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GLAS Festival, Coming To Berkeley in March , Announces Official Competition Selections

The 2017 edition of GLAS Animation Festival, set to feature high-profile guests such as Brad Bird and Masaaki Yuasa, has announced its official competition selection.

The list of 80 film selections can be seen on the GLAS web site. It’s an A-list crop of animation projects, as good as anything you’ll find at any of the other major international animation festivals, except that it’s happening in the United States. Berkeley, California, to be specific.

The second-year festival received a total of 1,321 entries this year, with 6% of those entries selected for screening. GLAS picked 50 films for the official competition (narrative, non-narrative, graduate, undergraduate, commissioned), and an additional 30 films for external screenings and other competitions (family competition, U.S. competition, international showcase).

The number of submissions for each category breaks down like this:

  • Undergraduate Submissions: 284
  • Graduate: 297
  • Non-Narrative: 286
  • Narrative: 364
  • Commissioned: 90

GLAS also recently unveiled its 2017 trailer, a strikingly elegant piece of work by animation director and computational artist Albert Omoss. Check it out below:

GLAS will take place March 2-5. For passes and other festival information, visit

(Top image from “The Future” by Greg Sharp, screening in Narrative Competition.)

  • Greg Sharp

    Hot dog! Let’s have a big geez at who else in there

    • Oh look, it’s Greg Sharp. Do you consider your films creepy? (uno moralez for example finds his art just funny, not creepy)
      I remember your show reel had a strange creature knocking down a chair in a school class in it. is it anywhere online where I could see it again? love your stuff!

      • Greg Sharp

        That creature with the massive balls in the classroom – that was one of my first animations when I was transitioning from being a conceptual artist to being a commercial animator. Ha ha. I don’t really find it creepy, but I also don’t find the sound of my own finger-drumming to music annoying.