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Three Weeks of Animation on Shokus Internet Radio

Shokus Internet Radio is beginning a three-week arc saluting the animation industry starting today with two of the best voiceover artists in the business: Gregg Berger (Garfield, The Angry Beavers, Batman Beyond, Duckman, Transformers, etc.) and Michael Bell (Rugrats, Voltron, Superfriends, Jonny Quest, et al). Stu’s Show airs live on Wednesday and repeated each subsequent day at the same time 7-9pm Eastern / 4-6pm Pacific.

On November 4th, Bob Bergen (Porky Pig, Tweety, Lupin III) will be the guest, and on November 11th, yours truly (Jerry Beck) will be there to answer questions on the burning issues of the day. Turn on, Toon In, Click Here.

  • Nightmare Is Near

    Awesome I like Greg Berger and Micheal Bell, Bob Bergen you too Jerry. It will be interesting to hear and I hope you guys talk about what needs to be done for improvement in the animation industry today and hope that Time Warner especially listens to what you guys have to say if it comes down to the CN subject. Good luck Jerry. Keep saying and fighting for what you believe in.

  • Lets hope, for you Jerry, that you won’t get a bunch of random callers asking about a cartoon/cartoon series from an overrated and/or popular studio (like that lady calling about HB’s “Help! It’s The Hair Bear Bunch” or just random live-action shows from the 50’s). I know this advice comes from the guy who called in about a certian cartoon two times (Old MacDonald, with Jerry mentioning it even when I didn’t call), but the only reason I’m saying this is because the phone lines will be jammed and I’m making it easy for some of you unlucky callers who got just busy signals.

    Everyone wants to know the fate of CN’s conicence and why there’s no Fleischer/Famous/Puppetoons DVD directly from Paramount/Lionsgate, or why there’s no Popeye Volume 4 or if the discountined LTGC collection will be resurrected.

    But if you’re first time, let the veteran listeners call-in (including me.)

    Because for one thing, Jerry no longer works for Disney (or at least prefers the other studios, and does more for studios such as Warner Bros. and Paramount) so he won’t answer any Walt Disney Treasures questions. Nor is he an executive of TimeWarner or its certain brands, or an executive of Viacom or its certian brands.

    Oh, and if you’re involved somewhat in classic TV/movies, either modern revival or restoration consulant, or even the CEO of the company that owns ’em, you don’t have to call in. Just simply stop by Chatsworth, California and buy an ad on Shokus Internet Radio, and get an apperance on Stu’s Show.

    All I’m trying to do is make Smokey Bear happy by putting out the wildfire that caught on by a slew of blog posts on the Brew. That means: let’s keep the callers to a bare minumum to only those who would ask worthy questions!

    My two cents.