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“Thor: Legends Of Valhalla” trailer

Tis the season… for crap!

Here’s the final trailer Thor: Legends of Valhalla (at one time known as Legend of the Magical Hammer) which will mercifully bypass theatrical showings and will have a DVD release on January 15, 2013.

(Thanks, Jody Morgan)

  • Haha, I laughed at the last bit. It would be pretty good if that gag was actually in the film. Like breaking the fourth wall in more ways than one.

  • TIm

    I don’t know, that doesn’t look so bad for a straight-to-DVD film! If this is what low-rent looks like these days, I’m impressed!

  • A talking hammer… how… amusing…

    • Cheese

      I know “The Brave Little Toaster.”

      • Cheese

        Speaking of “The Brave Little Toaster,” I’ve read that some animation studio (or the same that created that movie) is going to create a remake in CGI.

  • Geoff

    While I can’t say I laughed or was really eager to rush out and see this, it’s better than a lot of the indie crap that gives animation a bad name

  • tsim

    I think straight to DVD is the right choice. I though the trailer could had been cut better regardless.

  • Good to see Kronk and Yzma still getting work.

    • Barking Bud

      She reminds me more of Mrs. Dr. Finkelstein :p

  • James

    That “fight” scene was easily the crappiest part in this trailer, with a billowing dust cloud forming so we couldn’t see the utter lack of effort in a fight the animators could be arsed to choreograph….except that the dust cloud is only half their so they’re just lumped together like some sort of zero-g orgy.

    However, this doesn’t look quite as bad as others of its ilk and not quite as painful to watch.

  • wever

    Note: DO NOT HAVE MACGUFFIN OBJECTS TALK! They don’t seem to make the film any better.

  • django

    this was a big movie in south korea
    anyone knows who did the animation on this movie it looks nice for a low budget movie

      at least part of the film.

    • H

      CAOZ Studios, an Icelandic company, made it. It’s the first full length animated feature made in Iceland. (Though they only did part of the actual animation. There’s a credit bit on the film’s website.)

  • Bud

    Is this some sort of prequel to the croods?

  • Glowworm

    The villainess looks uncannily like Yzma!

  • Sarah J

    Hasn’t this been on Netflix instant view for a while? Or is it some other movie? Ah well, it doesn’t look AS terrible as I expected, but, you know, it still looks pretty terrible. You know, by mockbuster standards, not the worst, but still crap.

  • Ben

    It looks a lot like How to Train Your Dragon, with some other characters mixed in (like Yzma and Kronk as others pointed out). I do agree that it doesn’t look as horrible as I thought considering the company it keeps. Still, it does look kind of derivative too. Thor looks like a slightly more muscular Hiccup.

  • So that is a valid review you think?… ‘it’s crap’ ?

  • Yep, this is on Netflix Canada already.

  • Not down to the low standards of SIR BILLI, but still pretty cringe-worthy.

  • Mesterius

    Thank God! I watched a preview of this at the Fredikstad Animation Festival in Norway back in 2011, and it looked awful from beginning to end. They should just re-release Peter Madsen’s hand-drawn ‘Valhalla’ feature from 1986 instead… that is a far better film and far more respectful towards the myths it’s based on.