Dead Animators on MySpace Dead Animators on MySpace

Dead Animators on MySpace

A bit of a curious trend worth noting is the growing number of MySpace pages dedicated to legendary animation artists. While the pages are often tacky and annoying (just like so many other MySpace pages), it’s nice to see classic artists being remembered and introduced to new generations in such a contemporary tech-savvy setting. Below are the classic animators I’ve found on MySpace. Feel free to point out others in the comments.

Tex Avery
Chuck Jones
Ward Kimball
Bob Clampett
Tom Oreb
Freddy Moore
Disney/WB composer Carl Stalling (here and here)

  • Steve

    Notice there are no My Space pages honoring dead animation executives.

  • red pill junkie

    The videos at the Chuck Jones Myspace site are no longer available


  • chris
  • Paul

    Ward’s in my top eight, but he never messages me back.

    Oh wait… ;0)

  • Gosh, when I first read this post’s title I thought it said “Dead Animators in My Crawl Space!”

    Upon reflection, the actual title is only slightly less disturbing.

  • Here’s a MySpace page that has a lot of classic cartoon character art in its homepage slide show and “Pics” section! Take a look — . Thanks, Jerry!

  • Mr. Semaj

    I always wondered, is Tom Oreb still alive?

  • Zeppo

    MySpace is such an irritating site; the pages are the most cluttered and annoying things on the net, very difficult to navigate.

    I have a slightly queasy feeling about the existence of the dead animator pages–ultimately it’s not a big deal, but they don’t add anything much, either. A wikipedia entry or other single page would serve all the deceased subjects much better. I’d hate to have to keep a page current by “speaking” for Fred Moore or Bob Clampett.

    btw there’s a page for Glen Keane as well, which brings up the myspace dilemma: ANYONE anywhere can start a myspace account and call it “Tex Avery”, “Glen Keane”, “Ollie Johnston” etc. but only they know who’s who and who’s really writing the pages and controlling them. There’s probably many many pages for every famous person sort of pretending to be their “real” page, for example–it’s a mess of a website. Really best suited to 13 year olds.

  • Hi guys,

    I tend to agree with a lot of what Zeppo said, but for the most part, people seem to be doing a nice job with these pages at least. I actually like MySpace for music-related pages.

    Composer Raymond Scott’s is here:

  • Brian McEntee

    I think these sites are a fine idea. The bad ones are the numerous live celebrity sites that pass them selves off as providing access to the celeb him or herself. One guy who did a Pee Wee Herman MySpace page had to fess up – he’d actually been chatting people up as Pee Wee for a while.

    At least you KNOW the dead ones are dead. And tributes are a very nice thing.

    Fraud, not so.

  • Esn

    Neither on MySpace, nor dead, but definitely classic (and even a school unto himself with many followers and admirers),

    There’s LiveJournal community dedicated to Yuriy Norshteyn (also spelled “Yuri Norstein”):

    It’s mostly in Russian, as should be expected, but some of its members understand English too. ;)

  • Chuck R.

    “it’s a mess of a website. Really best suited to 13 year olds.”

    Thanks, Zeppo. I’m glad it’s not just me.