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“Song of the Sea” teaser

This has appeared on several sites in the last few days, and I couldn’t resist posting it on the Brew. It’s Tomm Moore’s follow up to The Secret of Kells, currently in storyboard at Cartoon Saloon. Animator Alessandra Sorrentino posted this teaser on You Tube:

  • Gray64

    Ah, selkies! This looks lovely, but…why does the woman keep her selkie skin in a chest in the same room where the (her?) kids sleep? Seems if she wanted to keep her selkie-ness a secret (from the blond kid, at least) she’d’ve picked a better hiding place…

    • eeteed

      my guess is that if you live in a light house there isn’t much room to hide anything.

  • D

    You can tell this is Moore’s follow up to Secret of Kells. The enchanting art quality the superb sense of atmosphere and colour. We need more animated films of this caliber. I particularly like the footage used had a big Miyazaki vibe to it. Anyone Know when it will be completed.

  • R

    aaaages old

    • Good animation takes time to complete.

      • NC

        No I think he meant this preview is aaaaaages old. This came out around the time Secret of Kells was in theaters. Still great to see it’s still in the works.

  • I’m almost sorry they showed us the leap into the sea as it was a stunning visual. I hope the rest of the movie has equally good moments.

    • Given what we’ve seen in Secret of Kells, I’d say that’s a safe bet.

      I’ll definitely see this when it’s out.

  • Jabberwocky

    Beautiful and haunting. I can’t wait.

  • Rob T.

    Oh wow, I can hardly wait!

  • eeteed


    when will this be out? can’t wait to see it!

    i loved “the secret of the kells”, and i’m sure i’ll love this as well!

  • Spencer


  • Gorgeous art direction. Glad to hear Cartoon Salon is making more stuff.

  • I wanted to share this interview with Director Tomm Moore (“Secret of Kells” and “Song of the Sea”). We enjoyed making it, hope you enjoy it too, Tomm is a wonderful person.

    You can see it here:

    Best Regards,

    Martina Santoro
    (find us in facebook!)

  • It´s beautiful!!!

    I wanted to share this interview with Director Tomm Moore (“Secret of Kells” and “Song of the Sea”). We enjoyed making it, hope you enjoy it too, Tomm is a wonderful person.

    You can see it here:

    Best Regards,

    ps:find us in facebook!

  • I am the maximum allowable amount of excited for this movie. Go Tomm go!

  • tedzey

    one word. PRETTY!

  • Jeffrey Simonetta

    This looks fantastic! Hopefully it gets some kind of decent release here in the US.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I am looking forward to this with baited breath.

  • That does look pretty neat. I can’t wait to see more.

  • No mention of the fact that it’s received definite funding? Surely that’s why we’re seeing this now eh?

    • Charles –

      See here:

      “In “Sea’s” first distribution deal, Optimum Releasing has nabbed U.K. and Irish rights.

      Cartoon Saloon will lead produce “Sea” out of its animation studio in Kilkenny, Ireland. On “Kells,” Saloon provided designs, layouts, backgrounds, the first 20 minutes of animation, storyboarding and scene illustrations.

      Viborg-based Noerlum Studios will co-produce out of Denmark, providing close to half the animation.

      Big Farm co-produces from Belgium. A joint venture of brothers Serge and Marc Ume’s Digital Graphics Studios and Stephan Roelant’s Melusine in Luxembourg, Big Farm’s involvement opens the production up to both Digital Graphics and Melusine sister company Studio 352.

      Digital Graphics will provide CG animation, SFX, compositing and ink and paint and stereoscopic work. Paris’ Super Prods., the new company of ex-Alphanim head Clement Calvet, will also co-produce, partnering on post-production and music.

      Employing French software TVPaint, which allows for 2D digital hand-drawn animation, Moore is also testing a pop-up book-style 3D stereoscopic effect, he said.”

  • And now, I play the waiting game.

  • Looks great, as expected really. KELLS’ story wasn’t as refined in the Third Act as in other parts of the film, so here’s also to hoping the studio’s storytelling prowess grows as well.

  • B Miley

    There hasn’t been a decent mainstream selkie motion picture since John Sayles’ “The Secret of Roan Inish” in 1994. It’s about time!

  • Steven M.

    Looks promising.

  • Saw this preview ages ago, but I’m every bit as excited as I was then!!! I love Kells, I love selkie myths, I love Ireland! *fangirls*

  • Tim Douglas

    I loved Kells and this trailer looks great…of course now I have to wait (ahhh impatience, my old nemesis)

    The only negative comment i have is that I’m slightly (only very slightly) disappointed to see that the wonderful art style of Kells didn’t come out of that specific story but is Moore’s general style.

    Still it suited it down to a T and this film will be great so 2 thumbs up.

    • From what was shown on the DVD, Kells had a much different style originally. So I dunno if this is Moore’s general style so much as a style he’d hit upon and wanted to explore further. It’s certainly worth exploring in more than a single film, although this doesn’t have quite as deliberately “flat” an effect as some of the Kells scenes.

      At the very least, I’m intrigued enough to see more.

  • I think they featured this on the Secret of Kells DVD.

  • My thought is that It should not take so much time to producers and investors understand that hand drawn animation is not dead.
    The standard Disney animation, imitating realism and plenty of mannerism has nothing else to give. CG3D can be more realistic, if that is what you want. And mannerism is always a sign of repetition and lack of creativity.
    But Moore, Miyazaki and many others, show how vast is the hand drawn animation potential. Both visually and as a storytelling tool.

  • Hi folks thanks for the kind words and encouragment

  • I have the idea that maybe through team work these seal people can find a date for the prom and learn that you needn’t be popular but you will end up being anyway.

  • Though the subject matter doesn’t interest me, this piece looks beautiful.

    It’d be a great little film for kids.

    Best of luck!

  • purin

    Oohh.. and already I want to see more!

  • Art Direction = Incredible!


  • Mister Twister


    Though I must admit, it does look lovely.