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Summer Flip


Steve Moore’s summer edition of Flip is now online.

In it, Dave Pruiksma discusses the Fleischer Gulliver’s Travels and PD Famous Studios DVDs, Dan Jeup talks about Frank and Ollie, there’s a gallery of work by featured artist John Kleber (above), an interview with Disney Imagineer turned editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes, and much Moore (pun intended!). Check it out here.

  • Jenny

    Good link-always nice to be reminded when this updates.

    One thing, though, Jerry: it’s Ann Telnaes(admittedly darned difficult to spell; I feel compelled to offer a correction as I myself have a doozy of a tough surname).

    I remember Bob Winquist in design class talking about her, obviously very proud of her achievements; he called her “little Ann Telnaes”. That made me want to look up her work, and when later she won a Pulitzer I thought “Aha! Bob knows how to pick ’em-yet again”.

    Flip is indeed fun to read–Dan Jeup’s story is both poignant and a hoot. I wish there were most one or two but a dozen of these animation “magazines–either online or off.

  • You can also check out “Drawn2gether” for more interviews and pictures from artists during a time when they were Drawn2gether. http://www.drawn2gether.com/blog. Enjoy!!