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Tom & Jerry CG/live action movie

Here we go again! Variety is reporting today that Warner Bros. is planning to turn Tom and Jerry into its own Alvin and the Chipmunks-like family franchise.

Plans are to bring the constantly warring cat and mouse to life as CG characters that run around in live-action settings.

Studio-based Dan Lin will adapt the classic Hanna-Barbera property as an origin story that reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry before getting lost in Chicago and reluctantly working together during an arduous journey home. Eric Gravning is penning the script.

Warners owns the rights to Hanna-Barbera’s slate of popular animated properties and has several of them in development for bigscreen adaptation. Those include Robert Rodriguez’s version of The Jetsons and producer Donald De Line’s Yogi Bear.

It worked for Warners before (i.e. Scooby Doo), so adapting Hanna Barbera’s Tom & Jerry sounds logical, but its something that has to be very carefully approached.

  • What’s next? Bugs Bunny? There isn’t a lot of human characters in Tom and Jerry to begin with (unless we count those in the awful Tom and Jerry .The Movie). So it’s going to be a live-action movie without live-action? Or they are going to create unnecessary human characters?

    And it’s not like the other movies were fantastic ideas either, but seriously, who would want to see semi-realistic designs of Tom and Jerry? Scooby Doo already had poor animation in the original. The Chipmunks at least have always been about them living in a human world. Garfield is also usually surrounded by humans. But the whole point of Tom and Jerry is making a cartoon about cartoony animals.

    It would be a little more logical to make a cartoony 3-d movie with a look similar to BlueSky’s “Horton” or something and that would be already debatable, considering how great these characters are in 2d.

  • They can’t be serious.

  • uncle wayne

    It may sound hideous now….but WTF!? I can (& could) NOT be worse than those unthinkable version of them (in their made-for-TV T&J years….H-B….)… when they were FRIENDS….and wearing bow-ties!? Remember those, Guys!? Yuk!! Even worser than a 60s Popeye!

  • The 1992 animated movie was awful, so why would they even bother with a live action version?!

  • Chuck R.

    Wow, the difficulty of this is going to be stretching an already weary chase formula to 2 hours with little or no dialogue. (doooon’t youu belieeeeve it!) My prediction is that it will be similar to the Muppet Movie —a protracted travelogue where they meet talking ducks and bulldogs and headless IRISH maids along the way.

    If it gets decent reviews and doesn’t open the same weekend as The Hobbit, I might see it. I refuse to get my shorts in a knot over it, though.

  • fishmorgjp

    Ahh, this will surely bring hearty laughter to audiences everywhere, just like the Garfield CGI films.

  • This plot sounds like T&J movie except that it’s now in origin story. Once again, they are going to friends. God I hate Hollywood.

  • Minority opinion: a road movie with the MGM characters could actually be done right—very right—if the crew involved actually knows something about those characters and their world.

    This would require adapting and understanding not just Tom and Jerry, but most of their supporting cast (a major problem with past Tom and Jerry features is the fact that they’re loaded with Poochie-like Mary Sues). It would involve heavy doses of Scott Bradley-style jazz, even if modern music were also used; the proper sound effects (Tom scream, anyone?) and voices (yes—they did occasionally talk in films like ZOOT CAT, so let’s admit it and get them sounding right if they really have to say anything).

    The problem is that traditionally, these live-action cartoon adaptations tend to be written or overseen by disinterested people who see the project as a job, so don’t understand the nature of being faithful to your source material. It’s as simple as that.

    Come on, Warner—surprise me. Sigh.

  • WTF? Why does it ALWAYS has to be CG???

  • Giovanni Jones

    Queen Latifah can play “Mademoiselle Deuxchaussures” with her voice dubbed by Sinéad O’Connor.

  • Now that I read it again, the premise does sound half-decent, but it’s nearly impossible that they could make it work in live action.

  • Joe H.

    Yeah, I agree that the Tom & Jerry premise isn’t something that can translate well into a full-length feature without losing something along the way. The story itself was never really important to enjoy these cartoons and if a full length feature was made, I woudl imagine it was something similar to “the Itchy & Scratchy Movie” that was highlighted on an episode of “The Simpsons”–just focusing on the hilarity that ensues with Tom and Jerry (mostly Tom) enduring several unique comic tortures and gags. The fact that this is a hybrid, however, has me doubt that this will have the same free-spirited and anarchic nature that made the series so popular.

  • William

    Forget the ill-conceived classic cartoon ripoffs. When will those marketing geniuses at Warners do a mo-cap Al Jolson picture? They still own the world rights to his head. That kind of stuff plays like gangbusters in the south. I tell ya, they’re leaving money on the table.

  • No.,no,no.


    No no no no no no no no no no no no.


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  • Celia

    I will only see this movie if they include the black housemaid, waist high only, of course.

    I DARE them.

  • Ben

    It is so hard to transfer a 2-D animated character into the 3-D world without making them look awful. Scooby-Doo was a little…strange in 3-D. I just saw Garfield last night on Cartoon Network, and it was so awkward. He just didn’t look right because he was half real cat, and half cartoon…it just looked creepy. So, if they decide to create Tom & Jerry in a realistic fashion, I am afraid. If they go the Bullwinkle route, or maybe something like Roger Rabbit or Space Jam, maybe it could be ok.

  • I for one can’t wait to see Tom and Jerry with lifelike fur, talking shaking hands, and maybe even singing! This is bound to be a heartwarming family classic, filled with fart jokes and pop cultural references, but with a message. Anyway, it’s bound to be better than the last feature length movie they did. Was this review posted here before?

  • I must say, Aaorn put it best: NO!

  • GameOverGirl

    Ughh… could they not? I’m going outside to step in some traffic.

  • This is so disheartening. I have just succeeded in turning my 3 and 6-year-olds into “old school” (1940a era) Tom & Jerry fans, and now Hollywood throws this crap into the ring??!!!! What’s a toon snob dad to do?

  • Tom Pope

    Aw, jeez. It’ll probably be a big hit, too.

  • ian

    they will both talk and the interplay will be verbal humour, They will probably have celebrity voices (Bruce Willis as Spike, Jim Carrey as Tom and Danny Devito as Jerry) or ones that are that are inappropriate (whichever teen sensation is flavour of the month and can’t act when they start production). These were Silent movies for 95% of the time and that is how they worked best. this will have lots of smart alecky gags and they will tone the physical humour down for the age old reasons of “The kids will copy it and bash the their pet cat with an anvil (an everday household item I know) or the frying pan!”
    The Jetsons, Flintstones and Scooby Doo can all pass because of the largely human element in it, but this sounds like a recipe for a disaster.
    Still, who knows, they might outfox us all and make a film that Bill and Joe would have been proud of, anyone care to hold their breath for that? anyone? anyone?
    To answer the question – why is it always CG – because CG movies make money or so thinketh the execs at the studio, look at Pixar, if you ignore the fact that they have with Plot, characters, style, wit, coherence, and imagination the real reason Pixar make money is because they’re CGI. (There are others that are good of course – I just use Pixar as an example)

  • Goldenrusset

    WHY! WHY! WHY! c’mon hollywood!!! give some NEW IDEAS a chance… stop with the crappy live action cartoons!… what, did Rocky and Bullwinkle do THAT GOOD????!!!

    some things should just not be done.

  • Larry T

    Aw, ^*$&@(*&!!!. Someone else wants to re-interpret a classic cartoon property.

    Be ready for a 2-hour movie where we learn of Jerry’s long-lost love which causes him so much pain that he takes it out on Tom by bashing him with frying pans and mallets. And since Tom was abandoned from his litter, he’s learned to express himself by defending the thwarts against contradicting foes, no matter what size. But not forgetting the 1/2 hr segment where they sing a duet about having been addiction-free since they met.

    In between all that, lots of fart jokes.

    Aw, ^*$&@(*& it all!!!.

  • Guy


  • To agree with Aaron Foster, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The animated Tom and Jerry film was awful and those live-action/animated combinations like Scooby-Doo were terrible. Again, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!

  • Brannigan’s Law

    Tom and Jerry died when Fred Quimby stopped producing them. Everything since has been an ill attempt to ride their early chemistry which was instantly turned to garbage when HB left them for lower quality franchises…. IMO. I even had a hard time with the Chuck Jones episodes.

  • Killroy McFate

    I hope Tom and Jerry talk. And do kung-fu. And breakdance!

  • Charles

    To Quote Daffy Duck: “SHOOT ME NOW !!…SHOOT ME NOW!!!!”

  • Steve

    Mega dittos, Aaron.

  • I’m with David Gerstein. It CAN be possible. Blue Sky did a great job of adapting Suess’ visual style to CGI, a few quibbles aside. Every civilian family I talked to LOVED the fact ‘Horton’ looked just like the books. The gauntlet is down, WB! Deliver. The general audience expects it these days.

    (If you can get the tone right that’s extra bucks from the cartoon snobs.)

  • The thing that worries me the most, is how all the obligatory T&J extreme violence will be translated into a CG feature which probably will include live actors. It could very well end up being even rougher than Sin City!

    BTW, Rodriguez directing the Jetsons? I may be biased, but I am intrigued; just hoping it will not a improved version of those Spy Kids movies.

  • Poopmeister

    People, if its violent enough, this could be the Dark Knight of cartoon movies. A masterpiece that will be strangely ignored.

  • ghoest

    @Ben: “something like Roger Rabbit or Space Jam”
    B/c the last looney toons movie was so awesome? I know everyone here bashes these as a bad move, but the fact is animation sensibility has changed.
    The last movie was a joke, the only way to go with this is up.

  • This whats happens when you make a pack with the Devil !!!! God help us !!!!

  • Mesterius

    Okay, Aaron has already made the point, but this was all I could think of even before I read any of the other comments:

    …no. No. No, no, no, no, no, noooo, no. NO no no no no no nOOO!….

    The hell with Hollywood! The hell with their crappy, commercialized CGI adaptions of every good cartoon out there! On top of that, this isn’t just your regular “good cartoon” either… it’s William Hanna and Joseph Barbera’s TOM and JERRY! Leave them alone!

    I realize that not all of Warner Brothers’ recent 2D cartoons with Tom & Jerry has been up to par with the classics. One thing I always appreciated, however, was the fact that Warner Bros. DIDN’T turn the cat and mouse into CGI. Besides, the most recent WB T&J cartoons were getting better and better: “The KarateGuard” (2005), a new theatical short directed-produced by Joe Barbera himself together with Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, captured the original shorts more than anything since the 1950s. The DTV “A Nutcracker Tale” (2007), with story by Barbera and direction by Brandt and Cervone, is the best T&J feature ever made, and far better as a film than any CGI/live action cartoon adaption I’ve ever seen. And even the new TV show “Tom and Jerry Tales” (2006-2008) was very good, returning the duo to their original 7-minute series format. So…

    WHY, oh, why do they have to take it in this idiotic CGI direction when the new 2D cartoons were finally beginning to restore Tom and Jerry to their former glory?

  • tom

    I hate to say this, but at this point who cares? These characters have been screwed into the ground by careless producers for decades now. The body’s been cold for generations. It’s just tomb desecration now. My God, what could be worse than the last Tom and Jerry 2D movie?

    The problem is in the owners and caretakers of these classic characters. They’re convinced that these old characters and properties are enormous locked safes full of gold, and they’ll try anything to pop them open to get to the fortune they imagine is inside. There is no reason to make new 2D Tom and Jerry cartoons either. They won’t stack up against the classics, so why not move on and create something new?

    Fortunately, the original cartoons are available to rent and to buy.

  • Todd

    Two words for Warners: Frank Miller.

  • Brannigan’s Law

    Tom and Jerry had their time and place in history already. Let them already. Rerun and watch the classics, but stop making forcing them down new generations throats. I smelled the disaster coming when they started to edit them by changing the voice of Mammy Two Shoes and cutting the more violent gun wielding episodes. Have you seen the newest straight to dvd renditions? Even the newest holiday adventure tried to capture the earlier chemistry but failed. They don’t talk or sing but it was like watching some bizzarro version of the duo. The jokes gags were just rehashed from the original classics without the charm and timing, the music was some over zealous version of what sounded like some one on crack trying to emulate Scott Bradly’s musical landscape, which was a major player in the classics formula, and even the story was was a rip off of the old Raggedy Ann and Andy special. They had their day and their makers are gone. The cooks took their ingredients, energy, and secrets with them when they left. Make something new Hollywood, you’re just embarrassing yourselves and ruining the memories for the fans.

  • “The problem is in the owners and caretakers of these classic characters. They’re convinced that these old characters and properties are enormous locked safes full of gold, and they’ll try anything to pop them open…”
    Anything except letting someone work on them who actually knows a lot about the characters. ‘Cause, you know, that might *totally* involve hiring, like, a NERD. OMG.

    To give Warners some credit—much of Tom and Jerry Tales was an exception to this, whatever the show’s other weaknesses (second season music…).

  • I’d like to see Mammy Two Shoes!

  • julian

    stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Blue Sky did a great job of adapting Suess’ visual style to CGI, a few quibbles aside. Every civilian family I talked to LOVED the fact ‘Horton’ looked just like the books.”

    Yes got the LOOKS right and nothing more. That wasn’t Horton in that film, that was Jim Carrey in a Horton suit.

  • Autumn


    Who are these idiots that green light this sort of crap? How do they sleep at night?

    WHY CGI?!?!?!

  • J

    Will there be snowboarding?

  • Mark

    Here’s an idea, why not bring back the real TOM and JERRY we all watched as kids?

    In short films . . . that say to hell with censors and make people laugh, that’s what we need . . . laughter.

    This has got to be one of the dumbest ideas in a long list of dumb ideas.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    The thing I find funny is the need to have an origin story that explains T&J’s rivalry. For goodness’ sake! One is a cat, the other is a mouse… nature takes its course.

    Could it be that in our modern, sanitised, vermin-free times, people have forgotten that one of the reasons for keeping a cat was to deal with mice?

  • Mesterius

    “…what could be worse than the last Tom and Jerry 2D movie?”
    Well, try everything made from the 1960s and onwards until 2005.

    Actually, “Nutcacker Tale”, together with “The KarateGuard” and some of the “Tales” episodes, were the closest ever to the original Hanna-Barbera shorts. Of course that had something to do with Joe Barbera being involved in several of these projects, but it also had to do with Warner animators Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone’s great understanding of the cat and mouse. Their latest efforts showed Brandt and Cervone well on their way to become the 21st century’s Hanna and Barbera directors for T&J.

    On a side note, I’ve never seen “Raggedy Ann and Andy”, but I did find T&J’s “A Nutcracker Tale” an enjoyable film in itself. Yeah, a bit too much emphasis on the toy characters, but Tom and Jerry themselves felt right on target.
    I also think there is both money and many other reasons for making new Tom and Jerry 2D cartoons. For instance, WB recently
    enjoyed surpricing success with T&J Tales, which was also a pretty fun show. Of course they can never have any chance of topping the classic theatrical shorts. But it’s nice to see people who actually care about Tom and Jerry (like Brandt, Cervone and directors on “Tales”) give it their best shot. So ultimately, I believe great cartoon characters CAN be revived in an acceptable and even very good way if it’is done with care and love for the originals. To answer your first question, Tom: Guess I’m one of those who cares… ;)

    And I do agree with David Gerstein that this could even be true for a CG live-action feature if they against all odds hired the right people. (*Sigh* At least we can dream…)

  • The best possible thing that the filmmakers could do is give Tom and Jerry celebrity voices, Ashton Kucher and Dakota Fanning maybe? Perhaps a soundtrack by the Jonas Brothers? Also Tom and Jerry need to be best friends! Plus, on the way into the theaters, they could hand out KY Jelly in order to make the raping of out childhoods a little less uncomfortable!

  • Michael Grabowski

    Forget the character. Why the heck does it have to be yet another “unlikely buddies” plot where the antagonistic pair must learn to work together to find their way home? How many times has that been done to death already?

  • captain murphy

    You know what?

    There are families who think the ‘live action’ CG “Underdog” is a good film. I have seen Mommy buy this dreck for their young one, with apparent approval of the young one.

    Forget who greenlights this stuff. Who PITCHES this stuff?

  • captain murphy

    Dickey Mo!

  • I’m predicting either “What’s New, Pussycat?” or “Who Let the Dogs Out?” will be used at least once in this film.

  • If they want a cat and mouse team that has always talked, look no further than Herman and Katnip. They have distinctive voices, are violent as hell and Buzzy the Crow can be brought in to add “flava” to the mix. Of course, Warner doesn’t own them so that ends that.

  • Jason

    Ahhh, come on, guys, it was inevitable. And whatever, you know? Tom and Jerry are unfortunately in the same predicament as the Looney Tunes gang: nowadays, sadly, there are no Termite Terraces out there full of brilliant animators who are capable of bringing back the characters in the resplendent, joyous, energetic way they deserve. So instead they get a “re-imagining” in 3D. And what the hell – the Chipmunk movie wasn’t bad; I actually enjoyed it (except for the limp ending). I have to agree with the majority here, though, as to how you can have a realistic mouse hit a realistic cat with an anvil and not thereupon induce parents to run screaming out of the theater with their little ones in tow. The people behind this flick are going to HAVE to go warm and fuzzy with it. Not to mention create actual personalities for the cat and mouse, something they never really possessed even in their heyday. Myself, I respect T & J, but I’m not a huge fan of it. I’ll probably go to see this flick, just out of curiosity…

  • Hulk

    I don’t knock all live action adaptations of Cartoons. I always thought Robert Altman’s Popeye was a terrific and highly under rated movie BUT maybe that worked because the Popeye characters are originally based on real people anyway..who knows?

    (1st paragraph was serious and now for the sarcasm:)

    For Tom and Jerry, I say they should cast Fantasia Borreno as Mammy Two-Shoes (yes that’s the character’s name) and Mr. T as Spike and….Ann Heche as the White girl cat that breaks Tom’s heart. Only don’t do it in CG, have the actors dress up in costumes and make up. It’s retarded enough it just might work.

  • “They’re convinced that these old characters and properties are enormous locked safes full of gold, and they’ll try anything to pop them open to get to the fortune they imagine is inside.”

    Funny thing, I tried to get the kids in my small cartoon class draw T&J today (using 1940s model sheets). They couldn’t have been less interested. The only version they’ve seen was the ‘sani’ one. When I told them what the T&J cartoons used to have in them, they said ‘sounds like Itchy & Scratchy! They’re waaay funnier’, and went on and on about those two impaling, disemboweling and decapitating each other instead. Good luck out there, execs.

    At any rate, if they must go ahead with it, WB should try to make a CGI rehash at least look like the viewmaster reels Bob Logan has up on his blog! (And maybe trim the film to 7 minutes long…?)

  • tom

    Hulk: I don’t knock all live action adaptations of Cartoons. I always thought Robert Altman’s Popeye was a terrific and highly under rated movie


  • Chris Sobieniak

    At least someone enjoyed the Popeye movie I thought was OK at age 5.

    As for this upcoming flick, I don’t think I have more to say about it that wasn’t already addressed by so many others here.

  • Inkan1969

    I guess someone saw “Tom and Jerry: the Movie” and thought, “Hah, I can ruin the characters more than that movie does.”

  • Ned

    Mesterius must be either Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone or their agent.

  • Anna

    oh dear g0d, NO!!!!!

    WB will not rest ’till they’ve completely killed Tom & Jerry, beat the dead corpse into pink powder & sprinkled that on the crappy edited DVD releases
    maaan, and here I thought hearing Keanu Reeves was gonna be in live-action CowboyBebop adaptation was the worst thing heard all week *tears*

    … The Jetsons adapation sounds oddly interesting tho. Will they make it cheesy 50s future, cheesey reality-like future or …um… whatever the hell Transformers over-stuffed CGI gears future?

  • What’s next??? Maybe a CG revamping of Courageous Cat & Minute Rice..Mouse..whatever.

  • “The Jetsons adapation sounds oddly interesting tho. Will they make it cheesy 50s future, cheesey reality-like future or …um… whatever the hell Transformers over-stuffed CGI gears future?”

    I think it’ll be the fruity techno Speed Racer movie future.

  • tom

    Hulk: I don’t knock all live action adaptations of Cartoons. I always thought Robert Altman’s Popeye was a terrific and highly under rated movie

    Sorry, my response to this didn’t post. I wanted to say that Popeye’s profile has risen in the years since its release, as I believe Ang Lee’s The Hulk will rise. It’s the difference between the work of an auteur and the work of Frank Miller. The work of a true filmmaker will always be interesting.

  • Felix

    cant believe there doing this like alivin and the chipmunks

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I agree with Joe H: this will only work (but probably won’t) if the makers understand what made the old school T&J work, which was physical comedy. Hanna and Barbera (before they sold their souls to the television devil) were great at physical comedy, which is OK in small 7-8 minute doses, but I don’t know that it’ll fly in a large dose of even 60 minutes.

    Personally, I’d rather see a live-CG Peabody and Sherman movie.

  • Mesterius

    Ned: Haha, sorry, but I’m neither Spike or Tony nor their agent… nor do I know ’em;) And of course, their Tom and Jerry films have their weaknesses too, I wouldn’t by any rate call them perfect. Still, it was nice to see someone capture Tom and Jerry’s personalities in at least an acceptable (and at times very funny) fashion.

    On a side note, I’m beginning to find David Gerstein’s ideas about a road movie more and more interesting. If they used not only the supporting players of Tom and Jerry (like Mammy Two-shoes and Tom’s gang of backyard cats), but also the entire gallery of MGM characters to its full potential, this could really be something! Think about how T&J could bump into Barney Bear and Benny Burro, Tex Avery’s Droopy and Screwy Squirrel, and not least Wolfie and the forever sexy Red Hot Riding Hood!… (I’m thinking a trip to Las Vegas or something for the latter meeting.)

    But the characters themselves should be hand-drawn, not CGI (think Looney Tunes: Back In Action), and the film should be made for the actual fans of the classic cartoons rather than the all-consuming kiddie market. The qoute that “Warner Bros. is turning to Tom and Jerry to create its own “Alvin and the Chipmunks”-like family franchise” makes me feel sick… Tom and Jerry are supposed to be violent, not family-friendly! If they make another movie where the entire story shows them being friends and not starting to fight again until the end (Tom and Jerry: The Movie), I’m gonna scream. This movie needs to understand their relationship in order to be good… in other words, LOTS of fighting!

  • I just watched the first minutes of Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker’s Tale online and I’m going to buy it next time I go to the Mall. I’ve seen some of the Tom and Jerry Tales and some of them are quite good, but Nutcracker really looks AWESOME! Why can’t they do something like this in the big screen?

  • Jim

    I had no problem with Phil Roman’s tom and jerry movie so I hope Dan Lin’s version will be much better. The first one was released by Turner Pictures Worldwide in 1992 which I know that it did not follow the pure enrichment of the original 114 shorts.

  • Mesterius

    Roberto: I’ve asked myself the same thing :)

  • Mesterius: “Tom and Jerry are supposed to be violent, not family-friendly! […] This movie needs to understand their relationship in order to be good… in other words, LOTS of fighting!”

    I recently saw one of Warner’s earlier TOM AND JERRY DTV features. The parties responsible (not those involved with the recent Nutcracker film, a far better product IMHO) evidently got permission to have as much fighting as possible. As a result, the first ten minutes feature almost nonstop, continuous carnage as the two smash their way around a house. Tom is flattened, splayed, and battered. So is Jerry, if not as many times.
    And you know what? It’s not enough. The two are less characters in the sequence than just characterless engines of destruction. If that’s what you want, great; but it disappointed me.

    Everybody remembers the vintage Tom and Jerry classics as “cat and mouse chases,” and clearly that’s what the team tried to deliver here. But most Tom and Jerry classics have—you know, a story in which either Tom or Jerry wants something more than just to squash the other guy. This doesn’t mean they forego antagonism; often the desire is the impetus for the form an ensuing fight will take.
    But that’s still different from “generic cat and mouse,” or even “cat and mouse who hate each other”—because Tom and Jerry have something closer to a love-hate relationship, and watching the two simply robotically fight for ten minutes leaves no impression other than that of a slightly less sadistic Itchy and Scratchy.

  • Hulk

    Tom:”Popeye’s profile has risen in the years since its release, as I believe Ang Lee’s The Hulk will rise. It’s the difference between the work of an auteur and the work of Frank Miller. The work of a true filmmaker will always be interesting.”

    Well I’m glad you agree about Popeye. At the time it came out I was a very little kid but I never stopped loving that move. As for Ang Lee’s ‘the Hulk” (no relation) I despised that movie with a passion. I ‘hulked out’ from watching it. I felt Ang Lee was condescending to the material and insulted the audience’s intelligence. Many adaptations of cartoons also fall in to that trap. The reason I cited Popeye as a good example is because I felt that it was faithful to the material and the audience. Even though it took some liberties (like Popeye not liking spinach until the end of the movie)
    If Tom and Jerry will be similarly faithful to the original incarnation then it won’t matter if it’s CG in my opinion. As long as the tone is right, that’s what matters. We’ll wait and see but somehow I doubt it will live up to our hopes.

  • Dan

    They’ll probably get Rhythm and Hues to do the visual effects and animation. Their past work was terrible on Garfield, Scooby Doo and the Chipmunks movie.

  • Mesterius

    David: “…watching the two simply robotically fight for ten minutes leaves no impression other than that of a slightly less sadistic Itchy and Scratchy.”

    I’m very glad you made that correction. I realize now – and I’m embarrassed to realize – that I only included the ‘violence’ part in my description of what WB needs to “understand their relationship”. Huge mistake from my side. I’ve seen a couple of newer examples of the kind you mention and havent’t liked them at all myself. The worst example may be the made-for-Cartoon-Network short “Mansion Cat” from 2000. Joe Barbera was a ‘consultant’ according to the credits, it kept to the original short format, but the content was just seven minutes of completely soulless fighting. Yeah, I hated it.

    You’re absolutely right, and you even managed to point out the exact reason why I’ve always liked Tom and Jerry so much more than, for instance, Itchy and Scratchy. When Scratchy is sawed in two, it may be funny for a few seconds, but I cant’ really get affected. When Tom is hit over the head, it’s not only funny; we feel it as well. Hanna and Barbera had an amazing knack for portraying the characters with human nuances that made us care about them. Consequently, Tom and Jerry’s personalities are far deeper than the standard cat and mouse, and their best stories far richer. They don’t just want to kill each other, they also love simply teasing and making fun of each other, not to mention numerous examples where both show that they care about the opponent (to mention some obvious examples;). The love-hate, or perhaps hate-love, relationship between them has always been an irreplacible part of what makes the duo for me. So again, thanks for the correction.

  • Eddie Estes

    It is just another attempt by people who:
    A Have no idea what made Tom and Jerry great.
    B Are too PC liberal to make a cartoon that has the elements to make it a great Tom and Jerry.

    The last part where Tom and Jerry have to work together to get home already shows that they have their “socially conscious” intentions ready to be rammed down the audience’s throat.
    I’LL PASS!!!!!!!

  • When I first learned Hollywood planned to remake Avatar with Anthropomorphic Kitchen Appliances I was, admittedly, outraged.

    But then I remembered that sixth Cannonball Run movie where Burt Reynolds was replaced with a stack of loose leaf paper and… wait a minute.

  • Joe H

    I also second Gerstein’s correction in that the violence was funny because Tom & Jerry were fleshed out with human subtleties and motivations. I used an example of Itchy & Scratchy earlier, but only as an example of how the film should not be too script/dialog driven. I merely highlighed the violence aspects of the originals due to my expectations that WB would sanitize the character’s action’s toward each other to make them more bland.

  • zavkram

    I didn’t watch the T&J 2-D feature film that came out a few years back and I seriously doubt that I’ll watch this CG adaptation when it comes out. C’mon, Hollywood, can’t you come up with anything ORIGINAL anymore?! Why must you keep rehashing old cartoons and TV shows and remaking classic films that cannot ever be improved upon? Jeez!

  • Okay, who’s up for a round of “Ingest the Cyanide Capsule”? Anyone?

  • Mesterius

    By the way, I second Joe H.’s comment as well: “I merely highlighed the violence aspects of the originals due to my expectations that WB would sanitize the character’s action’s toward each other to make them more bland.” Blandness is one of the things I always fear when it comes to CG/live action adaptions…

  • Graham

    I have an idea of what the plot may be about: They talk, become friends, and save a seemingly orphaned girl who’s running away from her abusive “aunt.”

  • sean w


  • No no NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!!!

    They’ll tone down the violence, make them needlessly photo-realistic and stick in some stupid family-friendly life lesson!!!

    I’m still trying to forget that Fox made CG Chipmunks.

  • TDolce

    Typical. Actually this is GREAT news for 2D animation as Hollywood continues to drive CG right into the ground with OVERKILL!!! It will get to a point where 2D will becoming refreshing to see once again. Moderation is the key but it is so often ignored.

  • james


  • Sylvia Faustino

    OMG WHY????? Bad idea. Even though this is a BAD IDEA, it will happen, and they better keep Tom the actual shade of gray blue that he is supposed to be!

  • KarmaRocketX

    Kill me.

    You know what?

    I legitimately hate having to be alive during this era when Hollywood spews out any kind of waste like this that they can slurp up the license for, and purposefully mangle.

    I am sick of having to be alive when it’s virtually impossible, without living in a cave, to keep from hearing about absolutely insulting and disgustingly abysmal films like Alvin And The Chipmunks, Underdog, Speed Racer, Dragonball Evolved, Cowboy Bebop, and now Tom and Jerry…

    …constantly being announced for their turn at the butcher’s corner by these Hollywood bastards ready, aimed and willing to utterly rape these licenses for a few dollars with the most unimaginable films.

    I’m sick of being unable to avoid these disgraces on the internet, on television, and before other films.

    It quite honestly makes me either wish I wasn’t alive sometimes, or, at the very least was living in a completely different era or decade, far back in history when this wasn’t constantly being vomited into the market.

  • Stephen Treadwell

    I’m tired of reading bad things people say about the 1st T&J movie! IT’S VERY ENJOYABLE!

  • Sumatra

    Producers are just that, producers and cartoon historians are just that, cartoon historians

  • i love the idea of seeing tom and jerry on the big screen ,because I’ve been working on a movie myself and yes i do like the idea of them talking like in the 1993 film although it was not good it was funny to hear them yell at one another so i hope to see a trailer soon wile watching tom and jerry on tv

  • Matt

    Personally, I’d rather see a live-action/CGI Felix the Cat being made by Sony Pictures Animation.

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    Tom & Jerry the Movie was not awful! It was wonderful, one of the best movies ever made! The best thing about it was T&J becoming friends. They’re always more fun to watch on TV as friends than as enemies. Their adventures are more exciting when they’re friends. When T&J are friends that’s when they’re the least like Road Runner & Wile Coyote & Tweety & Sylvester &, unlike T&J, those are not great cartoon characters.

  • wow a tom &jerry live action movie what a purrfect idea for a movie

  • wow a tom &jerry live action movie what a purrrrrfect idea for movie

  • Cliff

    I could not stand those unfunny Tom and Jerry cartoons – the cat and mouse team weren’t that great so fuck them both and what’s next Hollywood will destroy everybody’s favourite cartoon characters for new generations of fans so what I don’t care about this shit so leave it alone, I think their creators from hell Hanna-Barbera are spinning in their graves up here going nuts.

  • Catherine Ray

    Oh, my god. No! You’ve got to be shitting me!