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“The LEGO Movie” Teaser Trailer

Pop culture references abound in the new teaser trailer for The LEGO Movie directed by the creative team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Clone High TV series, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street). Warner Bros. will release the film in the U.S. on February 7, 2014. The highlight in this teaser is the animation, which has the chunky staccato rhythms one might expect of LEGOs animated in stop motion though it is actually achieved through computer animation.

  • Zachy B.

    At first I thought “Aw man, why did these directors leave Cloudy 2 to do a stupid LEGO movie?” Then while watching the trailer I was like “Oh cool! They animated it with REAL LEGO’s! Props! This might be cool.” Then I read the description. Then I was like this :c

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Nothing surprises me anymore.

    • TimmiT

      I think that them mimicking the stop-motion look so well with CG is still really impressive.

    • Matthew Koh

      If it’s in stop motion, then how come the close ups of minifigs moved so smoothly if the figures are four bricks in length?

    • Funkybat

      I would have preferred they stayed on with Cloudy 2. Cloudy 1 was such a fantastically fun movie, I am worried the sequel will not live up to it without their input, but I’ve got my fingers crossed anyway. I wasn’t all that excited about Cloudy 1 when I first heard about it, but that movie was a blast and worth repeat viewing. Not sure what to think with this Lego film, but at least it looks like it was done with care, and isn’t some slapdash corporate sellout movie.

  • Degeaffusunuman

    The IMDB page says it was shot on the Arri Alexa.

    • AmidAmidi

      Everything I’ve read in the press releases says it’s CG. Now I’m confused. Are they real props and WB wants to promote it as a CG film?

      • Strong Enough

        i doubt WB would use actual legos to make this film.

      • Tony Mines

        All I know is they hired one of the Robot Chicken guys, presumably as stop-motion consultant for the cg, and that there was a competition (see my comment) for stop-mo animators. From this I conclude there are stop-mo elements and maybe even a pure scene or two in the movie, and probably lots of off-screen reference animation – but there is none in the trailer that I can see.

      • Uli Meyer

        They shot it as stop motion first and then motion captured the stop motion to create the CG pass and then they did facial motion capture of famous Hollywood actors to get the 2D animation better than any hand could do it. Honest. That’s how it was done.

  • mcnamara

    Phil Lord and Chris Miller are the new Hollywood wonder boys

    • Ju-osh

      This is Patton Oswalt’s Parks & Rec rant — REALIZED!

  • dto

    No way they animated real legos, that’s too much work.

  • Dana B

    Looks like fun. The lighting effects are gorgeous and the facial animations doesn’t seem to get any easier in CG than this!

    So I’m starting to think that cross-overs are gonna be the next trend in Hollywood?(Wreck-It Ralph, Avengers, LEGO movie) Unless this is just a coincidence since I’d imagine these types of movies are hellva expensive/stressful to put together

  • Michel Van

    sold, I wanna have Deluxe Blu-ray with the Lego figurines from that Movie !

  • PKN

    Even if the press releases say this is CG… the lighting/shadows look too real to me and so do the jerky movements. This just seems so stop-motion I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it is or at least partially is but due to the weak box office last year for Pirates!/Frankenweenie/ParaNorman — this is being sold as CG.

    • MGB

      It is amusing that you say it looks “too real” when CG has accomplished a lot more complex realism than lighting plastic. I don’t think they have any reason to lie about the process either. That means every person who worked on the film would have to lie, which is crazy and nonsensical.

      That is part of the charm of the Lego movie is that it is a departure from what is becoming standard of CG animated film. The artists clearly thought out how the characters would move and how their world would look, just like Wreck It Ralph did with the animation and characters in an 8 bit world.

    • schwarzgrau

      To me it looks a lot like CG. Everything is to clean and perfect for stop motion, not even corpse bride was that clean and fake.

    • Tim Drage


  • Roberto González

    I think it looks almost as hilarious as South Park, Bigger, Longer and Uncut and Team America combined. Phil Lord and Chris Miller really know how to make a comedy, even if the final gag in the trailer is a little bit weak and more simmilar to the usual Dreamworks/BlueSky fashion there’s still something in the execution that made it a little bit funnier.

    • Platynews

      How they didn’t put “Feel in love with a girl” as a soundtrack of that last moment is probably the biggest missing oportunity of the year

  • Didgaraya

    God, no… I’m so damn happy I was privileged to be a child some good two decades ago. So damn happy.

  • M Rahman

    The only Lego endorsed films I honestly enjoyed watching were the Bionicle series

    WTF is this garbage?

    • Mike

      You’re not going to make many friends on this site buddy..

      • M Rahman

        not necessarily my intent buddy

        stop motion lego might be intriguing, but the comedy & premise is just meh

        like the guy below me it seems odd that this is getting a theatrical release

        Was this really too childish for Robot Chicken or too PG for straight to tv movie?

  • Chris Powell

    SIGN. ME . UP.

    Smiles abounding after seeing this.


  • Gavin Mouldey

    “Legos”, this is nitpicky, but the Lego Group Companies have always been pretty steadfast on their objection to the word “Legos”. For a while the packaging came with the following warning… Dear Parents and Children

    {LEGO® is a brand name that is very special to all of us in the LEGO Group Companies. We would sincerely appreciate your help in keeping it special by referring to our bricks as “LEGO Bricks or Toys” and not just “LEGOS”. By doing so, you will be helping to protect and preserve a brand that stands for quality the world over.

    If at any time we can be of service to you regarding our products, please feel free to write to us.}

    • Ant G

      Same as Adobe condemning people from using “photoshop” as a verb or adjective. I don’t see the issue, from an Evil rule-the-world marketing standpoint, people using those words colloquially is an advantage for them. It solidifies them even deeper as part of culture.

      • Gavin Mouldey

        Agreed, it’s just semantics.

    • Funkybat

      In the same way I and almost everyone else on Earth will continue to defy and ignore the creator of the GIF format when he complains that it should be pronounced “Jif”, I and everyone else on Earth will continue to refer to them as “Legos.”

      • Gavin Mouldey

        That’s a fair point about gif, but it’s almost exclusively in North America that the term Legos is common. Almost everyone else on earth refers to them as just “lego”. As it’s a European brand, most countries where Lego is popular aren’t even English speaking. I grew up in Australasia, and have lived in the uk, and hadn’t been aware of the “Legos” version until recent years on the Internet. As both are in effective use though, both are correct as far as I see it. Personally Legos feels as awkward to say to me as Nucular, and Aluminum.

  • Matthew Koh

    Wow! A brickfilm to end all brickfilms!

  • Aaron Mincey

    Dear God this should be a T.V. movie not a theatrical one.

  • Sam

    When I initially heard this I thought it sounded a bit stupid, this from a die hard lego guy. Then I saw the trailer, it looks great. Where else will you get Shaq, both Michelangelo’s, Batman, and 80s Lego Space guy all in one movie? Suffic it to say I’m super excited, I hope it turns out excellent because the visuals are inspiring.

  • Joshua Marchant

    Nuts to the haters, this was neat and I are say I’m turned around ont he idea of a LEGO movie. The Btaman gag was the topper.
    Having a sense of humor about itself really payed off.

  • OtherDan

    It looks like they really held closely to the limitations of actual Lego people. I love this! I love that you don’t have to model hair follicles to tell a fun story.

  • Chris & Phil? Sold.

  • Ryan

    Haven’t been this excited for a film since Pirates! Looks like the highlight of 2012 already :D

    • anon

      can’t tell if mistake or joke

  • Tony Mines

    Conflicted. As my creative partner put it:
    “Usual torn between ‘why didn’t we make this’ and ‘so glad we didn’t have to actually make this”
    As someone who kinda started online lego stop-motion as a thing, and frankly resents not being the animation director, I’ve been dreading this movie for years, but they seem to have done everything completely right, from an animation/lego perspective anyway! CG designed to look like stop-mo was absolutely the way to go, and the way every LEGO promotion and videogame *should* have gone for the last decade. The broken chin strap on the 80s spaceman, the texture of batmans cloak, the paint on the girls hair, the micro-decisions about when to go smooth and when to go jumpy, all perfect. And most importantly, no stud-walking and THE KNEES DON’T BEND! Yay! I feel simultaneously undermined, and like they made this movie for me personally.

    The only downside for me is what I see as an exploitative move on the producers part apropos the rich LEGO animation community…
    I always thought that the only guys to seriously pick up our batton were a team called BrotherhoodWorkshop – they are the only guys who do what we used to do with TLG, which is make ‘minifig movies’ – movies that use lego characters as an aesthetic choice, rather than ‘lego movies’ or ‘brickfilms’ that are about moving toys about. Now these guys, they should be receiving a professional paycheck from TLG/Warner for their contributions to a movie, they should have been head-hunted along with all the other best pro-standard animators in the community to do their thing. Instead… LEGO ran a… COMPETITION! (lone wolf howls, an owl hoots, sinister strings…)

    I don’t know what ‘featured during a scene’ means, but I’m guessing an (ahem) Holy Grail type “suddenly the animator died” type gag, or something like Lindsay Fleay’s The Magic Portal. But either way it’s something they should have been hired and paid for, not something they should have been asked to make a whole animation for free, in reward for flying closer to the sun for two nights…

    Aside from that (standard) appalling lack of respect and dues paid, I’m actually looking forward to this movie now…

  • Joel

    I wasn’t expecting much of anything, but this looks really fun! I’m already raring to see this! C:

  • Lemanic

    Feels like a made-for-TV movie in the same sense of that mexican Top Cat
    movie and Equestria Girls. Totally OK seeing it being aired on CN, but
    as a theatrical release, it falls extremely flat. I bet the MoMA/Tate
    Modern crowd will cheer in joy for this and he rest of us just utter a
    “meh!” around it.

  • isaackelley

    No speaking female roles in the trailer. Apparent female lead’s only role in the trailer is to be stared at for being beautiful. Classy.

    • Ant G

      lol spot on

  • Ant G

    Hmm we see a lot of the “doofus” Hero lately. This could easily be Kung Fu Panda the lego edition.

  • Joel

    I wonder if there will be a cameo from a Playmobile person?!

  • Funkybat

    Other than the “Cold you repeat, I wasn’t listening” line, I don’t see much in common with Peter Griffin. The guy seems like a general sort of “unprepared everyman” who gets swept into circumstances far more exciting than his everyday life. I think they went with that so that the audience could put themselves in his place. He’s basically a cipher (which is what generic Legomen are usually used for in a play context anyway.) Of course, all this is just going by the trailer, but so far he doesn’t seem nearly as obnoxious as Peter.

  • Take all of my money already

  • George Comerci

    looks funny and creative :D

  • Ben

    I hadn’t heard of this film before. And, when I saw the info here, I assumed it would be done in the same style as all previous LEGO movies and games. Boy was I surprised to see it’s done in a more “realistic” way where everything moves as it would in real life.