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Realistic Homer

A disturbing new creation by Pixeloo who gave us Mario a few days ago…

Homer Simpson
  • ovi

    are people just determined to make me spit my coffee on my computer screen every morning?

    that thing is freaky.

  • Pete

    They forgot the jaundiced yellow skin.

  • that is so bloody wierd and clever at the same time

  • Megan

    Wow! That thing IS Freaky! Taking the same proportions of the actual cartoon and giving them realistic features…I’m afraid to see what they come up with next!

  • Looks more like Zippy the Pinhead than Homer–DO’H!

  • Richard


  • baron otto matic

    here’s hoping homer fully recovers. grave’s disease, right?

  • JOE

    I thought I was looking in a mirror!

  • FP

    PIXELOO should do photoreal RUGRATS next and make everybody sick.

  • Like those spindly strands of hair above his ear. . .

  • Bugsmer

    You shouldn’t have mentioned Zippy the Pinhead.

  • Van Eaton

    If Filmation were still around and doing cheap CGI, this is how they’d roll.

  • PeeWee Hermans Big Adventure comes to mind for some reason…

    “I saw… the most horrible thing…”

  • D’oh…very “Outer Limits”! Just adjust the pupil placement and it might be on model.

  • Pop-eyed

    Everything that’s wrong with animation since the 90’s encompassed in a single image!

  • Almost perfect, but just to get finicky, Homer’s nose has a very slight upsweep to it– the top line is slightly curved upwards. Also the neck flows into the curve of the back of the head, it doesn’t come straight down from the ear.

  • There goes my lunch.

  • rachel


    Speaking of creepy, has anyone else seen those Charles Schwab rotoscoping commercials? Is it just me, or are they really awfu?

  • I’ve actually seen someone do something like this before. I think with Photoshop.
    It looked worse than this.

  • Killroy McFate

    Mmmm… Disturbingly lifelike textures… GLARGGGHHH..

  • Earl Hurd

    His nose looks like the afterglow of John Mc Cain’s first date with Betsy Ross.

  • LOL! Definitley looks like homer. And to give him a real effect. I think its good. Though I don’t like what baron otto matic said about Grave’s Disease. My mother has it and Graves Disease is NO laughing matter.

  • RodTramonte

    Three words: UGLY AS HELL!!!

  • Are those eyes? They look like light bulbs!

  • Mr. Semaj

    My eyes hurt.

  • Why did you crop out his credit? Obviously he does not want this to go all over the net without anyone knowing he made it…

    I know you linked to him etc. But still…

  • As someone else mentioned, the Rugrats are naturally freaky enough to have something like this done. Also Popeye.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Being somewhat finicky as a few here, I only wish there was that perfect “M.G.” bit on the side of Homer’s head with the ear and zig-zag, but it’s nearly there.

  • Craig

    That is funny, but it’s not a new idea. Anybody ever see this:

  • baron otto matic

    rose: I MYSELF had graves’ disease sometime ago, along with hyper-/hypothyroidism for an extended period before getting properly diagnosed & treated. believe me, i understand what your mother’s going thru. my sincere apologies to anyone i might have offended.

  • Danny R. Santos

    Thanks Amid for the post, now I know I would not be able to sleep tonight, afraid that this homer may pop up in a dream running after me to strangle me.

  • FP

    Quote: >>Also Popeye.

    Wayne Mcloughlin did Popeye already, as one of a series of beautiful airbrush portraits in NATIONAL LAMPOON about thirty years ago. That particular gallery presented images of cartoon characters as realistically rendered, grotesquely deformed people, alongside histories of the deformities (by Doug Kenney, maybe?). In addition to the explosive-decompression Popeye injury, there were portraits of Dick Tracy, the blind Little Orphan Annie, Henry, and others.

    Also, Homer has been done elsewhere recently:

  • Kevin Martinez

    No, this doesn’t work as well. The eyes are ported from cartoon to digital rendering without any attempt to make them more “realistic”, and the whole thing comes off as being unsettling, and not in a funny way like the guy’s earlier Mario.

    I HAVE seen a realistically rendered Homer portrait online somewhere that’s exactly how I’d imagine a realistic Homer to be. I need to find it. The Popeye one, on the other hand, suffers from the other extreme; It doesn’t look enough like Popeye and could more or less be passed off as any grizzled sailor.

  • Omar Hebertt

    So far, Pixeloo seems to have acquired and made something feared (maybe expected) by many: CG, if driven toward certain direction, can be as grotesque, obscene and disturbing as anything imagined, because its degree of realism.

    Right now, his work it’s placing something like, I can’t think of any better comparison, Basil Wolverton. Surely it’s an overstatement, but this kind of grotesqueness comes out from hours of work and stretches even more far the old question, placed here several times, why are there people spending so much effort making the old look like new, instead of creating fresh ideas and aesthetics through the same process?

  • Lucy

    ………….I want my mommy -cries-

  • NL

    The eyes don’t fit at all…they’re going to roll off him any second now and really make him look creepy!

  • Mat

    After seeing Homer there I think that I am going to be having nightmares for the next few weeks. That is really creepy.

  • Once again—EEEEEEEEEK!!

  • For Pixeloo’s next feat of legerdemain, I humbly suggest Jessica Rabbit.

  • Matt Sullivan

    My mother always said there were no monsters. No REAL monsters. but there are…aren’t there?

    “Yes sweeety.”

  • Katella Gate

    Dieter finds it alternately repulsive yet alluring.
    Show us more, but not too much more.

  • I e-mailed the artist to do some creepy renditions of- you guessed it, the Paramount cartoons! I am waiting for a response or something, but he hasn’t written back yet.

  • Brian O.

    Reminds me of Aardman’s Angry Kid.

  • John Randolph Bray

    Forty years ago a person who looked like this would enjoy steady employment in any travelling third rate circus sideshow. That’s more than can be said for today’s animation industry.

  • genius.

  • Andre

    UGLY!!!!!! Geez folks, that’s why it’s a damn drawing!! Why the hell don’t we make a few Picasso abstracts come to life as well? With 6 eyes on one side of its damn head?? This whole realism-CG thing is really starting to bug the hell outta me.

  • EHH

    This is why “The Simpsons Movie” was done in 2D.

  • K. Borcz

    This bugs me, its creepy and I don’t think it was worth doing because if it were supposed to be “realistic” they should have gone all the way with the realism and made the eyes bug-eyed but PLAUSIBLE size. And then they might as well have made the skin yellow. OVERALL, I just wonder WHY they bothered doing this?

    Its just not cool. Creepy, but not cool.

  • Ron

    You guys keep mentioning Popeye. Funny thing is he’s actually based on a real person. His name was Frank “Rocky” Fiegle. Here’s a pic:

  • maxeythecat

    Ohhhh, that’s just not right……..nightmares tonight, no doubt!

  • Connie Pinko

    As creepy as this is, it’s exactly what I’d imagine Homer to look like if he were real.

  • koolout
  • Dock Miles
  • This whole realism-CG thing is really starting to bug the hell outta me.
    What’s the matter with people, how do you not get this? It’s a photoshop of a cartoon-proportioned face as a ‘real’ person… it’s supposed to be ugly and creepy, and it’s nothing to do with “his whole realism-CG thing.” This isn’t even ‘CG’, (well, technically it is but you know what I mean!) it’s just a photo collage.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I will admit, this is an example of stellar Photoshop/CG? work

  • Matt Sullivan

    Yeah, repost the pic with the artist’s name. People need to know who did it.

  • Sarah

    “I can’t wait to see the real Homer.”

    I take it back. Oh, god I wasn’t ready for this. This seriously freaked me out more than the Real Mario.

  • To baron otto matic :

    I am very sorry that you had Graves Disease and I apologize for being so blunt about my statement. You as others who has or had Graves Disease understands the seriousness of what it entails. It is stressful for all that is envolved. I am happy to hear though that you have been properly treated. I only wish the same for my mother. Again, my apologies and I wish you a continous and healthy time as you always continue to fight against it.

  • Tom

    this is how homers eyes go when he sees his beer! haha!