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‘Song of the Sea’ Teaser Is A Sensitive Hand-Drawn Treat

Here’s our first look at Cartoon Saloon’s highly anticipated hand-drawn pic Song of the Sea, which will be released in the US this fall by GKIDS. The Irish film is directed by Tomm Moore whose debut feature The Secret of Kells was nominated for an Oscar in 2010:

Song of the Sea tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land. The film features the voices of Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Lisa Hannigan, Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny. Music is by composer Bruno Coulais and Irish band Kíla, both of whom previously collaborated on The Secret of Kells.

  • Tomm Moore seems to be becoming Ireland’s equivalent to Hayao Miyazaki.

    • Tom

      Who do you think is the Hayao Miyazaki of America?

      • Mike

        The films aren’t quite in the same vein but I’d say the closest we’ve got is LAIKA (collectively).

      • Myst AnimatorX

        No one. Because the American studio system will never allow genius to be produced OR promoted.

      • Bob Harper

        Bill Plympton

        • Tom

          Oh yeah! I love that guy.

  • SarahJesness

    I can’t wait to see this! I love fantasy, traditional animation, and mythology. Triple win to me!

  • Mister Twister

    As good as this is, I would enjoy another film by them with a grown up protagonists. Children are way overdone by this point.

  • Bob Harper

    Am I wrong, but wasn’t some Flash used in this like in Kells?

    • Gio Ferrari

      Unlike Brendan, Song of the Sea is made completely in Tv paint. No flash. No paper neither.

      • jmahon

        TVP is a very powerful program. I think they mentioned there was CG and other compositing involved but the core work was TVP, which is cool to hear!

    • Ole

      I think most of Kells was made on paper. not sure about the entire flick, but mostly it was paper. this was done in TVPaint

    • Tomm

      No flash this time but some anime studio pro
      For vehicles and effects all the rest is handrawn full
      Animation using tvpaint – thanks to all for the comments and to
      Amid for highlighting the teaser.

  • Mike

    Absolutely wonderful. I’ve been anticipating this film since the conceptual trailer came out (in 2009!!) but feared it wouldn’t get sufficient support to make it to release. I can’t wait to see it!

  • Harrison

    A movie made by the same people who made The Secret of Kells is definitely worth a watch.

  • DangerMaus

    Looks very nice indeed. Maybe a liittle too similar musically to their previous film Secret of Kells; however, it still sounds great. unfortunately, I’ll probably have to wait until it comes out on Blu-ray to see it. I doubt that it will make it into a theater where I live.

  • Derreck Garcia

    The trailer looks amazing! I’m definitely looking forward to watching this. BTW, Will this movie set to be released this fall, or sometime next year?

  • Mr. James

    Color me interested!

  • Céu D’Ellia

    Now, THAT is an animation feature.

  • otterhead

    This looks like everything I loved about Secret of Kells, times a hundred. Plus badgers.

    • Richard Gadd

      Plus badgers! – that made me smile.

      This looks great

  • I used to think it was a crying shame that all the North American animation studios had forgone 2D animation in favor of CGI. But with France & Ireland picking up the slack with gorgeous works like this, to heck with the West. I for one welcome our new animation overlords.

    • Marty

      France and Ireland are in the east?

      • Eman

        Far East.
        Really far.

    • Fried

      Please keep in mind that the US are really the only ones who have thus “mastered” CGI films. International films are only just now able to keep up with them visually instead of looking like PS1 games, and even then, there are still many who are struggling and creating stiff-looking films.

      The majority of Europe still works in 2D as does Asia. South America are one of the few who are actually making some promising improvements with CG works.

      The majority of TV is still in favor of 2D, so really, CGI-enthusiasts only have Western films and some video games to really get excited about.

  • Rudy

    I can’t wait! Secret of Kells was such a delight; I imagine this will be as well!

  • Tomm

    Jon and pat don’t play their parts opposite each other unfortunately but it was so great to work with two of the funniest guys in Ireland. And both are serious talents as actors and musicians too.

  • Totally looks my style, and I like the character designs much more than in Secret of Kells. Reminds me of sea lion people in The Secret of Roan Inish. Very nice!

  • Looks like this fall/winter is going to be a fantastic time for foreign animation, with “Princess Kaguya” and now “Song of the Sea”. Excited for both!