Jamie Hewlett: “Drawing Is An Escape From All The Unecessary Things In Life That Get In The Way Of Being Free” Jamie Hewlett: “Drawing Is An Escape From All The Unecessary Things In Life That Get In The Way Of Being Free”

Jamie Hewlett: “Drawing Is An Escape From All The Unecessary Things In Life That Get In The Way Of Being Free”

A fitting complement to the Michael Graves commentary—here is Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl, Gorillaz) on the joy of drawing:

“It’s about reaching that moment of pure ecstasy when a drawing just happens. Where every move you make with your hand and every thought you have in your head grows in front of you without any mistakes; no rubbing out, starting again and getting frustrated. It’s like being in a trance – it’s a fluid – and you almost don’t remember doing the picture. Drawing is an escape from all the unnecessary things in life that get in the way of being free.”

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  • Drew

    I’m sure musicians say the same thing. It always amazes me how people have different passions for all kinds of creative expressions whether animation or music or writing.’We all react to them differently.

  • He’s spot on. The itch is never satisfied so we keep scratching. some times the scratching feels good, some times I have trouble ending these metaphors

  • Amen to this and the Michael Graves piece.

  • I know that the comments aren’t exactly pouring in for this post (or the last), but I beg you NOT to stop posting items like them. They’re like daily affirmations that actually mean something, and the wise words of a Buddha with ink stained fingers.

  • The love of the thing for the things sake. Add in the right music and yeah the portal to bliss is wide open. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tom

    That’s really wonderful.

  • christy

    what an awesome inspiring person!
    great post!
    especially on a tues morning that seems like a ‘monday’ post labor-day weekend!

  • Hewlett, what a legend. First time I’ve seen him, flippen’ admire his work a lot. Awesome.

  • Brad Constantine


  • jordan reichek

    one of the tip-top artists in the world.

  • William

    Outstanding. Just outstanding to listen to. Thank you for posting.

  • Billy Batz

    This dude is awesome.

  • Jay


  • Tim Hodge

    I find this very important, especially when you spend most of your day drawing for somebody else (as most of us do). Always try and take at least a few minutes every day to draw for yourself. It’s like a mini-vacation. No art director, no judgements. Just draw for pleasure.

  • This is great. I could listen to this the start of every day

  • Charles M.

    That’s an excellent idea Richard. First, I’d like to thank Amid for sharing this video, I think this is something I needed to watch this morning and I’ll make sure to watch it again before I leave for class.

    Second, drawing was also my escape from just about everything around me. I find it difficult to reach this state every time I sit down but when I do it’s like euphoria. I remember one time I was so into my drawing everything just did not seem to matter anymore. But as usual I have to face the reality of constant upheaval and chaos. I can never seem to find time for myself anymore.

    Drawing and painting is the basis of life that I’m desperately trying to regain. It offers me stability and I go as far as to say an ‘identity’. Right now, I’m working to develop peace and tolerance in hopes of regaining that ever elusive state of mind….

    Thanks again

  • Wow.

    Powerful (and poetic!) words from one of the most influential artists of the last couple of decades.

    One of the most insanely talented people out there, for SURE. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • The part about interruptions strikes a chord with me because I’m constantly being interrupted at my work and usually the stuff I get done in a whole eight hour day I can do in my alone time in half an hour ….