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Here’s a 30-Minute Video About the Making of “LEGO Movie”

Anyone who is remotely interested in the CG artistry behind The LEGO Movie should drop everything and head over to fxguide to watch this half-hour behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. The program consist of interviews with three of the key Animal Logic artists on the production: cinematographer and layout supervisor Pablo Plaisted, CG supervisor Aidan Sarsfield, and production designer Grant Freckelton.

There’s also an accompanying article that recaps some of the ideas discussed in the video. FXGuide is a free website, but their unparalleled industry content makes them worth supporting with an annual membership.

  • wever

    LDD is a free software download straight from the LEGO site that anyone can use! Go check it out!

  • mike b

    It is.

  • anyone can use the same software the big studios use right now. Hair fur and water might be an issue but for the most part almost everything you see now can be done by you at home.

    you are special.

    • Random question but does anyone know what the storyboards for this movie looked like? You can kinda see them in the video but I’d Love to take a closer look

  • that water sim @17:35 is insane