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Jerry on Movie Talk podcasts


New Orleans movie critic David Dubos is now writing for, and podcasting about, movies each week on He’s recorded me twice now during the last few weeks, allowing me to ramble on with my opinions of Kung Fu Panda and Wall•E, and debate the pros and cons of both films. Be warned, the editing makes me sound a bit hyper on these podcasts. But I applaud David for showcasing these animated features – both highlights of the current summer movie season.

  • A very refreshing opinion, Jerry, I felt practically the same ;) Oh, I’m speaking about the Wall-e interview, by the way.

  • Jerry, I’ve got to side with David on this one. I agree that there was no “hoo-rah” moment in Wall-E, but there is no moment like that in Citizen Kane either. I’m not saying that Wall-E is another Kane, but it is brilliant. I’ll take a piece of that action, Wall-E will beat Kung Foo Panda at the Oscars. I will confess to liking Kung Foo Panda more than I thought I would, but it is far beneath Wall-E in originality, emotional content and storytelling. It’s a funny film but the final confrontation is so bland as to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    We all agree Presto is fantastic!

  • Rubi-kun

    Sorry, Jerry, but I really don’t know what you’re thinking on this one. Kung Fu Panda was beautiful but rather dull, while Wall-E I think outdoes The Incredibles in terms of sheer brilliance.

  • Jason

    I agree that Wall*E has brilliance, but for sheer fun and entertainment value, the panda beats the robot IMO.