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Animated Chicago by Joe Fournier

Animated Chicago

One of the newest, and most unexpected, outlets for original animation nowadays appears be newspaper websites. For the past year or so, the NY Times has been commissioning beautiful animated pieces by animators like Jeff Scher and Gary Leib, and now the Chicago Tribune is getting into the act with a new politically-oriented series Animated Chicago by illustrator and animator Joe Fournier. I’m not sure if they’re planning to do more of these, but the first episode can be viewed on the Tribune’s website.

  • Chuck R.

    Wow! Great post. Joe’s obviously really talented. I like the airbrushy style of his caricatures, but the technique he uses in his animation is particularly fresh. More, please!

  • Bonnie

    Works with or without the track.

  • FP

    Very Plimpton-y.

  • It’s about time that the NYTimes got into cartoons. I love the Times, but their reluctance to have comics always felt a little snooty. These days, with the importance of the Web, the New York Times is really just a repository of great information competing with the likes of blogs for readers attentions. I guess having cartoons just enable it to expand its reach.

  • I think that any way for print news to stay current is excellent. I feel like print cartoons are in such flux because of the dwindling readership and the increased web accessibility. On the flip side of that web cartoons are rocking!

  • joe s

    as a chicagoan dat der is hilarious

  • I agree with FP on this one! That commercial reminded me of Bill Plympton’s work. Love the drawings. Excellent! Hilarious! :)