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The Oozing Skull


Once again I’ll veer off topic to plug my favorite comedy troupe outside the realm of animated cartoons.

As mentioned here previously, the main brains behind Mystery Science Theatre 3000 have regrouped to create a new series of movie commentaries under the banner Cinematic Titantic. The first one has just been released on DVD and is only availble for purchase through a website called EZ Takes. There are clips and customer reviews posted there, but based on what I’ve seen and know, the first film, The Oozing Skull, is as hilariously skewered as anything on the original MST3K. Be one of the first to check it out, it’s a great way to kick off the new year.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Nice effort. This is just adding a lot of bells and whistles and a new name.

    NEW MST3K! That’s all I want!

  • Once again, stupid rights owners won’t let me purchase this.

    I hate living three blocks away from the US.

  • As I did not get anything good for xmas this fills the void left in my stocking. And I mean Christmas stocking,… perv.