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Trailer for Katsuhiro Otomo’s Shorts Omnibus “Short Peace”

Short Peace is the name of Akira director Katsuhiro Otomo’s new omnibus feature comprised of four different shorts. It appears that Otomo’s Combustible, which qualified for Oscar consideration last year as a stand-alone short, will be part of the package.

Halcyon Realms points out the other directors who are involved in the project:

The four directors are Otomo himself, Morita Shuhei (Kakurenbo, Freedom Project), Hiroaki Ando (co-director of Tekkon Kinkreet) and Hajime Katoki (mecha designer for Gundam, Super Robot Wars, Virtua On, Patlabor and tons of other stuff.) Koji Morimoto has also been credited on the official page as the director of the film’s opening sequence.

The film’s website states that the film will premiere in Japan on July 20, 2013.

  • shadypotential

    nothing is better than Japanese animation. its a masterpiece in motion. amazing

  • Fingers crossed that a distributor like GKids will pick this up for North America.

  • Sam Filstrup

    I can’t even tell what this is about but I am interested. Talk about a confusing trailer.

    • Hackworth

      From the looks of it, I think I recognized at least one of Otomo’s earlier short stories. Those army guys in mecha gear, fighting an autonomous defense system. The short stories were released in 2 volumes in Germany by Karlsen comics in the mid 90ies as an addendum after the last issue of the Akira series. I think the movie will follow the same principle as his 1995 episodic feature Memories.

      • Whats the name of that?

        • Hackworth

          In the german issue it’s called The MIssion. It was published first time in 1981 by Kodansha in Japan.

  • Olivier

    Hajime Katoki, the mecha designer of Virtual On games? This… is …. awesome!

    • I love that someone made this comment. Yeah, the best thing Otomo’s done plus the rest means this had better see domestic release so that non-importers can track it down.

  • M Roig

    Good grief, those Japanese animators love their pencil mileage. I’m sure a lot of it is toon-shaded CGI, but it looks perfectly matched. Very impressive.