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This Poster Glorifies Animation Artists As Movie Stars

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Young ladies, put down that issue of Tiger Beat because this is the only poster you’ll ever need to hang above your bed. These cartoon hunks were painted by Nick Runge for “From Hanna-Barbera to Cartoon Network,” an art show that displayed recently at Cartoon Network Studios. If you can peel your eyes away from the dreamboat parade, the rest of the art from the exhibit can be viewed HERE.

  • BAlborough

    Don’t tease! Are any of these available to buy as prints?

  • Mister Twister

    Looks like somebody likes Drew Strusan.

  • James

    Man, at first, I was very sure that it was Drew Struzan who painted this poster. I just discovered a new artist today!

  • truteal

    What? no David Feiss?

  • jonhanson

    As a guy raised on Cartoon Network I can’t tell you how much I love this!

  • Adrian C.

    For a moment, I was wondering “Why is Guiillermo Del Toro on this poster?” Then I realized it was Pendleton Ward.-_-

    Anyway, this is a very handsome piece. It’s really excellent work.

  • Scoop

    Don’t you mean “Young men, put down your Kleenex boxes because this is the only poster you’ll ever need to hang above your bed” ? Good poster, regardless.

  • ddrazen

    Loved the Foster’s Home poster. Has the same retro feel as the non-CN “My Life As A Teenage Robot.”

  • Caitlin Cadieux

    This is amazing and I’d definitely hang this.

  • guesty

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  • Mustafa

    The poster is great but it should be large enough to include the many transitional artists and writers who formed the lineage from Hanna and Barbera to the quartet pictured. It was not one swift quantum leap from William D. Hanna and Joseph R. Barbera to those four people.

  • Fried

    And let’s put the storyboard artists, and foley artists, and character designers, and background artists, and screenwriters, and voice actors, and just cram hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of employees onto a single poster to make sure everyone gets equal credit!

  • Mark Landmark

    Uhm…Hanna & Barbera look like Fred Flinestone and Barney

  • Josué A. Advincola

    Wow, now this is art. Love it!

  • guesty

    regular show? really?

  • Pierogi Power

    I love my favorite animators, 3D artists, etc. but they will never be celebrities. Ok, somehow Stan Lee did it, but that’s 1 in 1000’s. They are to be beloved in different ways.

  • Joseph William Allen

    Why are you acting as though Amid is judging this painting negatively?

  • This poster needs more Rebecca Sugar. She’s awesome.