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John Canemaker’s New Blog

John Canemaker blog
John Canemaker (far left) with John Kricfalusi, Frank Gladstone and Glen Keane

Finally! Our friend, the esteemed animation historian/filmmaker/teacher John Canemaker has started a regular monthly blog column for Print magazine. He says that the blog will take “a wide-ranging look at many and varied artistic influences on animation, including comic art and CGI, games, book illustration, fine art, classic films, literature, and performance art,” and will explore everything “from Giotto to Johnny Gruelle, Elaine Stritch to Snow White, with the same personal perspective I bring to my teaching, lectures, and books.”

In his first post, Canemaker expresses his appreciation for the comic Bone and chats with Jeff Smith about his forthcoming animated adaptation of Bone. My only suggestion is that Print offers a direct link to his blog that always links to the latest article and Canemaker’s archives, otherwise it’ll be difficult to link to his blog or keep up with his posts.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    Dear Dan Lin-

    Please don’t turn this beloved property into another mo-cap extravaganza. If any comic was crying out for a traditional hand-drawn approach, Bone would be it. You’ve got an army of classically trained animators here in the good old US of A who would kill themselves to make this thing.

  • If Print Magazine would run John’s past articles in this column I’d be happy enough. He’s written some of his best work for Print Magazine (witness the piece I ran this week re Finian’s Rainbow.)

  • Looks like I have a new bookmark

  • Scarabim

    I agree, Bone needs to be animated in 2d, if only because the bulbous shapes of the Bones themselves would look pretty horrific in 3D. Imagine a pure-white Mickey Mouse, sans ears, tail, shorts, shoes and nose. That’s what the Bones pretty much look like (or envision a shirtless, tailless, pure-white Pogo Possum). But I bet, after the apparent disappointment of Princess and the Frog, 3D will win out as the medium for telling the Bone tale. Too bad…

  • Welcome to the blogosphere, John Canemaker! As a longtime fan, I’ve been wondering for years if Canemaker would ever do a blog, going back to around the time when the Brew and the other early animation blogs started; by now I thought it would be unlikely to happen, especially since every so often stuff from Canemaker would appear on other blogs, so it seemed like that he was sending blog-like material to other blogs to post rather than doing one of his own. So this is very welcome news.

    Re Michael Sporn’s commment about Canemaker’s articles for Print magazine: I’ve long thought that it’d be a good idea to do a book gathering the various magazine and newspaper articles Canemaker’s written over the years (a few of which are online on various websites but many are not, and are hard to find).

  • Jeffrey T. McAndrew

    That’s a great photo. What year is it from? My first time reading Bone as a kid was when it was being printed in Disney Adventures magazine. I have a lot of faith in Jeff Smith and I think that he’ll make sure this film is done right.

  • fantastic!!!

  • TheVok

    Yeah, what event is that photo from?

  • This Annie photo reminds of that awkward night where John K. and Glen Keane were awarded lifetime achievements back to back. It was a terrible juxtaposition of talent-not aided by Gladstone’s lack of nuance. I remember thinking how can such an anticipated moment go so wrong.

  • Great interview!
    Looking forward to keeping up on Mr. Canemaker’s new blog.

    I would have LOVED to see Bone get done traditionally, as well…
    But, put me in the cheering section for the CG production, I wish the crew all the best with the project… Do it justice, guys and gals! :)

    Hafta admit though, I was extra sad to learn of the mocap to be involved.

  • Am I the only person here who thinks John K smiling congenially, while wearing a suit and holding an industry award – is the funniest goddamn thing in the world?