David OReilly Enters Sesame Street Competition David OReilly Enters Sesame Street Competition

David OReilly Enters Sesame Street Competition

Filmmaker David OReilly has entered the Sesame Street-AniBoom competition, despite signing our no-spec letter that promised he wouldn’t enter. We are disappointed by his entry:

  • Z


  • akira

    hmm maybe this was made for the sole purpose of annoying them for revenge?

  • What does “family values” mean? In what context? Empty words don’t equate with “message”.

  • Bob Harper

    Dang – well I give up now! Might as well stop animating my piece. Seriously though LOL on many levels.

  • I feel educated.

    And family-valued, too.

  • I’m with oscar! what? and HOW? what do these words mean? surely he can’t be…serious? WHY? and when. ALL the good questions.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Still, if this was an intentional joke, it’s a brilliant one.

  • timmyelliot

    LOL. It looks to me like he was making fun of the competition. If I was a kid watching that, I’d be terrified.

  • Richard

    This video hypnotized me. I didn’t even realize I pooped my pants, although now I regret saying that.

  • 5tephanie

    Cookie Monster repetitiously chanting AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, FAMILY VALUES, EDUCATION, etc. is soooooo 2009. Can’t we get some fresh perspective here? hehe….

  • At first I’m all, “Eh this is kinda mean”, then I burst out laughing at ANIMATION.

  • This makes that stop-motion commercial spot for 31 Flavors (“Ice cream and cake!”) seem positively soothing by comparison!

  • Hal

    How dare that bastard O’Reilly enter this astounding work of genius! First he shames all us animators with the brilliance of PLEASE SAY SOMETHING, now he’s throwing a work of such unparalleled beauty, movement and – dare I say it? – (I dare) – poetry into this shameful competition. It hurts that he’d not only betray his own artistic values, but also produce something so fantastic that any young, aspiring animators hoping to get their work exhibited through this digital venue won’t have a chance because AIDSFAMILYVALUES was enetered, and nothing can top it. I hope you’re proud of yourself O’Reilly – you’re systematically ruining this competition for everyone trying in vain to make it big through this competition.

  • squirrel

    Oh that David! …. n his antics!

  • Kyle Madison

    You guys are really childish. This is beneath 4Chan on the clever and maturity scale.

  • Elizabeth

    I find no humor in this. All it does it remind me how much I hate the common internet user.

  • elle

    if anyone was bound to do it …

  • It actually sounds rather like cookie monster.

    “H is for Herpes, that’s good enough for me”

  • Let the punishment fit the crime.

  • c’mon Cartoon Brew, this isn’t what I expect when I come visit this site.

  • Kate

    Ah damn. I quit. Give ‘im the gold.

  • Jorge Garrido

    What an uninteresting filmmaker.

  • HAW!!

  • Kevin

    Um. . . I don’t know WHAT to think. Personally, I feel like entering just to prove that some of us can actually DRAW!!!

  • Wet Slappy

    This is art. Love it or hate it.

  • mrscriblam


  • I learned alot!

  • OM

    …Bah, doing a modern reworking of Silent E would have been more apropos:

    “Who can turn a rap, into a rape…”

  • HA! Awesome. I’m becoming a bigger fan of that guy everyday. I think all he needed was a very squeakish high pitched “RAAApppE!!!!” somewhere after 15 seconds then it would be perfect.

  • This should be every entry to every animation competition ever.

  • victoria

    the South Park creators already did something like this, the piece should thrown out for plagerism.

  • Vee

    I really think this is a joke, i mean he proved he can do great movies when he’s serious (say something, U2 I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight)
    and he signed the no-spec letter.

    i feel like this mean he doesn’t even consider this art, and that since the competition doesnt value the work of animators, he himself doesnt value the competition itself.

  • Good ol’ David O’Reilly. He loves his stunts. Given his level of talent, I can’t help feeling there’s no need for them.

    Still, he loves his stunts.

  • Trying to refrain from bursting into a laugher frenzy here at the office.

  • That man is a hero and a national treasure.

  • Trevor

    Everyone who wondered if this was a joke (funny or not) should turn in their animators badge.

  • mick

    i don’t think the execs will go for it
    the demographic in this month suggests that burnt umber is what the kids are looking for in their epilepsy inducing aids messages… he did right to leave out the skateboards though (well who wouldn’t, after all they dropped 3% on the trendometer last week?)

  • Eliza Jappinen

    Blah! I find this sort of thing really sad. Just a juvenile gimmick. Reminds me of art school kids that get naked just for shock value, and because they discovered sex.

    Being an antagonist is so barbarian.

  • BRILLIANT!!! I’m with Mr. OReiily! Flood their competition with meaningless goofy tripe like this….let them see what you get when you expect good work for free!

  • Peter F

    Wow, wit and animation in the grand tradition of Seth McFarlane and Tim & Eric.

  • HA! Love it.

  • Woaw.. yet ANOTHER online competition to steal people’s ideas for chump change!!

    What’s this Aids film posted on here? I think it’s in the wrong post.

  • I don’t get it!?!

    Is AIDS the word of the day? Where the hell is Elmo?
    LOL! 3…2 punch with a kick to the shin! And Aniboom goes down!

  • i agree with Vee— it’s a joke, he’s trying to undermine the validity of their competition. LOLZ at the video

  • Was this done with MoCap. If so, I’m not sure I’d call it animation.

  • This is definitely not a submission, it’s a retaliation!

  • christy


  • Wow, you sure showed them. How DARE Sesame Street, a non-profit publicly-funded children’s education show, try to get animators to do something mutually-beneficial?

    Sure, if it were some major corporation trying to get free work out of animators (which we see all the time) it’s one thing, but Sesame Street is “funded by viewers like you.” Couldn’t that funding come in the form of doing work for them too?

  • AlexB

    Dear Brewmasters,

    If you want to prove your point that hard working animators can find their way to success by making creative, original films, I’d like to ask you a favor. Rather than highlight publicity stunts with few artistic merits such as this, why not show more actual films that people send in to you? You have a tendency to show films based who made them (the already well-known) or what school they came from (the RiSDs, the CalArts).

    Your problem is that you seem to think that you’re a champion for the little guy, the hardworking artists out there who make a name for themselves without competitions and prizes. But you just don’t get that you’re simply another, well…I really hate the term “elitist,” but I’m not really sure what else to call your site.

    I’m not a fan of this contest, or really any contest of this nature. But rather than just piss on someone else’s mistakes, why not work on improving your own site?


  • Thomas Dee

    I like to come here to read the harsh judgments of the assembled Cartoon Taliban.

  • HUH?

  • Erin

    this is meme worthy.

  • Matt

    I personally find this video very embarrassing. Looks like David has nothing better to do, eh?

    Sorry to say this but I agree with fluffy. This whole wannabe anti-Sesame coalition is silly.

    I wish more people used their brains and got riled up and protest against real outrageous stuff out there.

  • Thomas Dee

    Matt, it’s not an anti Sesame Street coalition. It’s a request to them (and to Aniboom) that they begin to value the work of people in the animation industry.

  • Marie

    Completely unexpected brilliance. Oh, I cried a little… and truly, this is indeed meme worthy. Thanks David!!

  • Brought to you by the letters H, I, and V. :/

  • Manning

    The genius of this creation is equalled by the “laugh-out-loud”-worthy comments made above by
    Mick @ 03/3/10 5:56am and
    Michael Sporn @ 03/3/10 9:12am

    I’m still chuckling. Thanks guys :)

  • It’s almost like a real life version of the backstory of Rejected isn’t it?

  • This has Emmy written ALL OVER IT.


    sigh’ that was good.

  • Rick


    Trying to equate family values with a disease to say there are no morals, just whatever the person thinks is right? Is that the “meme”?

    Not particularly funny, just sad, and I want the 30 seconds I spent watching it till I got the “joke” back.

  • brian

    “This should be every entry to every animation competition ever.”

    If this was the case than Annecy and Ottawa would be flooded with these kinds of entries.

    In a way I see this contest like any festival. You put in your work and submit it but you don’t get a cent from the festivals that charge patrons to see your work and you’re one of hundreds of entries that could be rejected and even fewer who get awards.

    I have sent to numerous festivals, both with no entry fee and with entry fee and sometimes those can be worse..they reject your film and keep your entry fee.

    Obviously the submission is a joke and it shows he doesn’t value the competition because he and others believe that the competition doesn’t respect the animators.

    If he wanted to avoid looking like a hypocrite and not ruffle feathers, he could have not signed the entry and then submit it as his form of protest.

    Also, yes this is Sesame Street, it’s not some big evil cooperation that is taking your work and using it to sell sugary drinks to kids or whatever. I see it as just another outlet..and who knows you might get better chance at exposure than trying for months to get a pitch meeting with a network.

    And lastly AlexB is totally right, this site should be showing us new filmmakers and their work..there are tons of more art schools and schools in general than RISD and CalArts. I have submitted several links to the brewmasters of animators and cartoonists who are incredibly talented and deserve the exposure but to no avail.

    This shouldn’t be a place to single anyone out in a negative light.

    David O’Reilly isn’t Judas and he isn’t Jesus. He just thinks AIDS is funny.

  • Gio

    This is not that bad. Even if you don’t appreciate the lowbrow humor, you can appreciate the message this film tries to convey.

    Of course, you may not even agree with the piece’s anti-competition stand, but still try not to take it too seriously (despite its obvious controversial gag).

    I’m also inclined to agree with brian’s last point.

  • NoTimeForThat

    Immature, pathetic, pointless, and completely lacking any semblance of humor or wit.

    If David’s goal here was to stoop to the level of a pissy, tantrum throwing 5-year old who thinks he’s funny when he painfully isn’t…. than great job.

    I’m sure someone, somewhere out there also lacking any semblance of humor, morals, maturity and intellect is cheering you on. As for the rest of us? Not so much.

  • Wes

    I love you David O’riley, i love you so much.

  • a smith

    Any piece that evokes this many heated responses is a piece well done.

    Seems to me that it touches on several issues here, on many levels while at the same time, nothing at all.

    Good work, David.