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The Missing Lynx

Former Disney animator Raul Garcia teamed up with actor Antonio Banderas several years ago to create an animation studio, Kandor Moon, in Spain. Their first feature film, The Missing Lynx, was released last year in Europe and gets its first commercial U.S. screening next month. It’s playing one time only, as part of a Recent Spanish Cinema series, at the AERO theatre in Santa Monica, California, June 6th at 4 PM. It’ll be in glorious 35mm and in its original Spanish language with English subtitles.

Here’s an interview with Garcia discussing the film and the origin of his studio.

  • Alfons Moline

    As a friend and fellow countryman of Raúl Garcia, I can´t do anything but recommending highly going to see this movie. Hopefully this screening will enable him to find a major U.S. distributor for it!

  • Lindsay

    This looks really neat! Wish I could see it. :)

    And the website is great too… if you read it in Spanish. Oh, what I would give to be a translator and editor for that site right about now… ack! Waaaay too many grammatical errors and bad sentence structure in English. It seems the Spanish text was thrown into an automatic language converter and got horribly mangled as a result. Must… fix… O_O

  • I thought this is one of the best (if not the best) Spanish animated movies in recent history. This and Nocturna. I’d like to read your reviews if somebody watches it.

  • Congratulations to our friend and colleague, Raul Garcia, and best wishes for continued success.

  • Muy Bien, Raul! (that’s the extent of my high school spanish)

  • That is some great news! Especially since it’s a very Spanish film – the locations, characters, etc. I remember talking with some colleagues when I was working in Denmark and we were hoping that animated features would eventually grow from the cultures they were made in rather than try to superficially imitate US animated films. Miyazaki is a singular voice, but he’s not the only one out there. Lately there’s also been ‘Les Triplettes de Belleville, ‘Book of Kells’ and now this! I hope I get to see both of the new releases – you listening, distributors?

  • Thank you for the support to everybody.
    Reading that interview in english was really strange. But it’s great someone actually posted it.
    Kudos to my partner Co-scripwriter and Co-Director of the film Manuel Sicilia, the true soul of Kandor Graphics. Only 40 great artist working hard during three years in Granada made it possible. Please come to see the film June 6th.

  • Saturnome

    One time only showing? I hope there’s more planned.

  • Sympho

    Saw the film, and it’s kinda boring. Not Pixar. Far from it!

  • TK

    I can really see how much they wanted it to be released in the States with English dub already done and the theme song’s in English! If only they could get all those screens Delgo had.

  • Ivana

    I want to watch the movie! I loved the trailer, the interview, and I didn’t even notice it was a translation. Looks good to me!

  • Fulanita

    I have only been able to view the trailer but am looking forward to getting a copy on DVD soon. I love the concept and share warren’s opinion regarding homegrown animated films focusing on their places of origin rather than carbon-copying the US industry.

    On a side note, I think Raul Garcia seems content with the fact that his interview was even translated at all, however I think the main point here is the brilliance and quality of the movie itself, not the way an article has been translated. Perhaps it would be better to make constructive suggestions directly to the contributors rather than complain about this on a forum.

  • Daniel Friedland

    The Movie will be released in North American by Phase 4 Films July 27th

  • Mister Twister

    I own the DVD, and I must say, the film is awesome.
    What impressed me was the story, movement of the characters and wonderfully drawn backgrounds (that is, pretty much everything).

    Yeah, and the characterization is also good.

    So, all around great film, highly recommended to anyone, including whoever is reading this right now.