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Spanish Stop Motion Horror Feature ‘The Apostle’ Now Online


Spanish director Fernando Cortizo is doing something rare: making his animated feature easy to see. His 2012 stop motion feature The Apostle (O Apóstolo) is now available for online viewing, costing only $1.5€ (or $1.87US) to rent for a 24-hour period. Watch it at OApostolo.com where multiple subtitled versions are available including English and French.

The Spanish Gothic story follows an escaped convict who heads to a remote mountain village in search of loot that had been hidden there years earlier. When I saw the film last year, I was occasionally frustrated by the pacing and meandering story, but its ominous atmosphere and creepy visuals left a strong impression. Imperfect though it is, The Apostle has more to recommend than the average animated feature and deserves a look.

The Apostle was nominated for a Goya (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscar) in 2013, and has won numerous awards including the audience awards at the Annecy, Cinanima, and Monstra festivals.

[via Zippy Frames]

  • Mister Twister

    Isn’t this also the name of the first ever full length animated film? For those not in the now, El Apostol was the first, but was lost.

  • sidney

    Interesting how American animated features mostly seem to follow the same kiddie-pandering formulas, whereas other countries actually use the form to make films that might appeal to wider audiences.

    • fgjhd

      I agree. Even adult animation in the US is childish.

      • AmidAmidi

        That’s probably because adult animation doesn’t currently exist in major US studio productions. It’s all designed for general audiences.

  • sidney

    I think you misread me, partner. I’m completely in support of this and any other animated film that doesn’t give us the same tired, toy-pandering formula we always get from Hollywood.

  • lkjhgf

    I know there has to be some Japanese animation in the horror genre, but besides that, I can’t think of any.