stuff until about half way through, but i got some chuckles out of it. Thanks for linking to this, another weird animated film I can add to my watched list. I think Freddie as F.R.O.7 is still on top of the weird list, though.

  • Andy Seredy

    I liked it, but I was always a fan of those Redbull Commercials.

  • startend

    Someone tell me when the videos will be deleted. :)


  • I found it to be wonderful and more irreverent than Shrek and all its sequels can ever be.

    Another shining example of quality independent animated works, produced on a limited budget.

  • It’s things like this that make me appreciate a properly scripted and storyboarded animated feature all the more. This reminded me a lot of the Fritz the Cat movies—not just because of the crudity and overt sex and all, but because of the pacing, the way the story flowed: a lot of aimless wandering from gag to gag. You can’t tell what’s motivating any of the characters at any given time; plot elements depend on physical impossibilities that are there for no good reason other than a cheap and ill-thought-out joke; and there’s little or no emphasis placed on how music and characters’ attitude influence the mood and tension of a scene (like, are we supposed to be worried about the consequences when the Prince drops the wand out of the sky, or is he intentionally clowning around with it? I couldn’t tell how I was supposed to be feeling). You never get any of this confusion or aimlessness with a big-budget feature, even one of the less-inspired Dreamworks ones; for all their failings, at least they can’t be accused of not knowing how to telegraph a scene’s mood.

    Good voice acting, though, and decent animation, though I still fail to understand this obsession that European cartoonists and animators have with drawing buttholes. (See also: Werner.)

  • Smurf

    Tony Hendra is still alive?

  • elliot, is was jim dale who narrated all the harry potter audio books.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    I notice one of the producers is an Eric van Beuren. I wonder if he’s any relation to our old friend Amadee J. Could there in fact be a gene for producing cartoons that are considered complete trash or cult treasures?

  • Jim Stewart


    Jim Dale narrated the Harry Potter audio books sold in the US.

    Stephen Fry narrated the UK audio books.

  • Leave’s ya kinda speechless…don’t it? Well, not really. It’s kinda a hoot in it’s own way but I think the idea of spoofing the Disney version has been done. I do like the animation though for the most part. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • It’s not incredible, but definately worth a watch. I like the character designs best, with the heads in funny shapes and all. It’s like a super-messed up version of Phineas & Ferb, lol.

    Visually its stunning and the music’s great too. story’s been done, but at least this time its a little more raunchy than the other shrek-wannabes out there.

  • OM

    …You know, this was so retarded it was actually halfway worth watching. Boldly fracking where no Shrek has fracked before, so to speak.

  • I dunno why everyone is critiquing it so hard. I enjoyed it, laughed out loud and heart all of the craziness. I’m also glad to see such character designs well animated. Belle and the Beast were a scream X3