“The Suicide Shop” Trailer “The Suicide Shop” Trailer
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“The Suicide Shop” Trailer

The Annecy Animation Festival starts Monday and the opening night feature is Patrice Leconte’s The Suicide Shop. Based on a bestselling book by Jean Teulé, it’s a black comedy about a morose family who run a shop for suicide supplies in a bleak and depressing city. Their family business is threatened when a new baby arrives, making everyone around him happy. And it’s in 3D. Here’s a look:

  • Looks incredible!

  • Hmmm… Hmmm..! HMMM.!!!

    I like this!

  • Nicely designed and appropriately moody, but I hope it has more animation that this clip, it looked more like an animatic.

  • Brian

    Thanks for pointing this one out! Have you heard if there’s any chance of a Los Angeles theatrical release?

  • I agree with Steve. This trailer on display is a high budget animatic not a low budget aniated film. It’d get tiring before too long and never make an interesting feature.

  • jerome

    As steve said, it’s an old trailer that is more like a pilot… The most recent trailer has more animation in it (I didn’t find a version with subtitles, though):

  • jerome

    Ok, I found an english version of the trailer I talked about in my last message : http://www.allocine.fr/video/player_gen_cmedia=19312136&cfilm=147453.html

  • Maya

    I’m extremely excited for this. I have a huge weakness for black comedies so this should be really nice.

  • I agree with what steve(s) said too… and the jeromes. This looks great

  • tim elliot

    I love it. That narrator sounded like Thurl Ravenscroft (“Your a Mean one Mister Grinch”, narrated Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, Tony the Tiger)

  • So it’s set in Mexico city, then?

    If you lived here, you’d understand ;)

  • Aron

    From one Mexican to -apparently- another: Red Pill Junkie, WTF?