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“The BoxTrolls” Teaser Trailer and Poster, Laika’s Next Film

Utterly charming and refreshingly different teaser trailer for LAIKA’s next film The BoxTrolls, which will be released on September 26, 2014. The film is directed by Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable. As with LAIKA’s first two features, Coraline and ParaNorman, this film looks like a different kind of animation experience from the industry norm, and that in itself is cause for celebration.

Watch the trailer HERE.

  • tedzey71

    New Laika movie coming out a day before my birthday next year… couldn’t ask for a better gift!

  • Daniel Savage

    2014 can’t come any sooner!

  • Tim

    Wow, a teaser already?? Is it me or was that unbelievably quick turnaround? How many films is Laika doing at once?

  • ominousorb

    this will be a delight!

  • agreenster

    Now THAT looks good!

  • Laika is quickly becoming my new favorite American animation studio! I hope they continue to garner wider attention.

  • Dirty Laundry Day

    HOLY CRAP..Just when i was about to lose all faith in animation ..Laika swoops in and saves the day

  • Barking Bud

    Awesome. It reminded me of this 80s toy; a boxed monster/troll hand puppet

  • Scott Benson

    “Oh hey, our last two films were the best animated features to come from the US in the past decade. Also our last film had the first gay character in a wide release family film. And also the teaser for our new film about trolls in boxes is the single most progressive thing any US feature animation studio has ever done. We just give zero f*cks.” – Laika

    • jmahon

      it’s great to finally see a movie trailer, or any media really, treat such things as the total non-issue that they are. The only ones complaining will be people who none of us care about and can hopefully ignore completely.

      That said this looks adorable as ususal, I can’t wait for a real trailer! I love how the boxes all have little ads on them, I can tell every part of this movie is going to be very meticulously thought out.

      • Joe G

        I agree,so sick and tired of cgi.

        • jmahon

          well I didn’t exactly say that… “cgi” is what I do for a living. But I’m glad you have no problem voicing that opinion, I’m sure a lot of people agree with you here.

    • Bob Benson

      Coraline was weak sauce my friend. Haven’t seen Paranorman yet. WIth all that being said, Box Trolls looks like a fun project. Love the character design. But yeah, one dose of Bor-alaine is enough to give anyone serious doubts about the strength of Laikia’s story telling abilities.

      • Juice

        Ohh hohoh somewhere Niel Gaiman stubbed a toe.

        It’s not an exact copy of his work but if your going to riff on story telling you’d better take it up with him.

      • Scott Benson


    • Funkybat

      Coraline and Paranorman were such fantastic films, unique from each other in many ways, yet still carrying a kind of “house style” that savvy filmgoers recognize as belonging to a single studio. I’m hoping Laika continues to achieve artistic excellence, and even greater financial success in the future!

      • Jason

        Coraline was a masterpiece, but I thought that ParaNorman could have done a little more work with the story.

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          Coraline was really good, but I thought that “ParaNorman” had a lot more emotional depth. It was my favorite film of last year, animated or otherwise.

    • Cthulu

      I love you so much. Or, rather, I love your comment. I have no f**ks to give either. It’s great to see Laika doing something about current issues.

  • Alex Dudley

    Wow. This is coming much sooner than I thought! I can’t wait. I enjoyed Paranorman, and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this!

  • Uli Meyer


  • Jen Hurler

    I was not expecting to see a trailer for this so fast! It looks beautiful. Excited for more!

  • matt

    I think Laika is the only studio that is actually doing innovative work. That was unbelievable. Years ago people were saying that stop motion was dead cause of CG, well Laika is proving them wrong each and every film. 2D could get a lot more innovative if some people had some drive like they do at Laika.

    • Funkybat

      I think there ARE studios pushing 2D as much as Laika is pushing stop-mo…….too bad they’re all overseas.

      • Matthew Koh

        That’s because the States are not smart enough to push 2D further.

        • Joe G

          correction,Disney,Warner and other big shot studios are not smart enough to push 2d further.

    • luca

      what about studio 4C and madhouse? they push 2D in very interesting ways with both experimental non narrative pieces and more linear ones.

      this trailer looks great by the way!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Is it just me or did the kid saying “The BoxTrolls!” at the end sound exactly like Catbug from Bravest Warriors?

    • Kate

      It IS the voice of Catbug! Same little voice actor! That Sam kid is gonna be getting so much work.

  • Mic

    Sometimes there’s a father and a father
    Sometimes there’s a mother and a mother…


  • Mohegan

    Laika is such a refreshing studio in the Animation world today. And I too did not expect a teaser this quickly. When ParaNorman still had to be released, I was so impatient to see it! Now I’m becoming impatient, again! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Blasko

    Outstanding! Amazing what can be done with talent, vision and resources. Laika’s work isn’t likely to net them multimillions in merchandising, and that’s another reason to like that studio. Wishing everyone there a continued run of success.

  • tredlow

    Well, as long as they don’t overuse the “X come in all shapes and sizes… even rectangles.” tagline. They’ve done it twice already.

  • Ryan

    Great trailer. Charming is the right word to use.

    Wasn’t Mark Gustafson supposed to direct this at one point or am I thinking of something else?

    • Adam

      You’re thinking of “Goblins,” another project in development at Laika.

      • Ryan

        Ah, you’re right! My mistake!

      • Carol

        Thanks for clearing this up, I had the same mistaken impression.

  • Dana B

    That was stop motion!? Holy God…
    The folks at Laika are true artists. So criminally overlooked when we have people drooling over Pixar…

  • Toonio

    Laika: What Pixar will never be now that it’s Disney

    • Gendry

      Erm what? Pixar was EVOLUTIONARY when it was at Laika’s stage right now, creating the whole CGI animation playing ground for other studios. What has Laika done that is even close to be that groundbreaking? That’s not to mention this third entry (Boxtrolls) was an adaptation, i.e. the people there didn’t really need to come up with the story themselves.

  • Adam

    YouTube has taken the video down, but you can still watch it here:

  • M Rahman

    good to know google can locate this trailer =/

  • Roberto Severino

    This looks really cool! I’m very excited for this. The teaser gave me enough interest to want to know more. Very well designed and animated.

  • I agree this looks amazing, and I’m starting to think too that Laika is the place to look for innovative animated feature storytelling. Here is the trailer, for those who found that the YouTube link is now blocked… it’s very cute.

  • Funkybat

    I think there ought to be an “expiration date” on certain sound samples/foley effects. I wince when I hear that Same Cat Screech, that Same Baby Coo, that Same Eagle’s Cry, etc. etc. The only exception should be for parody or intentionally ironic effect, such as prominent use of a Wilhelm Scream to make fun of it’s overuse.

    These days, it screams “Amateur Hour” when I hear any of these “used a million times” sound effects in a major motion picture or high-budget TV production.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Okay, that was downright adorable. Especially the “and sometimes there are boxes” bit.
    Also, I loved the shout out to gay families.

  • canimal

    2014 is going to be such a good year for animation

  • matt

    Why on “The Box Trolls” site does it say a 3d animated feature? This is stop motion isn’t it? I mean it looks pretty sweet but dont tell me they have switched to 3d.

    • cosmicdaemon

      3D as in you can watch it with 3d glasses.

    • RickyG

      3d means shot in stereo vision, 2 cameras, each representing an eyeball. You wear polarized glasses and it gives the picture depth. This effect can be achieved with any type of animation CGI, stop motion and even traditional 2d if the layers are shot on plates and separated.

  • An animator

    The only downside to this trailer is the forcing of being gay down ones throat. People are fascinated with wanting to force gays down our throats. It is a sexual choice and not a civil right and it needs to be left out. Why does an animated feature need to push political views, it was bad enough when Wall E did it with being green.

    • AmidAmidi

      Aah, the inevitable ‘I don’t want gay people shoved down my throat’ comment. We’re going to leave the back-and-forth on this topic to other websites. If you wish to express your thoughts on the comment above, do it by clicking on the like/dislike buttons. Further comments not related specifically to the film will not be approved.

      • Matt Norcross

        If people who saw the teaser (and I was one of them) think there’s going to be a “gay agenda” in this film, we’re kidding ourselves. I too am pretty conservative myself (guilty as charged) when it comes to these kinds of themes being put into family movies (especially animated movies), and I’m sure a lot of people, Right or Left, already have a well-formed opinion on that teaser.

  • SarahJesness

    I really hate trolls, but dammit, I’m willing to put that aside for a Laika film!

  • jmahon

    I was under the impression the screenplay was co-written by him and the entire character of Wybie that doesn’t appear in the books was his idea.

  • cthulu

    I wish that CGI would just take a back seat for a while. Although it’s a lovely looking form of animation, I AM SO SICK OF IT. It always bothered me. Disney and Dreamworks are only doing CGI films now because people don’t like 2D animated films anymore, which is a shame, because I personally love them. They’re what Disney’s best at; leave the CG to Pixar. They know what they’re doing. As for Laika, they have brought forward one of the oldest forms of animation, and my personal favorite kind, to the public eye. They are slowly turning animation back into an art form. Soon it will no longer just be a child’s medium. Unfortunately, Laika, which is my favorite animation house, will probably never get to be as popular as Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks, because it takes so much longer and so much more effort to make a stop-motion film. At least, it won’t be popular as the before mentioned companies for a while. When you see a stop-motion film, you know a lot of love went into it, and that goes for all animated pictures. whether you like it or not, they take a lot of love. Laika has turned the film world upside down. Animation is slowly turning into another medium for telling a story, instead of just being for children. Their movies exist because someone had a story that needed to be told. Laika is doing wonders for animation, and for that, they deserve a thank you.

  • cthulu

    Coraline changed my life.