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Facebook Fun

That’s Dave Fleischer in the center, at the Paramount gates in Hollywood, with his two big stars of 1939, Gulliver and Popeye.

I found this image in my collection and contributed it to my new daily Facebook visit, the Popeye Look-alike Fan Page. It’s an incredible (and hilarious) archive of oddball live action photographs of the Popeye character.

Facebook has become an invaluable resource of pop culture ephemera and animation history, as collectors and fans are scanning their collections and sharing it with the world. I’ve joined in myself whenever I find something of interest to share. For example, I just found this (below) in my research files, the first model sheet for Little Audrey, drawn in 1946 by Bill Tytla! Check it out at larger size on the Harvey Comics facebook page.

While I’m at it, I should once again plug the Cartoon Brew Facebook page, where our readers run the show with additional commentary, films and event announcements.

  • Little Audrey = every pedophile’s fantasy.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Took the words out of my mouth Thad (the way Tytla just draws her on this sheet is too scrumptious).

  • uncle wayne

    you musta, in 1 fell swoop, added a jillion “friends” to the CB f.b.! I, for one, was not a “member!” Quick to remedy, tho! LOVE it!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Popeye with W. C. Fields! Spinach and highballs, gawrshk!

  • Kevin Martinez

    So, they were planning to dump Little Lulu and replace her with Audrey as early as 1946? How unfavorable could their licensing agreement with Marge have been?

  • Funny thing about Jailbait Audrey: Her eyes lost that pixie-like quality when she officially became a Harveytoon character.

  • Fer the love of sweet corn and giblet gravy, DO NOT do a google image search for Little Audry with the Safesearch off. Gewwwwww. Love Tytla’s model sheet, but if he could of anticipated the interwebs in ’46 I think he would’ve stabbed hisself in the head with a no. 2.