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Christian Bale Animation Contest

Christian Bale contest

The boys at Spline Doctors, a loose teaching collective comprised of Pixar animators, hosted an animation contest on their site that asked readers to animate a certain infamous piece of dialogue by Christian Bale. Their call for entries generated over twenty-five entries. Go here to see the winners along with all of the other contest entries.

On a sidenote, the antics of Christian Bale are proving to be rich fodder for animation artists around the world. French illustrator Laurent Blachier and also created this Christian Bale piece.

  • I went to college with Chris, the winner of this contest, and I hope it doesn’t inflate his ego too much to say I’m not surprised at all that he walked away with the top spot in this (though the other entries are really fun too.) He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve met, and it had a funny twist to boot. Congrats!

  • Dr. Jones

    good lord those were good.

    in particular, in Brandon Beckstead’s piece – the action on the dude walking through the background, raising his hands up in surrender and walking back out of frame….AWESOME. literally made me laugh out loud.

  • Dr. Jones: Yeah, that guy in the background had me rolling.

    I must of watched these 100 times in a row. The top 4 really are incredible, though there are some great ones amongst the rest too. Gotta love the concept of Chris’s one, turning the light man into a fly.

  • That third one with the guy roaming in the background was funny! That’s how I pictured the poor sap myself. I had to watch that one a few times.

  • Isaac

    The voice acting on those pieces is great, top notch stuff. Can’t say I cared for the animation itself though.

  • WanderingLoon

    haha, they were all great!
    I hate to repeat what’s already been said but I’ll have to agree with everyone that the guy walking in the BG in the 3rd piece was a very nice touch.

  • Kelly Tindall

    The little spin in the air is what sold the first one to me.

  • Hal

    LOVE EM – ALL FOR THE WIN! On a side note- a buddy of mine works in production & he said everyone on set when they heard that rant knew the guy in question, apparently he gets in the way of shots all the time fixin’ lights on other productions and no one begrudged Bale his flip out. Can’t validate but a fun little gossipy tidbit.

  • KarmaRocketX

    This is actually pretty pathetic.

    As is all of this Christian Bale mocking, in general, to be honest.

    Look, the deal is, that despite how he went about it, Bale’s tirade was absolutely called for, understandable AND justified.

    I wasn’t truly disappointed with Bale UNTIL the moment when he actually flip-flopped and actually APOLOGIZED for it, which he never should have had to do.

    The fact of the matter is that Bale was trying to film a very complicated scene and the cinematographer did an entirely stupid thing, which is a huge taboo in the movie industry, thereby ruining and essentially pissing on Bale’s effort.

    It was his own fault, and the reaming he got from Bale was entirely deserved, and had no one to blame for it but himself.

    I can say without a shred of doubt in my mind that had I been Bale, and being able to put myself in his shoes before judging him for his reaction, that I would have done exactly the same thin and had been just as angry had I been him, trying intensely to do my job, only to have my focus utterly shattered by some complete idiot dicking around on the set.

    I find it rather contemptible, the number of ignorant people, incapable of putting themselves into his shoes, that feel content to easily jump on Bale’s back and mock him for something he was, in all honesty, justified to do. i.e: Lash out at an idiot, screwing around on set, who brought the histrionic, profanity laced tirade he received entirely on himself completely through his own fault and incompetence.

    Moreover this “contest”, by the same token, is nothing short of childish, self-promoting at the expense of someone else, and utterly stupid, to boot.