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Good news! Harry McCracken’s blog is back.

McCracken, former editor of Animato, current editor of PC World and webmaster of Scrappyland, has promised to step up the pace of his blogging at Harry-Go-Round, which he has just redesigned.

Also check out his many fun-filled archived articles and galleries like Those Wonderful, Memorable, Never-to-be-Forgotten Animation Restaurants of Yesteryear, his virtual museum of 8mm Cartoon Home Movie Boxes, and a curious section of Mystery Art.

  • B. Baker

    Uh… Harry didn’t want to get into this on his site, but I have to ask: can anyone identify the literally incredible African-American stereotype directly behind the nattily dressed Krazy Kat in the Columbia shorts ad above?

  • B. Baker – In Columbia Pictures short subject trade ads for 1931, a jungle native stereotype appears as an illustration representing Disney’s Silly Symphonies (from Cannibal Capers no doubt. See ad clipping below). They carried the image over for subsequent advertising, sans reference.

  • Bob Barker,
    When you say “literally incredible African-American stereotype”, I have to ask, What’s American about it?

  • B. Baker

    Nothing at all, Bryan — I misspoke, and I apologize.


  • captain murphy

    I wonder if the blog is -really- back… what I read seemed to suggest he reopened the blog because he wasn’t editing PCWorld any more.

    Then a day or so after the blog reopened, he was rehired, and his boss got the can.

  • ThePeterNetwork

    Why is Mickey Mouse leading the parade of Columbia toons?