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Eleanor Davis Creates Google’s Spring Equinox Doodle [Updated]

Google’s homepage celebrates the vernal equinox today with a charming animated Google Doodle. In the piece, a thickly-outlined figure ushers in the spring foliage with his watering can. Google doesn’t provide credits for the Doodles, but we know that the piece was created by Eleanor Davis, who was featured as a Cartoon Brew Artist of the Day last May.

[Update]: Eleanor Davis also created today’s autumnal equinox doodle for Google users in the Southern hemisphere. View it on Google Brazil. Davis writes on Twitter that she animated the pieces in Photoshop. (Thanks, Francine)

  • INeedCoffee

    “Google doesn’t provide credits for the Doodles,” That isn’t always true, the Google Doodle celebrating Martha Graham credited Ryan Woodward as an animator!

    • AmidAmidi

      Perhaps there are special instances, but you could count on one hand the number of times an illustrator/animator has received official credit out of the thousands of Doodles that have been done to date. Take a look at the Doodles archive and you’ll see their policy is not to give credit.