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There have been many cartoon characters based upon… uhh, shall we say, doo-doo.

From Spumco’s Nutty, the Friendly Dump to South Park’s Mr. Hankey, and not forgetting, Burgerlog and Winnie the Pooh (Winnie is a doo-doo, take my word for it).

Now Manny Galan (who in real life is Director of Animation for Nickelodeon’s on-air promotions) has just created Dookie-Poo, and it’s a real contender for biggest brown lump of the year. (I mean that in a good way). Galan says:

This whole endeavor is just my way of keeping as much control over one of my own creations as possible. And doing something outside of the NICKELODEON system.

His characters are charming and the website is a lot of good clean fun. There’s a CG music video by upstate NY studio Virtual Persuasion, a cool Theatre section filled with small animations and short films, an interactive fun page and of course, a blog. Give it a look.

  • David

    Jerry, don’t forget the Korean-made stop motion film Doggie Poo .

  • droosan

    .. and the anime TV series, DR. SLUMP, which featured talking pooh as a recurring gag ‘way back in 1981 ..

  • Steve Lambe

    Nice stuff, Manny!

  • I still think that I like Anna Chambers’ poos the best.

  • END

    What a fun little character…the blog is really hilarious too – Go Manny go!!! Dookie Poo rocks!

  • Before decamping to Nick, Galan was working as the artist for the Knuckles the Echidna comics (a Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off) for the better part of its 33-issue run. But this is just … dag, man!

  • John

    There’s more animated poop on YouTube.

  • panda lubbs

    love the website.. check out the snack section! YUMMY!

  • Bob
  • Asymetrical

    Manny is quite a talent! I wish him well! He’s also the creator of a Frederator short called Bronk and Bongo

  • Coolest office at Nickelodeon.
    Great guy all round.
    Super talented.
    Pooped his dues.
    I’m happy for him.

  • Aw man…more poo?

    When are we going to see a sperm series?

  • I love this crap.

  • If ya wanna see animated sperm go to our website and have a look under the animation section, scroll down and have a gander at a little something called “Sperm Wars”

  • Manny,
    great designs! nice to see Nick let’s you have a creative life outside of the office. Did I also see something on Frederator about a couple of pup dogs? They looked cool, too!!

  • Cool, I have also a project with poo! I have created a blog and I’ve written the story.

    The story will begin in april here :

    You still can check my website

  • Manny’s stuff is great! I love that so many people at Nickelodeon have awesome side projects.

    Many had some comics with this character in an anthology called Combination Platter. Fun all around!

  • It’s not exactly poo but I still think it’s appropriate here to mention the Ren & Stimpy Christmas flatulence that I’m pretty sure Mr. Hankey was ripping off.