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Third “Box Trolls” Teaser Released

The third (and presumably final) teaser for LAIKA’s The Box Trolls was released today. A full trailer should follow at some point. Directed by Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable, Box Trolls will debut in the U.S. on September 26, 2014.

ALSO: See the 1st TEASER and 2nd TEASER.

  • Eric Knisley

    Wow, this thing looks GREAT! Can’t wait!

  • IJK

    Visually, looks great. There are certain animated shots that just look amazing (the boy stuffing his face, for one), but I kind of feel like they’re relying too much on this indie “Artsy” vibe as a way to lure people in.

    I would kind of like to know more about the story because for the most part, it almost feels like the boy and the BoxTrolls are having their own separate adventures. I never really see them intertwining with each other even though I KNOW the boy was raised by them.

    I guess I’m just to assume the BoxTrolls are outcasts? What danger is there if they go to the surface, though? It looks like they’re allowing the boy to explore, but why?

    They don’t have to show me all the cards, but a single narrative dialogue line to give me an idea and then cue the music would have been nice. I don’t know if pretty visuals are enough to get my butt in a seat at a theater, maybe makes me interested enough to wait for it on Netflix but…

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Oh this movie keeps looking better and better with every teaser trailer. The stopmotion is incredibly beautiful to look upon. This is the animated movie I can’t wait to see this year–next to How to Train Your Dragon 2.

  • IJK

    I guess I just figured with one minor change, these “teasers” could go on to be full trailers. They’re certainly long enough! (Except maybe the first one)

    I guess this is going to end up being more like Up!, where even then, I still had no idea what the story was after all the trailers released and it’s just a “You’ll have to see to find out” deal.

  • IJK

    Does anyone else think the puppetry/animation is already a step up from Paranorman? Like, something about them just looks really… Fantastic. Not that Paranorman wasn’t, but it’s like, they somehow got even better but I’m not sure what they did to make it different.

    • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

      Certainly looks like Laika is getting very comfortable with their 3D printing process.

  • Taco

    What a charming & delightful 3rd Trailer. Their 2nd Trailer with the “making of” & “The Crafter’s hands behind all the puppets & sets” was just as brilliant. I love the music they choose for their trailers & films too, like using Donovans ‘Season Of The Witch’ in the ParaNorman Trailer & this trailer has that good old Buddy Holly song ‘You’re so Square’ covered by Cee Lo Green.

    Put any Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney Trailer or film next to this & it’s like comparing a can of (P.D.D) Coca-Cola to a glass to good (Portland, Oregon) White Wine. We all know which one SELLS more, but we also know which one is the better product. If there’s any Studio that ‘deserves’ to break a billion dollars at the box office, it’s this one. Way to stay Awesome Laika! Go Mr “Grickle” & team! Go!

  • Bob Harper

    This looks amazing. It looks like LAIKA is having fun for once!

    • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

      Up-voting first sentence only. Not sure I can agree with the second though I kind of see where you’re coming from.

    • Joseph Patrick

      What gives the impression that they don’t have fun from looking at their previous work?

      • IJK

        I think he means more upbeat and not dark and Tim Burton-y.

        • Bob Harper

          That’s it pretty much. This seems to have more whimsy and adventure than the previous two films. I thought Coraline and ParaNorman were both brilliant. This is the looks like a film that my daughters can enjoy with me. The other two had such a dark and depressing mood, which they weren’t digging. They actually are looking forward to watching this one.

          • Funkybat

            I thought Paranorman was kind of “haunted” so to speak, but Coraline to me was a colorful-if-twisted funhouse mirror of a movie. I didn’t find it depressing at all. (OK, maybe the scenes set in her regular home at the beginning, but that was more to set up a contrast with the “other side of the door” world.)

  • bob

    i think it looks great, but i would like some narrative this late in the game.

  • Destiny

    Looks beautiful. Way to go Laika :)

  • timmyelliot

    I love the look of it (but had to mute the volume: the style didn’t seem to fit with the visuals).

  • Funkybat

    This movie looks really beautiful, in a decayed, organic way. I doubt it will top “Paranorman” for me, but I am ready and willing to be pleasantly surprised. I also love that everything Laika does seems to be “film first” and isn’t at all geared toward fitting into a Happy Meal/corporate product placement tie-in type plan. They are like a big-budget “indie” film studio.