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‘Zootopia’ Feels Like It Was ‘Made By And For Animals,’ Says Lasseter

Disney chief creative officer John Lasseter at the Zootopia premiere: “It’s almost like this movie was made by animals for animals. It has that kind of feeling.”

Well, that would certainly explain a lot.

  • “Well, that would certainly explain a lot.”

    Like what, for example?

    • AmidAmidi

      For starters, the image at the top of this post.

      • Inkan1969

        I thought that was an Exxon ad for a moment.

  • ……but if you think about it, aren’t we all animals to begin with?

    • Willie Okendo

      True, us human beings have been animals since humans were first born.

    • GW

      If transhumanists have their way we’ll be robots and mind uploads soon enough.

  • top_cat_james

    Lasseter is just being cagey.

  • Hey Now

    Yikes. He sounds pretty hammered in that video.

    • Hankenshift

      BY animals, FOR animals.

      AA for short.

      • I would think he meant what if the film is meant to be how animals in this world viewed themselves if a film was made on such a day-to-day existence. I can understand what he’s trying to say here.

  • JR

    Me thinks Lasseter is secretly a furry.

  • Victor Rago

    So they did tremendous amounts of research and found that mammals are either predators or preys?

    • I’m sure that’s typical PR talk. I would say it gave them an interesting roadmap for the film to following how such a coexistence between both groups could happen.

  • Tre

    Soooo….can I still see it? I’ll bring my neighbour’s cat if it’ll get me in!

  • aarett

    wow! they talked to everybody! wait, so this isn’t the first anthropomorphic animal movie?

    • No, the whole anthropormophism has been there since the beginnings of writing an art itself. John mentioned he enjoyed “Mr. Toad”, a literary character from the classic book “The Wind in The Willows”, which was published a century ago.

  • Vanessa Flores

    I wanna see this movie, but I’m afraid of the furries that would go see it too.

    • Zobeid

      uhhh. . . What exactly are you afraid of?

      It’s a movie about funny animals. You want to see it — doesn’t that make you a “furry” too? Do you fear yourself?

    • Johnny Bravado

      Take precaution. Ask about your theater’s fursuit policy.

    • Funkybat

      To be honest, I actually forgot all about the “furry” angle until this article. I’ve always been a fan of (for lack of a better term) “funny animal” shows and comics, particularly ones that dealt with somewhat more serious or adventuresome topics. DuckTales, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck particularly set a standard for me in terms of what an “animal-verse” could portray. I was pleased to see Zootopia on Disney’s slate from early on in its development, and it looks to be an excellent film. I guess having not spent much time in the more freaky side of the Internet on a while, I kind of forgot about “furries” and how this film could likely rekindle that subculture.

  • otterhead

    Many of the filmmakers and animators have been cheerfully responding to furry tweets and even posting guidelines for how to draw their characters in fan-art with specifics on “how to avoid common furry-art mistakes”. So, yeah, they know exactly who they’re catering to. And I’m OK with that.

    • Kyle_Maloney

      Do you have a link to said tweets/guidelines? I haven’t seen them.

  • Martin Cohen

    As to the first nude scene, “All the Cats Join In” in “Make Mine music” has a scene where a teenage girl is pretty much nude.

    • Barrett

      Well, that was due to the inimitable Freddy Moore. Nobody pushed the edge of sexy ladies at Disney quite like Freddy.

    • How soon we forget stuff like that happened (even for just a few frames)!

  • jojo

    This furry debate just seems to be brought up in american websites… Here in france the film is a huge success, families go see it and nobody talked about sexual undertones…

    • Johnny Bravado

      Germany is (unfortunately) huge on furries. Just head a couple miles East, my cheese eating friend.

  • Mashed Potato

    Wouldn’t say outright cater to furries but definitely leaning heavily towards.

    We all know the final version is but a fraction of the creative maelstrom that went into preproduction, imagine what lurks in all the designers’ sketchbooks…

    • I don’t think they would’ve gone past Barbie doll levels of sexuality here, at least to depict animals in a more ‘natural’ way, though I wouldn’t mind hearing that it happens anyway. This piece of pre-production artwork for 101 Dalmatians features a much more anatomically correct Pongo than one that could be drawn in our prudish society.

      • Daniel

        Is it? The head, neck, shoulder, to spine relationship is broken/wrong.. It’s pretty sloppily drawn and if you knew how to draw dogs it would be pretty obvious~ The front paws also look like hands as well.. I know this is drawn by Ken Anderson but saying this drawing is a ” more anatomically correct Pongo then one that could be drawn in our prudish society” is a complete overstatement.

        • You give yourself a degree of license when it comes to caricaturing animals.

        • Barrett

          I’m pretty sure his comments are pertaining solely to one particular “area of anatomy” on ol’ Pongo there. (And even then, the shape is kind of just suggested.)

          • Yes, that’s what I was referring to, nobody in their right mind would put that in a film centered on a general audience demographic (at least here in the states, often times foreign films tend to get away a lot more like out of Europe or Japan). I suppose when the animated property relies less on cartoony anthropomorphism and more on real world view of animals like in Watership Down, those sorts of reminders aren’t followed anyway.

            The teaser of course last year gave us a good idea of how anatomy is taken into consideration in how animals are made bipedal, someone out there in the fan community once did a diagram on how this is achieve I enjoyed looking at…

            I guess I wanted to think of these characters in Zootopia as real, living, breathing individuals with their own personalities, feelings and heart. We certainly gone a long way in digital animation to see it achieve this point of perfection.

        • He’s talking about the dogs nutsack you gigantic internet pedant.

      • Sara Bersani

        What a lovely drawing, never seen before

  • Pedro Nakama

    Lots of research… like stealing Bob and Ray’s old “Slow Talkers of America” comedy routine for the DMV/sloth scene.

    I’m sorry, did I say “steal”? I meant tribute.

    • The_Purple_People_Eater

      Yes, because it really takes a genius to think “oh wouldn’t it be funny if the sloths talked as slow as they moved?” I’m sure they had to “STEAL” that hilarious material from a very vague reference to a comedy routine done over 40 years ago. I’m done being sarcastic now. Look, you don’t have to like Zootopia but do you really convince yourself of this BS just to discredit the entire movie?

      • Someone always has to complain or point out things we didn’t know before. Sometimes it might be obvious, other times they aren’t. I sometimes notice things in films but figure the reference is so esoteric I barely ever bring it to anyone’s attention unless I felt my two cents were important.

  • Mickey On the Net

    The movie is great though. It makes sense why the creators talk about the characters being “animals” so much. Because it’s the “theme” of the movie. The animals in the film ‘aware’ that they’re animals, acting non-animal like.

  • Revy

    Whoa, that was as hard to follow as listening to a drunk guy ramble at the bar. I’m glad you like the film, John. Now give someone your keys and stick to water for the rest of the evening.

  • OtherDan

    All I saw was that woman chewing gum with her mouth open. What did he say?

  • Netko

    Little Mermaid right after transformation doesn’t count as a nude scene? Or bathing Mulan?

  • Mister Twister

    Great choice of header, Amid. It says a lot about you.

  • Ellione

    I’m curious to know… what’s with ppl “strictness” with furry *insert film, game word*?
    I see there’re heavy haters and heavy lovers, but i can’t understand what’s all the hate ’bout?
    I know there’re lots of sites where there’s furry p**n (i did research on the argument ahah)… but it’s not like every single everywhere there’s the smell of a furry something there’s gotta be a coitus, a fk scene or w/e dirty thing you may think you know? So again what’s hurting ppl sensibility, considering it’s a work on fantasy? Dunno, i always get the feeling of “narrowmindness”, bearing a heavy prejudice on things most likely ppl don’t even know.
    Just to be sure: ofc i’m not referring to Zootopia only xD

    Well, just wanted to share what my sick mind generated, feel free to give me your opinion (or insult me, d4mn furry supporter (?))

  • Some Guy

    Let me fix this.

    “It’s almost like this movie was made by furries for furries. It has that kind of feeling.”

  • Patrick Cyr

    First nude scene? I guess he forgot about Fantasia’s nekkid fairies.

  • Bob

    This is literally the only place I read about furries being associated with this movie. Just click bait material…

  • i saw this movie in it’s italian version and it was great (here in italy zootopia came out the 18th of february but it was renamed, the european title is zootropolis)

  • Jed Martinez

    You know something? I don’t care what anybody says (whether they’re pro-furry or anti-furry, pro-nudity/anti-nudity, pro-diversity/anti-diversity)… Anyone who doesn’t like this all-animal feature film, just ain’t human! :-p

  • The song is Try Everything. http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Try_Everything

    • Exilov

      Thanks for the correction. My point still stands though.

      • I only pointed it out because the incorrect title of “Try Anything” fit in better with the point you were trying to make. But if you had quoted the correct song title, “Try Everything”, it would have made your comment read differently.