TRAILER: “The Lady of Names” by Adam Ciolfi TRAILER: “The Lady of Names” by Adam Ciolfi
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TRAILER: “The Lady of Names” by Adam Ciolfi

Adam Ciolfi has been essentially working alone on his stop-motion feature The Lady of Names for the last 15 years. He’s done almost everything himself, from designing the sets to photography and animation; he even constructed the orchestral score. Is it a masterpiece or a misguided mess? Either way, you have to admire Ciolfi’s obsession in finishing the picture. In L.A. the film will be screened this Sunday, April 29th at 2:45pm at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

  • Wow, the technology for independent stop-motion has changed so much in the last 15 years, I wonder how he adapted to it? Video assist is way more straightforward now, HD video way cheaper, computers are more powerful… Not to mention the fact that 15 years of animation practice is bound to make you improve. If he managed to make this look like one, unified film, I’ll be really impressed!

  • watched the trailer. would love to check this out! especially after taking him 15 years to finish it. It must be seen!

  • This is a true labor of love. The character design was bland and the animation a bit stiff, but the sets and lighting were intriguing. It’s just possible the story is strong enough to make us overlook the weaknesses.

  • Matt

    15 years, and he couldn’t come up with a logo for the film title?

    I’ll be interested to see this, regardless.

    • SKent.

      I know, what is that ‘Times New Roman’? Always strikes me as the hallmark of the amateur. Of course it’s totally not fair to dismiss a 15 year labour of love on poor typography, but little things like that can be off-putting.

  • eeteed

    i’m with the other posters… i definitely want to see this!

    please let us know when it will be available on dvd!

  • Blasko

    Nothing misguided about following your muse — especially if it leads you to complete your own stop-motion feature. Can’t wait to see it, even it has the few warts that all personal projects have. Cheers to you, Adam, and may your work find a receptive audience!

  • SKent.

    Well, it seems to have won several awards, so it might be worth checking out. I’m impressed with the dedication of anyone who can see something like this all the way through. I bet he never thought it’d take 15 years.

    Just the same, what is it about hyping animation and boasting about the frame count? No one ever hyped a book because of the word count. I suppose it’s hard for the public to understand just how much work is involved.