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Joe Murray Plans Animation Video Site

KaBoing TV

Joe Murray is in the planning stages of a new site called KaBoing TV, which he envisions as “an all cartoon, all animation channel, not only with my content, but bringing in other content providers as well.” Murray, who has a long history in TV animation with series like Rocko’s Modern Life and Camp Lazlo, wrote on his blog about his desire to “make a home for animation that is cool, creator driven, and fair business wise to the people who make the entertainment, as well as being responsible in the advertising we choose to run.”

To date, most of the major online cartoon channels and animation video sharing sites have been started by corporations looking for ways to exploit creators. There hasn’t been any attempt on the part of sites like Aniboom or Channel Frederator to find sustainable and fair models that encourage online animation production. Murray’s track record as an artist responsible for successful shows on both Nick and CN gives him a unique edge as an entrant into the field of online animation distribution. It’ll be interesting to watch what he does.

(Charles Brubaker via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page)

  • mr. murray was tellin’ me all about it over lunch a couple weeks ago and it sounds sooper triple exciting! can’t wait for it to happen!

  • Justin

    here’s hoping!

  • That is really great news, I hope he succeeds.

  • ask

    Funny you should mention that- I emailed you about another animator doing basically the same thing.

  • top cat james

    Nice to see Marky Maypo is getting work.

  • I hope it’ll be a success.

  • uncle wayne

    Ditto Top Cat’s statement! I sure hope to hell it’s not illegal to show toons that are pre-1970. And, just think, there are only thousands (& thousands) of films from the 20s-60s!

  • This is exciting news!
    I really like Mr. Murray’s work very much…

    I’ll certainly be watching closely and I’m excited to see how it
    all plays out.

    ps- Murray is also a kick-arse children’s book illustrator, for those
    cats who may not know! ;)

  • That’s interesting.

  • Iritscen

    Hmm, can’t wait to see it!

  • Best wishes to Joe, but please pass on a word of warning: Maypo is still being manufactured, so their lawyers probably won’t be happy to see Joe’s use of Markie Maypo to promote his new project.

  • I like Joe Murray and I like that book he did, and I’m probably talking to the wrong crowd since I havn’t a clue who Markie Maypo is, but:

    By marketing a new creative platform using bygone cereal box art for the millionth time, aren’t we inviting creative redundancy from NEW creators, or imposing a hollow nostalgia on what SHOULD be a fresh canvass?

    What is the value in sidelining the restrictions of corporate selection models, if you are only going to encourage the same stale ideas that those corporations would have settled on anyway?

    Just askin’

  • Paul N

    I knew Joe years ago and worked with him on a couple of small projects pre-Rocko. He had the talent, dedication, and drive back then, and I’m sure it’s still there. Can’t wait to see what he puts together.

  • I have a question for Joe Murray! Me and some of my friends (young cartoonists that are in the industry) are making some films, but they are for a slightly more mature audience. Are you trying to replicate a network by having only family oriented stuff? If you could describe who you think your audience would be, I think that’d help describe what kinda content you’re looking for. You rule, Joe!

  • I can’t wait for the big reveal!

  • Thanks for this support on the prestigious Cartoon Brew website. I’ll try and answer a few questions.

    First, Markey Maypo will not be a mainstay character on KaboingTV. I loved his design and did my own version to make the link between Saturday morning cartoon bliss, and my new site. I’m designing a new character to be sure. Second, I want the site to have edge, so yes, I’m going to pushing a lot more mature audience work, but with warnings to the audience. I still want it to be kid friendly, but us big kids need our site too.

  • Nightmare Is Near

    I hope this curb stomps hard on Snyder and Sorcher that they get fired from Time Warner. Go Team Murray!

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