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The Future of Animation Is Here

We will all be this lady in a few years.

  • I am pretty sure I won’t get much agreement with this view but VR is a fad. We often get hit by these “Next Big Things” and “Game Changers” that I am not really sure this is one of them. Sure its cool and sure makes gaming interesting but for casual viewing its not so great.

    • Josh

      Also, Cell phones are big blocky bricks that can’t fit in your pocket. Cell phones are a fad. Just stick to landline telephones.

    • Fried

      Having a VR system at home is like having a 4D home theater. It’s fun every now and then, especially for products designed for it. There’s a ton of games that are perfect for VR and “walking simulators” are basically pointless unless you use a VR system. They’re like tycoon games where you’re just suppose to get a little bit of enjoyment out of it then put it down when you realize there’s no ultimate goal in mind.

      But that’s the thing with VR, if you use it for something other than a product designed for it, it’s atrocious. Watching 2D Spirited Away offers nothing, but walking around a set piece of Spirited Away in 3D is pretty cool for a little bit.

      If there was a re-created ToonTown 3D world from Roger Rabbit where just random stuff happened and characters moved around in a pattern, I would love to walk around it. Even if there’s absolutely nothing to do, it’d be cool to look around a fictional world. It’s like those people who just enjoy driving in GTA or exploring Italy in Assassin’s Creed.

    • Steven Bowser

      It’s absolutely going to find its niche area where it works well. Maybe not for full films, but for other things.

      And unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before it just becomes the expensive porn device. >.>

    • Taco

      What people misunderstand about “New Technology” or advances in the things we use in our day to day society, is that these don’t AUTOMATICALLY replace & Kill Off the established classic processes ‘that still work’. The technology & changes that make things more convenient for the average person or consumer are the things that stick around & evolve long term. On one hand as Josh sates below, and as the “visionary” Bill Gates once said “No one will need more than 637 kB of memory for a personal computer”. But just because I can buy a book online & have it delivered in a week nowadays, it might actually be “more convenient” for me to simply browse books & purchase them online, then pop into my local physical book shop where it’s held under my name, confirmation of ID & payment reference, and simply get It the next day on my way to work. So anyone who says physical stores won’t matter in the future might actually want to take a step back from the computer screen or put down the drone controller for a second to think. Because It’s just an OPTION, not a replacement, there’s a balance and a choice on part of the user… just a thought.

  • Chris Powell

    Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s not forget the most important thing folks: This woman is hilarious. She descends from joy to confused terror and her family just laughs helplessly as she falls into the abyss. And we will all be her. HILARIOUS.

  • Tremors

    They’ll have to find a way to bring the price down both on the actual VR equipment and for the expensive gaming computers necessary to run the software before it’ll become more main stream in gaming.
    I would love to see a movie with VR that was made with VR in mind, not some CGI fest but a live action film.
    They’re just scratching the surface of it’s possibilities though, hard to really predict if it’s a long term game changer though. But who would have predicted that people would text more than talk on their cell phone, or that something like twitter would become so popular?

  • Roca

    VR might work better as a tool than an entertainment system. Training surgeons for example, or pilots. Drone hobbyists already wear VR headsets and “fly” their drones from a first person view. Much more interested in the industrial potential.

  • DBreneman

    It’s the stereopticon of the new century. I agree with others here who say this will be a niche medium. And I’ve been avidly taking stereo pictures since high school. And that’s when Gerald Ford was president. In those 40 years, a lot of my friends have loved looking at my stereo pictures (projected and with a viewer). But none of them have bought a Stereo Realist.

  • The_Purple_People_Eater

    I don’t know why people are excited for VR when it will ultimately ruin us worse than the internet already has begun to. It’s ok, we don’t learn anything, we just think that what’s “next” will always be the best thing for us. Why? Because it’s new and what’s new is “good.” That’s the downfall of progressive ideology is that people don’t have values that they stick to, they just want to keep overwriting their past in an effort to escape monotony or conservatism.

    VR will not benefit society the way people claim it will, it will be used for mindless entertainment much like television and the internet. Both TV and the internet had potential to be the greatest sources of information and knowledge, and a great community for sharing ideas that could progress society…meanwhile that is not what either of them become. The internet is a cesspool of garbage that is mostly used for sharing useless information, often uninformed or bias criticisms, hate, anxiety, and (of course) mass escapism. The same happened with television. They devolved into products that serve the purpose of distracting us.

    I’m sorry but I have no clue how there is nothing but blind support for the concept of VR. The criticisms or logistics of the long term effects are barely ever accounted for. People should view this type of technological advancement and view it in a moralistic or ethical light. It’s our future and a future we won’t be able to reverse once it is ingrained in our culture.

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  • ocelot

    This video is hilarious ha ha. Well, vr might work with first person cartoons. I can’t imagine playing the walking dead with vr technology.