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Artist of the Day: Vincent Giard

Vincent Giard

Vincent Giard creates comics, drawings and animation in Quebec.

Vincent GiardVincent Giard

His work is consistently exciting, challenging and experimental. Vincent fearlessly draws and animates into unknown territory. It’s also often very funny.

Vincent GiardVincent GiardVincent Giard

His site aencre, and an English language mirror here contain much more work that defies description or explanation and just has to be seen.

Vincent GiardVincent Giard
  • kvmowat

    big fan.

  • Jesse Moynihan

    Vincent is the best. A mega-talent

  • yes ! this guy is amazing, his animation gets a lot more across compared to those who meticulously try to control the movement theyre after. so many amazing ideas tucked inside his blog, yah !

  • luke

    Vincent’s site is in english here:

  • I can’t get enough of his work….. reminds me of why I love drawing.

  • Mike Scott

    Inspiring stuff. Thanks.

  • bojd odnokn

    his work is really impressive.