Saul Bass Google Doodle Saul Bass Google Doodle

Matt Cruickshank Gives Saul Bass The Google Doodle Treatment

Google is celebrating the birthday of graphic designer Saul Bass (1920-1996) with a classy animated tribute on their homepage to Bass’s famous film title sequences including Vertigo, The Man with the Golden Arm, Around the World in 80 Days and West Side Story. The piece was designed and directed by Matt Cruickshank who offers some behind-the-scenes production details on his blog.

It’s a busy time for Cruickshank, who is also the illustrator of the new Monsters University Golden Book that will be released next week. It’s available as a pre-order on Amazon for $3.59.

  • Joan Pederson

    Wonderful clip. Could the description above credit the fine music as well? Mr. Bass, of all people, wouldn’t want a key credit to be skipped!

    • Bquin

      Unsquare Dance. Dave Brubeck Quartet. Circa 1960.

    • mm

      Music is Dave Brubeck’s “Unsquare Dance”

    • lkmdesign

      Dave Brubeck.

  • K. Townsend

    Cruikshank’s 5/8/13 Saul Bass Google Doodle is a masterpiece.

  • jowhoknits

    loved this; took me back to 60’s with fond memories. thank you, Matt

  • bjoh

    Absolutely delicious , a masterpiece! and the music by D. Brubeck better imposible! thank you !

  • billofwrites

    music is “unsquare dance” / dave brubeck quartet / meter: 7/4 time

  • Z

    The music is from Dave Brubeck quartet … “Unsquare Dance”. Very tough to play! Which is why the players laughed a bit at the end, because they had made it through without errors. :)