“Titeuf: The Film” trailer “Titeuf: The Film” trailer
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“Titeuf: The Film” trailer

Titeuf: The Film will open in French theaters on April 6, 2011. Based on France’s bestselling comic character, the film is directed by Titeuf‘s creator Zep (the pseudonym of Swiss cartoonist Philippe Chappuis). The $15 million euro film is a French-Swiss co-production by Pathé, Moonscoop, France 3 Cinéma and Point Productions. An earlier animated TV series based on the character also appeared in the UK retitled as Tootuff. For the record, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of or seen this character. In other words, it’s unlikely this film will be appearing in the States anytime soon.

(Thanks, Animatie.blog.nl)

  • I’ll never understand how other countries like France and Japan are perfectly capable of producing traditionally animated films nowadays while the US insists on only using CGI. Sure, Disney is the only company right now that still cares about 2D (for the most part anyways), but c’mon. I’m tired of CGI being toted around as “the future of animation”. It’s NOT. The animation industry should be a mix of BOTH traditional and CGI animation, as well as other forms I didn’t mention like stop motion. But that’s all IMO.

    Oh yeah, the movie. Well the animation looks great, but that zit-popping scene. Did not want.

    • How? There is a very substantial government subsidy that makes this feasible. ~30% I think.

    • Iritscen

      Yeah, I really could have used an advisory *not* to watch this while eating.

  • them french lads are where it is at. always cool animations, hugely diverse comic books, a healthy disregard for the golden turd of hollywood and you can still have a snout (fag/smoke/cheroot) there wi’ out incurring the wrath of every two bit opinionated nob head… vive la difference, vive la france!!!!!!

  • Jm

    not only its cool that it is done in Classical
    It’s cool that it ventures on what it seems a more mature topic.

    Animated Films over here are only for “Family” audience.

  • Shawn’s Bro

    Personally, I find the character designs ugly. Get back to me when this guy gets his work animated:

    • ‘A Kind of Magic’ (TV series)-Xilam
      disney channel in my place

    • droosan

      Shawn’s Bro .. back to you:


      MAGIC (‘aka’ A KIND OF MAGIC) is a very appealing and charming TV show. It had an english-language run on Australia’s ABC3, a couple of years ago .. but the series has yet to see a DVD release in any lanquage (AFAIK). Regardless, it -is- well-worth seeking out..!

      • E. L. Kelly II

        A neat-looking little show like “Magic” exists in Europe, translated into English already for our Anglo-language consumption…for whatever-reason undistibuted to America…
        yet “Totally Spies” and “the Garfield Show,” come *hell or high water*, break on through like bloated horse corpse-stench in a narrow alley?

  • Rando

    “I’ve ever heard of or seen this character. In other words, it’s unlikely this film will be appearing in the States anytime soon.”

    Yes, Amid, because we all know that your finger is closet to the pulse of all genres of animation and cartoons throughout the entire globe. If YOU haven’t heard of it, clearly NO ONE in the USA has, and therefore no one will care to see it. I mean seriously, when was the last time a foreign film made it to our shores? “NEVER!” Exactly! No one in the entire history of cinema or any other medium in entertainment has ever bothered to export any work to new, foreign audiences in the entire history of pop culture, so why start now?

    • Magnusson

      It’s very rare when hollywood has the courage to bring over foreign films that don’t already have cultural capital in the US, especially an animated film based off of a comic series that wouldn’t get past the censors or the excessively-influental ‘family values’ folk.

      • That Chick

        But we do have animation that isn’t exactly geared for families.

        If this was shown in American theaters it would probably be treated as the new “Family guy” or “South park” when it comes to more edgy humor(movie wise).

        But then again, I don’t know much about the humor in this film because I only saw the trailer. Trailers can lie.

    • Julius Gryphon

      I kind of doubt Amid meant it quite that way…but I must admit that *is* how it sounds.

    • Clement

      I’ve never heard of most other animated characters but films get made. I doubt Cloudy or Gahoole are famous in many countries. I’m not even sure children knew about Rapunzel before Tangled.

      Btw 15 million $ sounds enough to be released in the US.

  • dbenson

    I’m still waiting for the Asterix films — and there seem to be a bunch, ranging from cheap TV-grade to fairly amibitious — to turn up here on DVD. Some of the early ones were released in VHS by Disney.

    Oddly enough, Dougal — a CGI version of an old kiddie show from England — got a theatrical release complete with American celebrity voices (replacing those furrin-tawkin Brits).

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Some of us have waited TOO long for those Asterix movies to come out so you might as well give up and end up going to the usual online avenues for our love. Disney released the first three films on VHS/Beta/LD back in the 80’s (Asterix The Gaul, Asterix & Cleopatra and The 12 Tasks of Asterix) while another company handled the two Gaumont releases “Asterix vs. Caesar” and “Asterix in Britain”.

      “Dougal” as you mentioned was a CG adaptation of a French children’s series that was called “The Magic Roundabout in the UK. When this film showed up in the US it was retitled “Doogal” by Miramax I think.

    • JMatte

      For the Asterix movies, if you are in the US, I believe you can order them from Amazon Canada: they are made to play in region 1 DVD, which means the right zone for North America. A caveat: there may not be an english dub nor english subtitles.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Which is pathetic that we still have yet to get these movies at least with English audio/subs down here yet.

    • Looks as good as the original BD :). That was the problem with the Asterix films, the quality was not as good as Uderzo’s original art.

  • Awesome, I’m glad this got posted! My girlfriend, Amanda, and I animated on this from Toronto, Canada. There were a handful of animators in Canada working from home as well.

    • I can verify this! I also had an opportunity to work on this film briefly.

      It was a great experience. I’m interested to see the whole film and how it turned out, looks good.

  • Clint

    I think I saw this character in a French show while surfing channels one day. Looked interesting, but it was in French, so I could understand ZIP.

    I think this film looks pretty cool. I like cartoony foreign films like the work of Picha. I pray that this film gets an English dub…but chances are it will never happen.

  • doop

    I dunno, looked about on-par with the fart humor animated films that come out in the U.S. from time to time. And for an industry full of mind-blowing animators from Gobelins, I expected the animation to be a little… better…

    For some reason I also got a very “Goofy Movie” vibe from this. I swear I saw Max with those same eyes when the main character is looking right at the camera.

    Anyway, glad Europe can still enjoy 2d in cinema.

  • Ah yes, I do know “Tootuff”, since he appeared in comics like “The Dandy” before; even though it’s French.

    Looking the trailer, well the animation is decent and the backgrounds look appealing. But, it looks as though it’s one of those many toilet-humour animated films that would only appeal to kids and not adult.

    The part with the tough-looking kid squeeing his wart out is just gross; and the two boys blowing their “boogers” out of their noses is just revolting, and unappealing.

    I should avoid this — it doesn’t look great or nice to see at all!

  • Isaac

    The show was never this gross. It was very mild, actually.

  • You not heard for Titeuf? What kind of Cartoon brew is this?
    A few days ago are released
    Une vie de chat
    L’Apprenti Père Noël

    probably has a few more

  • wow I bought one of the books…the original comic was published in Korea, too. Can’t say it’s my favorite, but animation looks good in 2D…and looks like it will be screened in 3D, interesting.

  • Dr.Truth

    This looks amazing!! I personally love the designs! I would love to see a english subbed version!

  • Gotta love French feature animation, it adapts so incredibly well. The designs for the television series were much flatter and the humor wasn’t as ostentatious, I don’t think, as the trailer implies. But it should still be an interesting watch.

    Here’s also to hoping the Gererd-produced animation UNE VIE DE CHAT performs well. The warmth of that film’s visual style feels quite charming.

    • The original comic has more colorful and dinamic characters which the feature film does a better job at resembling. And it also has a more prankster “little Johnny” type of humor that the watered down TV version.

  • JMatte

    Nice to see some of the oversea films getting some love on the Brew site. I usually go to Catsuka to catch up with what is going on for that.
    Plenty of good films never make it to our shores, unfortunately. Heck, I would love to get a region 1 DVD copy of “Les Lascars”. Looks like I better get an all region DVD and go internet shopping.
    I wish good success to both Titeuf and Vie De Chat.

  • I know about the comic book. It’s quite funny. It’s kind of gross, dark and sexual but in a pretty clever way.

    The tv series are dull and they don’t have the best animation.

    The animation here looks much better but the humor seems a little too gross for the sake of it instead of serving a purpose like it does in the comic books.

    I’d still like to watch this and the Lucky Luke Tous a L’ouest movie but it seems they’ll never air them in Spain or other countries and it’s unlikely they’ll appear in dvd.

    I don’t understand french so I can’t buy them in the original version.

    It’s sad, at the very least it’s traditional animation and they don’t use the Disney look. I don’t know how good the scripts are, but they’re things I’d like to take a look at.

  • Steven T

    I hope if this does get dubbed the voices won’t be annoying like in the dub of the show.