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“Turkeys” get Greenlit at Reel FX

Here’s another film to look forward to in 2014: Relativity Media and Reel FX have announced that they will jointly produce and finance the upcoming animated feature Turkeys. The film is being directed by Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears A Who!) and stars the voice talent of Owen Wilson (Cars) and Woody Harrelson (A Scanner Darkly). Relativity usually releases their films through a major U.S. distributor like Universal or Warner Bros. Expect one of them to pick it up.

The full Press Release is below:

Relativity Gets Animated With Reel FX
(Beverly Hills, Calif.) October 24, 2012 – Relativity Media and Reel FX, a movie studio based in Dallas and Santa Monica, announced today that they will jointly produce and finance the upcoming animated comedy Turkeys, slated for a 2014 release. The film is directed by Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears A Who!) and stars the voice talent of Owen Wilson (Cars) and Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games). Turkeys will be distributed worldwide by Relativity.

Producing are Scott Mosier (Clerks), Craig Mazin (The Hangover Part II), John Strauss (The Santa Claus 2) and David l. Stern (Hotel Transylvania). The screenplay was written by Stern and Strauss with a rewrite by Mazin.

Turkeys is an irreverent, hilarious, adventurous buddy comedy where two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history – and get turkey off the menu for good.

Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO, Relativity Media said, “This agreement is a culmination of years of friendship and a continued desire to collaborate between Relativity and Reel FX. We are delighted to broaden our film release slate to include Turkeys which features an exciting roster of voice talent, a powerhouse creative team and an original witty storyline.”

Steve O’ Brien, Chairman and CEO of Reel FX said, “We’ve always been fans of Relativity, and have watched them evolve over the years into a major force in the film and entertainment business. We are excited to start our relationship with Relativity by partnering with Ryan and his team to bring Turkeys to audiences around the world.”

Reel FX is a fully-integrated movie studio that develops and produces both animated films and live action movies. In addition to Turkeys, Reel FX’s growing animation slate includes Day of the Dead (Guillermo del Toro producing) and Beasts of Burden (Aron Warner and Andrew Adamson producing). Reel FX’s own film slate follows almost 20 years of experience as an award-winning one-stop studio for animated content including films, special attraction/live venue projects and interactive projects for companies like DreamWorks Animation, Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios.

Up next, Relativity will release the outrageous Movie 43 (in theatres January 25, 2013), the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling Safe Haven (in theatres February 8, 2013), the comedy 21 and Over (in theatres March 1, 2013), the corporate espionage thriller Paranoia (in theatres October 4, 2013) and Luc Besson’s darkly comedic action film Malavita (in theatres October 18, 2013) with EuropaCorp. Relativity is currently in post-production on Scott Cooper’s gritty dramatic thriller currently-titled Out of the Furnace.

Relativity Media is a next-generation studio engaged in multiple aspects of entertainment, including full-scale film and television production and distribution, the co-financing of major studio film slates, music publishing, sports management and digital media. Additionally, the company makes strategic partnerships with, and investments in, media and entertainment-related companies and assets.

To date, Relativity has produced, distributed, and/or structured financing for more than 200 motion pictures. Released films have accumulated more than $17 billion in worldwide box office receipts. Relativity’s recent films include: House at the End of the Street, The Bourne Legacy, The Raven, Mirror Mirror, Act of Valor, Haywire, Immortals, Tower Heist, Bridesmaids, Limitless, Hop, Cowboys & Aliens, Battle: Los Angeles, Little Fockers, The Fighter, The Social Network, Salt, Despicable Me, Grown Ups, Dear John, It’s Complicated, Couples Retreat and Zombieland. Upcoming films for Relativity include: Movie 43, Safe Haven, 21 and Over, Paranoia and Malavita. Thirty-nine of the company’s films have opened to No. 1 at the box office. Relativity films have earned 60 Oscar® nominations, including nods for The Fighter, The Social Network, The Wolfman, A Serious Man, Frost/Nixon, Atonement, American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma. Sixty-two of Relativity’s films have each generated more than $100 million in worldwide box-office receipts.

RelativityREAL, Relativity’s television arm, has more than 70 projects in active production, including 17 original series that are currently airing or will air in the upcoming television season including Police Women for TLC, Coming Home for Lifetime and The Great Food Truck Race for Food Network. Relativity also owns and operates RogueLife, Relativity’s digital content studio is developing original content for the web and creating sustainable online platforms and communities. Relativity Music Group, a music division of Relativity, provides music supervision, music publishing catalogues and soundtrack services for films produced and/or distributed by Relativity Media and other major Hollywood studios. Relativity Sports is a fast-growing sports agency dedicated to providing high profile athletes a full range of professional development services including contract negotiation, marketing, media relations, fan management, brand building with entrepreneurial ventures, community involvement and personal services. Clients include NBA, NFL and MLB athletes. For additional information, please visit

Reel FX is a fully integrated movie studio that develops and produces both animated films and live action movies. The company’s development slate includes Day of the Dead, Turkeys, and Beasts of Burden.

Reel FX launched its feature length development and production slate in 2010 after almost 20 years of experience as an award-winning one-stop studio for the creation of animated content including films, special attraction/live venue projects, and interactive projects for companies like DreamWorks Animation (Rise of the Guardians), Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios.

Since starting the development and production of feature films, Reel FX has aligned itself with some of the most recognized and respected names and brands in the entertainment industry for its projects including Cirque Du Soleil: World’s Away (Cirque Du Soleil, James Cameron, Andrew Adamson, Aron Warner), Day of the Dead (Guillermo Del Toro, Jorge R. Gutierrez), Beasts of Burden (Dark Horse Comics, Andrew Adamson, Aron Warner) and Turkeys (Jimmy Hayward, Craig Mazin).

  • Mike

    This movie sounds like a turkey in the making.

  • Well, at least we know the worst part about this movie already… the horrible puns that the reviewers are gonna use to sound clever.

  • Ha! It’s about damn time! Didn’t I work on this thing two years ago?

  • Chris Pepin

    It sounds like it will be a real Turkey of a film! ;-)

  • Well I can at least hope that the animation will be as fun and cartoony as the Looney Tunes shorts they animated.

  • The story has something to do about time travel then I am all on it. Seriously anything about time travel and I’ll watch it and it sounds like it may be fun..

  • James

    Well, this looks like an “indie” sort of production, insofar as it is being made outside the main Hollywood animated pipeline, so it makes sense they are going for something “safe” for an upcoming Thanksgiving season.

    Plus, the concept of turkeys traveling through time has a somewhat strong sci-fi vibe that one wouldn’t normally associate with Thanksgiving.

    The movie looks alright.

    • Funkybat

      I’m hoping they utilize some actual U.S. history as part of the time travel story. Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the U.S.A., but was overruled. Franklin considered turkeys to be a respectable and courageous species. I can picture these turkeys running around in Colonial times, trying to prove Ben right to the other founding fathers. (though hopefully that would just be part of the story!)

  • Hank

    From the “director” of Jonah hex! I hear the production is a clusterf#ck from the top down.

  • CG Animator

    Funny how I’m already seeing people judging this movie before any trailers or artwork (besides that tiny little image in the background of that picture) is released.

    I think the movie sounds fun. Reel FX is a studio with a lot of promise and the keep a lot of people employed. Especially looking forward to “Day of the Dead”.

  • nickytwoshots


    You can count on me and my family gettin’ some tickets.

    …And as a quick note to the animation community. I think if you want to consider yourself a community, you should do nothing but applaud your fellow animators about to embark on their first full length feature. Judge it when it comes out.

    After all, Time Traveling Turkeys must guarantee all of us some animation awesomeness!

  • d. harry

    wasn’t this Ash Brannon’s baby??

  • Rob

    What excites me most about this movie is that it’s being made outside of California. Studios like Blue Sky and Laika (and pending the success of Turkeys, ReelFX) that have made an establishment outside of Cali just means more opportunities for those of us wanting to live outside LA/SanFran.

  • Bud

    This was “green lit” 2 years ago. They’ve gone through several directors already, and are about to go through at least one more. And countless writers and producers. And artists–many who have come and gone. If this happens at all, it won’t be by 2014. Unless they ship it over seas, which they are most likely to do. It’s a complete mess.

    • CG Animator

      They’re actually hiring a lot of in-house animators for TURKEYS and DAY OF THE DEAD now. So no, they aren’t shipping it overseas.

      According to the Reel FX University Facebook page there are 13 spots left for TURKEYS so anyone who wants to work on that movie, APPLY NOW.

    • On Turkeys

      Show me an animated film / studio that hasn’t had it’s fair share of growing pains and I’ll call you a liar. Cloudy, Hotel T, Dragons all came from long bouts of production woes and came out just fine.

      Film is on it’s second direction, not several. No further changes coming any time soon.

      Many artists have come and gone, but that’s the nature of the business. Small core team has stayed intact throughout production.

      Film will be completed well before the 2014 release date. No overseas production necessary.

      Stop speculating things you know nothing about. ;)

  • Nik

    I thought that films about poultry tended to not do well with audiences? Same for films about insects.

    But seriously, why turkeys? The time travel part seems fine, but surely they could find a better animal than turkeys to use. Also, the film is already setting itself for a fall just by having the word “turkey” in the title.

    • Barney Miller

      Chicken Run: $224m Worldwide BO
      Rio : $484m Worldwide BO
      Bug’s Life: $363m Worldwide
      Antz: $171m Worldwide

      Not sure where you heard poultry or insect movies didn’t make money.

      However, from reading the article it doesn’t appear Turkeys has US distribution, the one of two countries that actually celebrates Thanksgiving.

    • JB

      What wrong with the title? The film is about two turkeys who travel back to the first thanksgiving in order to stop their species from becoming the most famous main course in history. Secondly, Turkeys is a homonym for a person who isn’t all there intelligence wise. Turkeys are well known to be dumb creatures so – Two dumb birds in control of the space time continuum seems like the perfect recipe for comic distaster to me.

  • Glen

    This really does seem like a turkey. Looks like Alpha and Omega without the budget.

    • Ned

      Golly gee, amazing! You know what a film looks like that hasn’t been made yet! And you know all the budget details that aren’t public! Be honest now, is that your super power?? It’s Impossible Knowledge man! He revels in his own superiority, providing the world with facts before they exist!

  • Max

    Hangover Part II? Santa Clause 2? Hotel Transylvania? Eh, no.

  • this movie will be a turkeytastic good time at the movie