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What Does Marvin the Martian Think of Cartoon Brew Readers

Eric Bauza, the voice of Marvin the Martian in the new Looney Tunes Show, read your comments on yesterday’s Brew post and he’s got it all figured out. Apparently, the artwork is fine; the problem, he wrote on Facebook, lies with Cartoon Brew readers who are “35-40 year olds that don’t have girlfriends, jobs or lives.”

Bauza then goes on to complain about how everybody is judging the show based on one frame. Generalizing is wrong, he believes, except of course when he’s making generalizations about Cartoon Brew’s readership.

Here’s his entire comment:

Eric Bauza
  • Hey…he was a voice on Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. I’m siding with him. ;)

    …..I’m not joking. That game was awesome.

  • When did Cartoon Brew become an affiliate of Fox News?

  • Paul N

    So generalizing about a show and the people working on it based on one image is O.K., but generalizing about a website and its readership is wrong. Got it.

  • Isaac

    Enough with the personal attacks, Amid.

  • FP

    Hey! Ain’t he Stimpy now?

  • SMW

    I’m 29 and a woman with a job and with a partner, but omg I didn’t realize everybody else was 40 and guys!! Obviously this harsh words come from somebody that cant take criticism as it is and made a big mistake taking it personal. I have many many many times been said by art directors to redo my work and you know what, yes it might not feel great, but at the end your work is better and you learn from it. Taking criticism is a cornerstone for growing, and keep in mind my fellow Eric that its no offense to your persona so don’t go offending people just because you don’t like what they said. I love this blog I read it every day even if according to Eric we are all 40 year old men, all lonely on a couch just eating potatoes and watching cartoons but to that I say Long Live Cartoon Brew and I embrace the 40 year old man in me!!

  • Gummo

    You’d think no one on a blog ever stated an opinion before! OMG!!

    This is the worst thing to happen ever in the history of the world!!

  • Chris

    Hey, I’m 20 with a job and no girlfriend. Can you blame me for putting work before sex?

  • Jorge Gutierrez

    I agree with both of you. There!

  • Steve

    I guess we make him “very angry!” Hope he doesn’t disintegrate us.

  • troy j. reyes

    cant blame him, hes getting paid! hes shows to up to work, does his thing, gets paid, hangs out, a good life if you can get it! trouble is the future, just like everyone who worked at filmation thought what they did was fantastic at the time, a lot of them are embarressed by it today. this is america and getting paid chump all, posterity be damned! i wish him luck, i’ll admit to a little jealousy but i will not watch the show, been down this road too many times to know, it wont be funny, it will be formula, everyone will forget it in ten years time or less. then all us forty, fifty year old curmungeons will still be getting our rocks off the originals. he feels his future is at stake and hes right, why rock the boat? hes been shielded from the network execs so far, lets see what happens after a few meetings, a few suggestions, some off handed commets from people not involved in the creative process, lets see how he feels then.

  • Larry Koster

    “When did Cartoon Brew become an affiliate of Fox News?”

    I guess when they wanted to get it correct apparently.

  • I’m 18 with a job AND a life thank you very much. And I’m not happy with the frame I saw. That is all.

  • amid

    Oh, you’re good Jorge…you’re good.

  • Jeffrey Simonetta

    I’m 22, I have a GF, I grew up on Looney Tunes… and I want to know why Bugs Bunny is purple… Based on that one frame….

  • EatRune

    Really? Even though lots of the people posting on Cartoon Brew ARE artists and animators?

  • Gummo

    Larry Koster says:
    “When did Cartoon Brew become an affiliate of Fox News?”
    I guess when they wanted to get it correct apparently.


    Oh wait — you were serious?

    That’s so sad.

  • Joe

    He’s right. Gawd, I hate my life…

  • Traditionalist

    yet it was Chuck Jones who believed that the quality of one frame was just as important as the story.

  • I should’ve posted yesterday, because – insofar as “the frame” is concerned – he’s absolutely right. Would you folks be happier if it looked as if it were drawn in 1953? I doubt it, you’d be bitching that the Cartoon Network should simply be showing the 1953 cartoons! (Which, incidentally, they SHOULD be.) I actually don’t watch the Cartoon Network, but I have no interest in “today’s talent” simply doing new versions that look like the old ones – those things invariably stink. They wanna bring a fresh style and try a new flair to the classics, more power to ’em. Let them stand or fall on their own merits. I dunno if Mr. Martian is correct in his assessment of Cartoon Brew readers (he’s wrong in my particular case) but I can see why he got defensive. He’s absolutely right.

  • Incidentally, when does the show air?

    I’m actually interested to see it and I want to like it.

    Also, when I criticisize a framegrab or whatever I never mean to condemn the whole show. It’s just opinion about what we just saw. Then again I didn’t actually criticisize the artwork that much, I think the concept is worse. Well, Bugs looks really odd but not exactly badly drawn IMO.

    And yeah, I have not a girlfriend, and spending too much time watching cartoons and reading comic books may have something to do with it…but I try not to be the Comic Book Guy type and I really expect this to be a good show. I would like it to be classic but if it’s ok like the Duck Dodgers show is enough for me. There have been too many bad cartoons with these characters, this has to be at least decent.

  • High Minded Civilian

    Does this really warrant a post?

  • stikkbomber

    1. he gets points for stating the truth about the sh!tstorm generated here based on one small frame from an as-yet unseen show. it proves once again that the interwebz remain full of people that hand out overly harsh or overly favorable reviews on something they haven’t seen or experienced yet.

    2. he loses points for whining about over generalizations, then uses one to describe the same critics.

    3. this whole mess proves again that people will always clamor for “change” and “something different”. then when presented with “something different” or “change”, the same people wax nostalgic about how “good” something used to be, and how “bad” the “something different” or “change” is.

    in short, people tend more towards insanity than common sense…

  • Kyle Maloney

    “Would you folks be happier if it looked as if it were drawn in 1953? I doubt it, you’d be bitching that the Cartoon Network should simply be showing the 1953 cartoons! (Which, incidentally, they SHOULD be.)”

    Thats exactly what I wanted when this was first announced actually…
    I do think they should be showing the originals too, but I was expecting new Loony Tunes that, at least upon first glance looked like the golden age toons, but done with todays talent. I think we Do have people capable of it, I just think the studios are putting too much pressure on them to do too many and a stupidly low budget, and too focus grouped.

    I actually dont mind Bug’s color, more than anything I just dont like the drawing quality, or the drastic changes in the model.

    And Marvin, Im 22 thank you very much. You might be right about the other 2 things though…
    Doesnt mean Im in the wrong.

  • Rooniman

    I’m only 18.

  • 35-40? Really?
    I found a majority of the comments childish.

  • To be honest….that was taken way out of context. Much of what I read on here yesterday was rather boorish at best and to come on here and post anonymously to a degree just to bash someone personally on their artistic merit is simply classless. This is art and it’s wonderful to have an opinion on art for better or for worse. Of course when it comes to blogs and websites, it’s so easy to see art and therefore judge it. It’s ok to have opinions on yesterday’s piece, but there are those that feel that the best they can do with their time is to rip not only the art apart, but the artist as well. That is something that I don’t see as having a place here. This is a well respected site that I visit often as it gives me insight into what goes on outside of my direct link to the animation world but the synopsis of yesterday’s piece was seemingly just an attempt towards hate rather than anything constructive. Personally, I felt it poorly handled overall. There is an over sensitive attitude within animation and arts in general. It’s always been there. Maybe what eric wrote was in the heat of the moment and I know it was written to defend a friend first and foremost. So perhaps trolling through the internet to scour whatever was written about this post should’ve had an attachment of some sort regarding what it was about and why it exists. I’ve taken criticism on many levels in this business, but it does no good at all to simply go out of one’s way to bash someone personally for something they have worked on without any constructive criticism. I, for one, agree with most of what he’s saying and second the motion to being there for a friend that worked as hard and well as they could on the project. Pull all the quotes you want from Chuck Jones or animators of the past, the reality is that not every frame of broadcast television is an absolute keeper. I don’t watch cartoons frame-by-frame. I find that rather soul wrenching. Good for study, but I doubt that we’re going to be pulling this show out from it’s grave in a 100 years to study each and every frame…so take it easy. Man…all this fighting over something so petty. Poor on poor crimes. Good for you, Eric, for sticking up for a friend. Amid…I’ve followed your site and your articles for some time and keep on going…just found this particular post full of hate and it felt a little tasteless. It’s great to have an opinion and share it, but I expect more from an animation historian to speak more of fact than straight emotions. I read John K’s blog a lot…and in reading it you may agree or disagree with what he says or feels, but it’s always backed up by so much fact that you could at least see where he’s coming from. Much of what I read not only from yourself yesterday but also from many others commenting had very little merit and yet had so much disgust. No point to posting if that’s the case, to me. However, it’s the internet, bound to have tons of people who will just choose to bring others down. Especially those that may not be the most talented, but are busting their ass to work hard to earn that talent/skill over time and make a living doing this. Anyways, kudos to eric and the crew working on this…bet you all knew that there would be many folks that would get upset over what they think WB owes them.

  • Cartoon Cave Hermit

    At all the studios I have been at, and among all the animation heads I know, everyone believes there is generally two kinds of readers on CB, 40 something fanboys, and working animation artists. If you were unaware of this, your living in the dark. Is the opinion correct? I could care less.

    But honestly, the guy is just defending himself, as I am sure many of the other artists who are involved are doing. Voice actors, and artist alike, have very little control in the WB corporate machine. They are a pair of hands, and I’m sure they want to have some kind of pride in their work.

    His text is completely out of context as well, we don’t know what was said before, after, or what this is a reply to. You just made a screen grab and threw it up with the intent of calling him out. Much like the way you decided to judge the entirety of the new looney tunes based on a single screen grab with zero context. If you had access to this post on facebook, I can assume you had the ability to post a reply to Eric. Why not address him directly like a normal person, and not throw him to the wolves on your own personal public forum.

    This is childish.

  • Just wait until my imaginary girlfriend hears about THIS!


  • 49, married, job, life. There.

  • B.

    What are the chances that Bauza’s employers are among Cartoon Brew’s middle aged, allegedly single, supposedly unemployed readers. Apparently, he has little actual concept of the readership here…

  • D. Mason

    Classy post you got here, Cartoon Brew.

  • I’m only 15 thank you. My life is pretty much school and drawing and watching good cartoons.

  • Don’t artistic principles exist that go way beyond a particular person’s ability to “like” or “dislike” an image? Geez, this is America–you can “like” this image all you want. But it’s hard to deny to vast amount of artistic things that are just plain wrong with the image.

    If the ability to distinguish between a frame grab that embodies elements of design and one that doesn’t is so far gone, then that goes a long way to explaining why the state of animation is as it is today…

  • Mark Cee

    Eric has a stake in this show. He’s just trying to justify his job and not feel so bad that WB is yet again gonna miss the mark on how these characters should be portrayed. Can’t blame him for protecting the cash cow. No offense, but most of those voice over peeps will work on any show for a buck. Who can blame them? Aesthetic and personal taste (if any) ALWAYS takes the back seat.

    It’s just tiring to see yet another ill conceived show hit the airwaves.

  • startstop

    Thank you, Eric Bauza.

    Even though I am still younger than 35, I shall now proceed to go outside, WALK to my next destination, and be social.

  • Chris

    I find myself more offended at this blog post than at anything Mr. Bauza has said. Not that Bauza isn’t acting the same way, but this is really quite childish, Amid.

  • The Ghost of Warner Bros. Past

    Yes, all the comments regarding “The Looney Tunes Show” were based on just 1 frame. One image. That’s the only image that Warner Bros. Animation issued for the show’s press release. That’s all that the WB leaders needed to release to the public — one image.

    That being the case, you gotta think that they put some time and attention into pulling together just the right one-perfect-image to show off the property in the best possible way. And this is the image that they have come up with. If this one image had been fabulous and great, I suspect there would be lots of positive feedback in this space. But the image is profoundly flawed.

    If the folks at Warner Bros. Animation can’t release ONE (1) solitary image that looks right — an image that they no doubt reviewed again and again with a fine-toothed comb and ultimately dubbed entirely acceptable and approved for release — how can anyone be optimistic about the look of this upcoming series?

    Once the series goes on the air, what will the images look like when they’re being released at 24-frames per second, when the leaders at WBA won’t have the luxury to carefully go over every frame?

    My bet is that the images will probably be even screwier than the 1 frame we’ve seen thus far…the one frame WBA deemed worthy to distribute to the masses.

    And to quote Bugs Bunny again: “Ehh, what’s up…with my freakishly giant foot, doc?”

  • Chowderfan

    Commenters are commenters and it is expected that there will be a bunch of flame baiting, trolling and disrespectful garbage thrown around.

    However, the most offensive part of this story is not what the commenters wrote but what Amid wrote, who is supposed to be a professional animation critic/ historian? I believe Amid continues to show an utter and absolute disrespect for artists who work in this industry except for:

    1. the few professional friends he has and gushes over

    2. anything ancient (ie: george of the jungle)

    3. anything wierd enough that you can argue completely subjectively about it’s artistic merit without being criticized.

  • Chowderfan

    I may have forgotten one last category of things immune from Amid’s childish scorn:

    4. a movie that a brewmaster has written an “art of” book about (ie: bee movie)

  • pink elephant on parade

    I’ve never understood the whole “don’t judge it until you’ve seen it” mentality. That’s why previews exist, so we can determine what we do or don’t want to spend our parent’s hard earned money on.

    I don’t like over the top internet posts, but I understand why people write them, so as to avoid getting lost in the crowd. People unfortunately remember “DIS IS TEH SUXXORRZZ !!?!? ” type posts more than “i’m afraid it’s not for me” type posts and tend to respond in kind.

    Also, Bauza does a spot on Stimpy and is a very talented chap, in my opinion.

  • Robert

    This is very juvenile, CartoonBrew.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    Doesn’t seem like my cup of tea personally but at least it’s actually a cartoon, right? Some people just don’t count their blessings.

    As for his comment, he really just doesn’t want people jumping to conclusions. That’s understandable cus he does voice work for the show. He did get a little nasty about it, though.

    btw, I’m an 18 year old female ;)

  • besides, It’s a blog. you put OPINIONS on blogs. and those opinions do not ALWAYS reflect the ones of the readers.

  • Hey, when Eric is right, he’s right.

  • llj

    It would be awesome if he read that rant out loud in a Marvin the Martian voice!

  • Charles

    Hmm, assume we all responded to the Looney Tunes frame with cheers and praises. Would Mr. Bauza still detest us all! LOL.

    Another thing. I didn’t know for one to have an opinion about art required securing companionship and employment? The logic exceeds my intelligence. Blame it on my public school background! lol.

  • autisticanimator

    I suspect the voices for this show will be different as well….

  • Dude, he’s entitled to stick up for him self and he’s entitled to be angry at some of the comments made here about his work! What is the point of posting this… really!?

  • AlphaTom

    Will it be OK to hate the cartoon after we see it? Or will that still make us HAAAAATERS?

  • Bill

    Are you really starting to use this web site for this childish disputes?

    Internet IS full of haters, and unfortunately a LOT of them post here.
    He was attacked by offensive posts, so he defended himself by doing the same.
    What is the big deal???

  • theoid

    This is my first and last comment I’ll ever leave on this site. I’ve been a regular visitor for years, but never participated in the comments section. I don’t mind sites that give a little perspective along with news, but this is wrong. Take the high road and take this post down. I can get upset and act childish in the head of the moment too, but I cool down and try to act responsibly. I know you guys are better than this. Set an example for the kids that read your site. This is not how we want them to act. It’s not too late, just delete this and move on. It may not be what you want to do, but sometimes in life we have to do what’s right.

  • C’mon, Amid… Posting screengrabs from someone else’s FB page (Not Bauza’s or yours) is the online equivalent of walking up to Jess & Bauza’s table in a restaurant and then printing what they said amongst friends. (… and yes, one should never say things online you wouldn’t say in person, etc etc, but FB is ofttimes seen as more casual, personal space, no?)

    … Not to mention his statement was posted on Jess’ page as a message of support in response to her feeling mortified at the CB readers’ hatred of her designs, not as his status like some sort of egotistical rant.

  • J Lee

    Now I’ve got a picture in my mind of Eric telling Amid “You have made me very angry … very angry indeed.”

  • Torsten

    He is right. I became 40 some weeks ago and I do not have a girlfriend. Instead I have a fiancee I’m gonna to marry soon :-)

  • rob

    This is pathetic.
    You post someone’s private comment from Facebook here???

  • amid

    Chris – To apply your restaurant analogy, Eric’s comment was intended for everybody sitting at the table, which in this case, included me, since their conversation showed up on my Facebook feed. It was private only insomuch as a couple thousand of their collective FB friends could see it.

  • Autumn

    Yeah hi Marvin, I’m 24 and a GIRL. The art sucks, get over it. We can’t say the show sucks yet because we haven’t seen it, but….making the LT look like they just jumped out of a Fairly Oddparents episode is completely un-necessary. They kept the WB style in Duck Dodgers, why bother changing a style that ain’t broken.

  • Pete

    What worries me about this most is: what are people with real, ACTUAL problems in their lives going to do when they find out that they also have to contend with a redesigned Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck?

    I suspect suicide rates will go through the roof…

  • Gobo

    Jeez, Eric, overreact much? Speaking for myself, I wasn’t judging the entire show. Just this individual drawing, which (a) sucked and (b) wasn’t even on-model. I’m looking forward to the show itself. Hell, I’m someone who enjoyed “Hoodwinked”, which had some of the shittiest animation and character models in cinematic history, but was smartly written.

    And for the record, I’m 35 & I have a job, but not a girlfriend — because I’m a gay dude, you insensitive turnip.

  • Todd

    I have to agree with Bauza there is far to much hate for this show from just one image. I have seen all the character designs from this show and some of the redesigns looks pretty sweet especially Sylvester and Porky. Sure Bugs is not the best but whatever. If this show sucks when it comes out I think then is the time to start hating it.

  • He’s the best Stimpy you can be without being Billy West, and he’s a damn fine artist too– at least you can’t accuse him of having an outsider’s opinion and not knowing what he’s talking about.

  • Well, I have to say I’m disappointed that Eric Bauza is voicing Marvin, instead of Joe Alaskey or Bob Bergen.

  • Charlie

    I don’t think it’s too bad, Eric. There are a few things I’m concerned about as a big lover of Looney Tunes (Bugs’ design, CGI Road Runner and Wile E). But Daffy’s design is very lovable, and I think the Looney Tunes are going to do fine in a suburban neighborhood. By the way…can I see more stuff? Like more character designs and the theme?

  • Shadowcat016

    I’m 18, single, and I go to college.

    I don’t see what the big deal is

    It was just one picture.

  • Spencer Brandt

    -This is a ridiculous post. This has nothing to do with the state of the show or anything. Why are we posting this? I have been reading Cartoon Brew for years and I know that bashing stuff can be fun for people, but this has turned into a personal matter…and its childish.

    -Eric Bauza posted this to his FaceBook friends. If he wanted to tell CartoonBrew to its face he would have. Is it fair that Amid is broadcasting this? No. Regardless of what Bauza says CartoonBrew shouldn’t be egging on a fight over a CARTOON.

    -I always thought that CartoonBrew was a respectable site to talk about cartoons with a lot of the professionals making comments, which is really cool. There has always been criticism over projects like this, but I have never seen anything dragged out so personally on CB.

    -Everyone has their opinion, but we don’t have to be hateful about it. Remember constructive criticism anyone? Don’t forget there is a lot of talent working on this show that are CB readers.

    -CartoonBrew needs to put out this fire about all these personal jabs soon, or they have just lost another faithful reader.

  • JP

    although you may disagree, he’s got a point. and the fact that you’re using your blog to make personal attacks and start online arguments is just sad.

  • Vic

    It’s getting harder to want to visit Cartoon Brew every day.

    Is this a website by and for animation professionals and enthusiasts?

    Or the personal blog of an overly sensitive pre-teen who picks fights?

    The negativity on this site lately is seriously making me think about just not coming here anymore…

    And that would be sad. There’s so much to value and applaud here.

    Sure, go after the executives and networks who say and do stupid things and -should- be made fun of.

    But please, ease up with the grouchy “oh my god, they don’t meet my standard of skill, fun or correctness!” attacks.

    They’re not needed half the time anyway. “Oh no, we don’t like it! And you shouldn’t too! Waahh!”.

    It’s getting boring and annoying. Please find a better path.

    Thanks guys. Vic.

  • Mark

    Eric Bauza has enough time on his hands to twitter. Sounds to me like he chooses projects by opening his mailbox.

  • Eddie Mort

    Alright! Girl fight!

  • Rebecca Forth

    Proof is in the pudding! I’m a 21 year-old! I do think people were a bit east to jump onto the train of doubt for the new Looney Tunes Show, but they do have to take into account the fact that they are remaking a legacy of a show, if they mess it up there will no doubt be NO FORGIVENESS! I’ll hold my judgment until I actually see the show.

  • mac

    that’s it.
    I thought I loved animation enough to remain a faithful reader IN SPITE of the writer and moderator.
    but this…
    Pathetic little teenage bantering and posting private facebook posts…
    I can’t take it anymore.

    Take care.

  • Jan

    This topic and discussion is a good example of the rapidly descending quality of cartoonbrew.

  • Deaniac

    You guys are pathetic. It’s one thing to base an ENTIRE SHOW on ONE animation frame, but to argue about a private Facebook post when one of the crew members was defending themselves…

    Screw this place, I’m done.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Well, in his favour he (Eric) has seen the comments. The negative posters have not seen the show.
    It will always amaze me that how on the internet how we can review upcoming media based trailers or stills.
    As passionate as us nerds and professionals are about cartoons sometimes we need to take a step back and deep breath and say,” It is only a cartoon.”.
    We don’t pilot airplanes or do brain surgery; we make or enjoy cartoons. No one will die if a show is a clunker and some people will still be entertained however it favours in ratings. We still have the classic stuff and the show can still be good. Who knows?

  • dude making blows at dreamworks, or whoever… who cares we can all bash LCD shit and feel good about ourselves, but knocking one of your ‘friends’ and taking a comment he said out of context out of context is kind of fucked up

  • Let’s be honest, that frame grab from a couple of days ago was pretty weak. Just saying..

  • Slash Halen

    So, Amid is not allowed to have a negative opinion about anything? Ever?

    Even though he partly OWNS this website (I assume he holds some ownership) and is aloud to post whatever he wants as long as it’s about cartooning because, you know, it’s HIS WEBSITE? Even though he has expressed many negative opinions about lots of things on this site and has yet to be fired or harshly punished for said opinions? Even though, again, THIS IS HIS WEBSITE, and he is allowed to express his opinions on his own website no matter how wrong or right they might be because, again, THIS IS HIS WEBSITE?

    …Well, now we know.

  • adrian

    They should have got ERIC Goldberg to do the voice of Marvin the Martian. If I knew he was the voice then that would be something I could get behind.

  • Brokenshell

    I’m 18 and I have a life. I just think we need to leave Looney tunes alone because everytime we try to reserect it, it ends up suckier and suckier.

  • Brian O.

    Can’t the Brew take a little bloody nose?

    Like calling out non-sycophants, Amid?

    Eric works in the industry lending his talents that consistently raises the quality of whatever production he is a part of. Amid remains on the outside looking in though he has produced quality coffee table books reflecting his fine discerning tastes in animation.

    How big was that “Art of Robots” check, Amid?

  • Dylan King

    I have a girlfriend, I’m a teen, and I most certainly have a life. Does Eric Bauza not want to admit that this new Looney Tunes show will be a big steaming pile of sh*t?

  • Ben K.

    I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.

  • can you guys change the site name to cartoon bile? It seems more appropriate.

  • Cyber Fox

    I tried to point out that your criticism of this show due to a single promotional art work is similarly pathetic to that of the criticism of Sonic 4 due to a minute’s worth of footage (i.e. a Trailer) on the article regaurding The Looney Tunes Show but you people had to ignore me by keep bashing the picture and thinking the show might suck

    Eric Bauza was right on the ball with that comment and y’all should be ashamed of yourselves of stooping to the level of that of the Sonic fanboys’ mindless hatred

    Keep in mind, Mindless blind fan-related hate is often seen on the web
    case in point: When “Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps” was announced and premiered later in 2009, fans of the original series blindly hated the series and nitpicked it w/o even giving the show a chance.. I ignore Angelina for a while due to gender bigotry but i gave the show a chance this year along with the original and in comparison, I enjoyed “The Next Steps” more than the original.

    Before you criticize “The Looney Tunes Show”, Why now wait for clips or better yet the show itself? That way your criticism could be a tad bit legit but the show’s not airing until later this year… so all your opinions of this show due to one Promo artwork is an ultimate fail


  • Chocotoast

    I guess I should be careful on how I deliver my opinions. As I said before, it’s just a harmless cartoon that may improve overtime. I just said what’s wrong with the frame grab in my point of view.

    I should apologize to both Eric Bauza and Amid for sounding like a hater.

    Sorry again for stirring up a conflict with my unsolicited side comments. I enjoy both Cartoon Brew and Eric’s voice work, so there.

  • Mac

    Oh come on now, no need to get mad at Eric Bauza. Wouldn’t you be a bit defensive if a bunch of people were over-zealously ragging on your most recent project?

  • Hannah

    “Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone (both credited for Duck Dodgers, Back at the Barnyard, Space Jam) are the supervising producers. ”

    it doesn’t matter what anybody says, the disease is already inside you

  • Grayson Ponti

    Well I think this comment is very offensive. I’m fifteen, have a very good volunteer job at the zoo, don’t have a girlfriend only because I haven’t found the right lady yet, and have a life full of cartoons and drawing. I’m not a hater, I just care about high quality animation and the Looney Tunes characters.

  • T.J.

    Amid, are you a 17 years old girl?

    This web site posted a public bashing of this guy’s project.
    All he did was to have a private exchange to make himself and his friend designer feel better about that very bashing.
    And YOU choose to further attack him and humiliate him buy posting that private post here?


  • Eric Bauza

    If ya really wanna know what I think, please visit my blog….

    Eric Bauza

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Eric is a great guy and a super talent. That’s ALL that matters to me. I don’t give a rat’s ass what he said about the comments on Cartoon Brew. Grow up, people.

  • It was private only insomuch as a couple thousand of their collective FB friends could see it.

    Not necessarily. It depends on how the person has their privacy settings set. I don’t have thousands of people in my facebook network- just fifty or so friends from real life. I have my privacy settings set so that my comments don’t show up to friends of friends, only my own friends. So you see my comments because you are one of my real life friends, but no one other than you and the fifty or so other people in my network can see them. I use Facebook for private communication, not public.

  • Wallcrow

    Why single out this one dude for making a comment? Isn’t he free to say what he wants just like the rest of us without being singled out and persecuted? Sheesh. Who needs anger management now?

  • Mat

    I resent what Eric wrote. I’m 37 and… aw crap.

  • I think a good lesson to be learned from this is, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

    You can express your opinion on something, but there is literally no reason to be mean, hateful, or rude about it. You don’t have to walk on egg shells either – you can deliver a strong, direct message without being a dick. This goes for both parties.

  • I like Eric and I do agree with him on how we shouldn’t judge till we see the final product. I also know that June Foray is still doing the voice of Granny which is very cool, so obviously their doing something right. I saw some cardboard cut-outs at Warner and I liked them too.

    Nothing will be as good as the classic Looney Tunes, period. Let’s just stop comparing and move on. Hope for the best…

  • Amid, you do realize you’re making the situation even worse, right?

  • Senor Money
  • John

    I just dumped my girlfirend. So yeah. No girlfriend.

  • I literally had to fight the women off me to type this reply. This guy knows nothing of the sex appeal animators radiate!

    Also, has this chap got a gf and is he possibly in his 30’s…? He did read the blog after all.

  • I some ways he is right. No one has seen it yet… How does everyone know it will stink?
    The characters are what counts.
    Kermit the Frog looks different now than he did even ten years ago. But he’s stil the same character. And that is alot of what counts.
    As long as Daffy behaves like Daffy, then really, it’s not a big deal. These caroons aren’t for the average Bre wreader. These cartoons are for the average eight year old.

  • Well, speaking as a 41 year old fanboy (married, w/two kids), I have to say that Eric was completely right. The frame grab that was released was meant show off the personal dynamic between Bugs and Daffy, not showcase the artwork. No, it doesn’t look like classic Bugs. It’s a re-imaging that’s closer to the general, more simplified house style of CN. And that’s all right.

    Amid, Termite Terrace is long gone. Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc and most of their contemporaries are dead. No one is making WB cartoons in the classic style anymore, and modern animators shouldn’t feel constrained to just because Cartoon Brew’s resident contrarian takes offense at anything outside his frankly narrow worldview.

    I’m sure if Cartoon Brew had been around twenty years ago you probably would have been up in arms about Steven Spielberg daring to use kiddified versions of the classic character archetypes for Tiny Toon Adventures. But fortunately the target audience, which wasn’t you (or me for the matter), loved it. And Warner Brothers animation kept going, critics be damned.

    Knocking a cartoon because of a single frame, or a lousy trailer, is wrong. At least give yourself a chance to view the complete, finished product before choosing to spew your bile or make a personal slam against a hard working voice actor who’s defending his work against a knee-jerk detractor.

  • Is there a point to this post beyond extending a stupid tiff? This is even more petty than that whole business about the Ottawa Festival poster last year.

    More posts like the Tezuka and Russian animation ones, please, and less of this sniping against people in the industry.

  • and Eric …
    “If ya really wanna know what I think, please visit my blog….
    Good for you for popping up… Shows some credibility! Thanks for the insight!

  • Brad

    This is going to sound terrible, Amid, but there’s really no other way to say it.

    Class. That’s the missing element from your side of Cartoon Brew.

    You’re knowledgeable, and you want to share that knowledge, which is admirable. And having opinions is fine, hell, posting them is what a blog is all about. But you keep posting snide negativity and impotent snark, alienating industry (not me) and fans (like me) alike.

    I KNOW Jerry knows what I’m talking about, even if he’s being too polite to talk to you about it. You might want to go ask him for a few pointers on “class.” I’m not joking. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, some people just missed a part of their education. I, for instance, can’t repair a car to save my life. I’m working on it. You should too.

  • Zach Cole

    Cartoon Drama!

  • I like Jessica’s style a lot but not these designs. I like Chuck Jones but his Tom and Jerry designs were horribly unwatchable. I liked Roger Moore as the Saint but his James Bond made me cringe.

    When they (Warner Bros. meet me at camera 3) re-imagine classic characters, even baby versions, it is inevitable that they will never fully grasp the nuance of the original, a combination of script, voice and design.

    I’m guessing that they throw a lot of money into these efforts but, because they are obviously so financially motivated, they will always come across as insincere.

    New audiences may enjoy the redesign so I leave it to them but I’m always more interested in something genuine.

  • Well, Eric does have a point. It’s not fair to fly off the handle after seeing just ONE FRAME of animation. Of course I’ll give it a shot. I’m always interested in at least seeing what the new Looney Tunes is like. Now I feel bad about my last comment. I’ll check it out Eric!

  • Guy

    I agree with all the fellows upset over the vile criticism of this upcoming masterwork.

    Clearly, that drawing has nothing to do with the series at all. Maybe on the DVD there will be an alternate ending for one of the episodes where this frame will flash onscreen for a split second. I seriously doubt that it has any greater significance to the magnificent artistry of this coming series.

  • Vincent

    I doubt anyone would mind if this entire post disappeared.
    Getting your back up and responding to someones facebook post
    on your “professional” forum seems a bit of an overkill.

  • This doesn’t warrant a post.

  • tom

    Last night I was venting on the phone with my Mom about cartoonbrew’s criticism of dreamworks…
    Now I am afraid amid has recorded that private conversation too, and will post it here.
    Give it up amid,
    No class.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t fit his stereotype either, but I’m not the least bit insulted.

    In fact, now I know this guy’s name, and am more likely to recognize him elsewhere. There’s no bad publicity.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Like I said previously, Amid, you’re The Comic Book Guy. Or to really point out the obvious, you’re the inspiration for Jerry’s “Buff Badger” character on the “Cartoon Dump” show.

    It’s old, it’s tired, it’s driving away readers with teenage angsty antics best left to the MySpace crowd.

    I like the overall design, and am going to give the show a shot. If it’s successful, then it may do more to reverse CN’s trend to live action garbage than all the B.P.W.& M coming from this bunch.

  • llj

    Guys, chill out. This is the internet. This fun (and funny, I might add) spat will be forgotten by next week anyway. People hate, people defend, but the world keeps spinning.

  • Chuck R.

    This is exactly why I check out this site once every two weeks, instead of daily like I used to.
    To his credit, Amid often brings worthy, obscure projects to my attention, and I’ve thanked him many times, but there’s a real high price to pay, and life’s too short to get sucked into this schoolyard-style bullying.

    See you next month, maybe.

  • Say, I hear there’s a controversy about a cartoon. The network censored it and it’s creators have received death threats. Why is there no post about this on the Brew? Why am I reading about it on Boing Boing?

    Boing Boing even scooped the Brew on Lynne Naylor’s new art show.

  • And still no one has anything to say about why this image is GOOD? We’ve heard why it’s bad. Can anyone actually defend the artistic merit of this image, or do you just want to continue to bitch out Amid for daring to have an opinion?

  • diego

    delicate problem, the facebook one,
    I don’t know what to think.

    But that screengrab did suck.

    It not only sucked in comparison to the classic Looney Tunes shorts, but also in comparison with Tiny Toons and Space Jam and that’s serious….

  • mrscriblam

    im a 17 year old male who’s going to art school in a few months. i still think the feet are too big.

  • Rene Ramos

    But does he mention an easy way to find a girlfriend?

    You are not helping anyone with that rant, Mr. Martian.

  • gillaxian

    – 30 years old
    – Happily married to a very gorgeous and equally smart woman
    – Been a professional animator for the last 11 years
    – Thinks the picture looks like it was drawn by a first year art-school student
    – Also thinks b-rated voice actors should keep the PR statements to the professionals

  • Keith

    Unbelievable, how defensive people are. Of course, maybe that’s because I didn’t think the picture was nearly as bad as others… “first year art-school student”? “Not on-model”? Lots of hyperbole or flat-out ignorance being displayed.

  • Funguy

    @tohoscope – Because the ‘brew only really cares about telling everyone how much cartoons suck. Seems the Facebook comment was spot-on. That last thread was full of (with a few exceptions) grown-ass men hating on a still frame of a cartoon that hasn’t aired yet.

    Grown-ass men.


    On a still-frame.

    Of a cartoon.

    That hasn’t aired yet.

    Cripes, even I didn’t realize how pathetic Amid and this mentality are until I retyped that. Why not find something to like instead? Clearly, cartoons aren’t it for you.

  • No Longer A Fan

    Wow….this has to be THE most pathetic thing I’ve read in a very long time. You’re publicly tryin to trash someone for defending a friend…and stealing their comments from Facebook? Not only is that incredibly creepy it displays a complete lack of class by Amid.

    I used to be a fan of this site because there was a time it had something important to say. That no longer seems to be the case.

    Mr Bauza was singling out the people leaving hateful comments…get over it….who wouldn’t side with their friend and defend them from such a thing?

  • Thomas Hatch

    I blame Scott Baio.

  • Josef


    Why are you baiting Mr. Bauza? Are you surprised with his reaction? Let it go.

  • Eric

    Joke’s on him – I’m 43!

  • >>Grown-ass men.


    On a still-frame.

    Of a cartoon.

    That hasn’t aired yet.>>

    Ok about the rest of it, but is there really a problem about grown-ass men talking or watching cartoons? It’s like Mr. Bauza’s remark. I get why he was upset, but it’s just another proof that even people who watch and work in cartoons use this whole “30 year man that still watch cartoons” argument. I don’t think there’s anything pathetic about watching or discussing cartoons when you are 30, 60 or 80, as there is nothing wrong about discussing sports at any age. We should be proud of it, not embarrased.

  • Guy

    Funguy: Okay, I can’t keep being sarcastic when people are being this thick. Exactly what are the odds that that isn’t how it looks in every frame of the cartoon? In fact, I bet it’ll seem very high quality in comparison to the finished cartoon. For one thing, the animation will be completely godawful, for another, I bet most drawings will be even worse than that. I don’t buy the idea that they just kind of… accidentally… picked the worst drawing ever drawn by anyone who worked on the show.

    For one more thing, we’ll have experience the “writing” of the cartoon, which will no doubt make any art it could possibly have seem like genius.

  • Mike Toole

    I think Amid needs to stick to complaining about FAMILY GUY.

  • doozer

    “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

    – Quote from Pixar’s Ratatouille

  • Stephan

    You said something about his work. He said something bad about your work in regards to how you talked about him. Haters hate, and all of you did hate. He’s not wrong on that regard. Putting his comment on the website is pretty immature and pretty pathetic. Is this really what animation is about? Flame wars? I think this post must have revived the Looney Tunes brand. If there was one thing Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett and the crew were, it was spiteful and angry, with always a nasty thing to say about something new.

  • Stephan:

    The thing is, art which is intended for commercial release is less than a zero-sum game. When something bombs financially, fewer artworks of its type (animation, documentaries, what have you) are produced. That hurts artists. When a medium is overrun by crap, the public turns its attention elsewhere. A great example is Atari video games in the early 80s: the company licensed any punter that came along, and soon the public thought that all home games were crap. Home video gaming didn’t recover until Nintendo came out with great games for the NES.

    Animation has dealt with the same ebb and flow of quality, resulting in fickle viewership. It’s only when something truly great comes along that the masses get interested again.

    In short, when something sucks, it’s important that artists and fans say so–just as it’s important that we trumpet quality. Staying quiet doesn’t do anyone any favors.

  • Stephan

    @Satorical I agree, but I haven’t seen the cartoon yet. I don’t think anyone has because its not finished. It will probably and most likely disappoint, but the vitrol spouted on these boards regularly helps no one. Instead of hating on this new Looney Tunes show, we should spend more time going WOW at the new Gennedy Tarkatovsky CGI toon coming out. Or this blog could discuss the awesomeness that is Adventure Time. This new show had two entries against this new show, but none discussing the month of blog entires Jhonen Vasquez had talking about Invader Zim, or discussions of Adventure Time that went beyond its premier. There’s a lot to be excited for going on today.As for this show, all the creators of the Looney Tunes are dead, these cartoons will be derivative of their work at best and well… worst at worst. In any case I was more upset with posting someone’s status to be ridiculed.

    The comics fan community has it right. If a comic with a popular character missteps, everyone ignores it. If the comic succeeds, they celebrate. They only curcify it if the badness is in someway special. I think Loonatics was something special in terms of badness. This, not so much. (If you do think this is somehow special, I’d like to point out that Goofy did some of his best work in the suburbs.)

  • Andy

    I dunno, color me daffy (or purple, for that matter) but bitching and complaining do not constitute criticism. Yeah, the drawing? Not so good. The premise? Not terribly imaginative. Is the show going to suck? Remains to be seen. Is CARTOON BREW comments section turning into FARK? (Shakes 8 Ball)- “Signs point to Yes”.

  • HB

    This post is pathetically petty and embarrassing. It does nothing but prove Eric Bauza right. Who cares what he says on his facebook page? I looked him up, and only his friends can see his status updates. What he wrote wasn’t an official statement or condemnation of cartoon brew, it’s contributors, or readers, it was his personal feelings about the drama this site stirred up over a single image. His generalizations were wrong, but who cares? If it wasn’t for Amid taking a screen cap of this, no one, other than Eric Bauza’s facebook friends would know about this. Why is it alright for you all to get upset with his blanket statement about this site, while he’s not allowed to defend something he’s working on against your generalizations? He’s not even defending the show, he’s just telling you all to cool off and wait and see what the show will be like. He’s working on it, regardless of his creative input, I’m sure he wants the show to succeed.

    At least Jerry has interesting and constructive posts, Amid, I love your posts about classic stylized cartoons, but your other posts are becoming cesspools of negativity.

  • Eric Bauza

    @HB… I owe you a beer!!!


  • Wow, I honestly think both sides are being pretty ridiculous. Judging a show based on one frame is quite absurd and fandumb, however, Eric Bauza is being holier than thou and pretty idiotic. So on this issue, I say: who cares? Don’t watch it if it bothers you.

    Remember Loonatics? I thought it looked ridiculous. I saw one episode, hated it, and forgot about it. It was canceled very quickly afterwards. No one is ever going to capture the magic of Termite Terrace again, but that doesn’t mean they have to dumb it down either.

    Again, both sides are being rather childish.

  • Internet arguments is sooooo ‘before-2012’.

  • I’ve eh-buh-beh-eh-been pretty quiet on this sub-eh-juh-jeh-eh-topic. But I eh-fuh-feh-eh-feel the truth must eh-buh-be-eh-be told. And Eric is eh-tuh-teh-eh too much of a gentleman to di-eh-vuh-veh-eh-divulge the truth.

    So, here goes:

    Eh-wuh-weh-eh we’ve all had plastic surgery. All of us! Eh-duh-deh-eh Daffy, Bugs, eh-muh-meh-eh me, et ceter-uh-reh-eh-all of us!

    Heck, eh-muh-meh-eh-many of us are over 70 eh-yuh-yeh-eh years old!!! Eh-muh-meh-eh-myself, included. I’m eh-nuh-neh-eh-no spring chick-uh-chuh-chic-eh-I’m not a young pig anymore, ya know.

    So, we had a luh-leh-eh-little nip and tuck. Eh-whuh-weh-eh-what’s the big deal??? Everyone does it! Heck, it’s Holly-eh-wuh-weh-eh-wuh-weh-woo-eh-that’s show biz! Eh-cuh-ceh-eh can YOU say Eh-Juh-Jeh-Eh Joan Rivers???!!!

    (eh-suh-seh-eh sigh)

    I remember eh-yuh-yeh-eh-years ago when Eh-Puh-Peh-Eh-Popeye had an eye job, and eh-nuh-neh-eh no one said a thing. They eh-ruh-reh-eh-respected his priva-cuh-ceh-eh-they left him alone.

    Eh-cuh-ceh-eh-can’t we all just get a-luh-leh-eh-long? All we are saying, is eh-guh-geh-eh-give pigs a chance!! And eh-duh-deh-eh-ducks, rabbits, eh-muh-meh-eh-Martians, etc.

    Eh-thuh-theh-eh-that’s all, folks!

    P. Pig

  • obo

    I wonder, if the new show turns out to be great like the new Scooby Doo is, will Amid post about it. Will all the people bashing Eric and those who worked on this show say they were wrong, or will it just be forgotten like many shows that aren’t considered good enough for CB.

  • None of this is worth the effort. I think that Cartoon Brew should just go back to no comments.

  • Alissa

    Ahem, 18 year-old female here that thinks the promo image looks horrible. But at the same time I wish that cartoonbrew could have been the grown-up and ignored Mr. Martian’s whining.

  • A show of votes- who won this? Amid or Bauza?

    I vote Bauza.

  • PC

    I think the generalization made by mr bauza is more like a ‘snapshot stereotype’. It might not -literally- apply to all of you but in a sense, he’s “right”. I read the comments here occasionally and the people here are more opinionated and whiny than the loserly video game forum users that really -are- 30 year old basement dwelling geeks with no lives. Except instead of games they complain about cartoons in quite a vile and hateful manner. A lot of people here are extremely particular or snobbish to the point where they just don’t get it. And it’s surprising how much of the readership is like this. Perhaps the people who are not like that are in greater numbers but simply don’t post, which I certainly hope is the case. I’m certainly seeing some sound minds in this particular comments section that gives me hope at least.

    No, I didn’t like the image either. It’s not a big deal to me though. I’ll see the show soon enough and vote with my remote if I want more.

  • Hal

    In this instance there are no winners – only losers all around. Way to lower the bar.

  • Huston

    IT’S NAZI GERMANY ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! (well not really)

  • I would come here more often for the great amount of animation news, but unfortunately the bile this site spews is too much to take. I think we all love animation here. It’s just a shame everyone’s issues and baggage gets in the way of it.

  • OM

    …Bah. I guess the truth hurts. Especially since the old retort of “anyone who criticizes on teh intarwebs is a basement dwelling, sexless unwashed geek” was ruled unusable because it’s no longer the norm.

  • CVG

    I’m at a loss for words. You KNOW you have a diverse set of readers here so why post this? Just to make people angry? It reads like you posted this just so they all gang up on one voice actor’s opinion…
    I don’t know, this all just seems really mean-spirited.

  • Eric Bauza
  • With the old school looney toons… every single frame was a LITERAL work of art. i think the frame in question deserved the scrutiny it received. Chuck Jones’ head is spinning in his grave… and to call you a “hater” for pointing out the obvious(also, coming from a VOICE ACTOR) is ridiculous.

  • anim8rguy

    I just didn’t like the fact that the site blasted the designs calling it “fan art” like… I actually like the redesign. It’s going to geared towards a younger audience and WB is trying to re-brand it. That young woman who did the designs is a great designer in my book with a ton of pressure on her. The personal bashing is uncalled for… blame the studio if anyone if you don’t think they should change.

  • Sorry I’m so late in commenting on this.

    Look… Bugs’ leg isn’t connected to his foot. His foot is just floating there. And Bugs’ right forearm? It’s not there. It’s just a glove connected at the elbow. Daffy’s legs aren’t attached to his body. Daffy’s hands are off or aren’t really holding those chopsticks. They’re both proportionally off.

    If the series looks like this, then it looks poorly drawn.