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Today on Stu’s Show

Today I will once again sit down with Stuart Shostack for another hard hitting, riveting interview, covering a wide range of animation subjects. Stu’s Show will be broadcast live at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific at It’s an internet radio program and its free to listen live today. After that, you can download the show anytime for 99¢. Today, we will be discussing all the latest events in animation – past, present and future. And especially Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Noveltoons, UPA on DVD. We’ll take questions via phone and email from listeners; we might also talk about Terrytoons. Join us and listen in here.

  • Chris


    Any DVD news?

    • Justin Delbert

      The running joke on Stu’s Show was that Jerry Beck in the past would come on to talk about the history of cartoons. He talked about Fleischer and Famous, then they started talking about Terrytoons, but so many people were calling in asking about the latest DVD news, and because people tune in only for that (including myself), the Terrytoon discussion had been on hold for about five years.

      Uh, Jerry, shouldn’t you be using pictures of the covers of the Noveltoons, UPA, and Underdog/Tennessee Tuxedo sets instead of the crappy Warner Bros. releases. You have to explain why three six minute cartoons on one disc for $10.

  • Any DVD given the significant-sounding title “The Best of Bugs Bunny” should earn it by doing the following:

    A) Including NAPOLEON BUNNY-PART, a cartoon that most fans wouldn’t put in Bugs’ top ten.

    B) Including THE MILLION HARE, a cartoon that most fans wouldn’t put in Bugs’ top fifty.

    C) Including only one other cartoon besides the above.

    Wait, what?

    If anyone had told me before this year that the title “The Best of Bugs Bunny” would be wasted on a product this foolish (if not to say brand-damaging), I’d never have believed it; not even of Warner.

    • Kristjan Birnir

      David this is 1. April early.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Jerry, you did a yeoman’s service on Stu’s show today, putting up with the incessant DVD complaints/requests as well as bear eyewitness to Stu in about 3 shades of purple rage about media company executives. I like Stu, but a few courses in Zen achievement could help him out tremendously.
    I just received notification that the UPA Jolly Frolics DVD set will be shipped out Thursday, March 22nd. TCM however, has done the nice thing of offering a 20% discount to a future purchase at their site, as a way of saying it is sorry for the delay. I eagerly await its arrival: I have never seen a Fox & Crow Short from the UPA studios and most of the brilliant stuff they’ve done, I have not watched since selling the Magic Window VHS release from long, long ago.
    Something tells me that since TCM is a separate division of Time Warner, and handles the vintage titles of avid film collectors, that they should be the next standardbearers of the classic cartoon library.

    • Tony McCarson

      Correction, Both the Warner Archives & TCM will be the standard bearers of the classic animation library!

  • Jow

    According To That Episode, The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol. 2 Will Include 5 Discs, 25 Non-Double Dips, Hare Um-Scare Um With It’s Ending, The 4th Disc Will Include Assorted Cartoons (Any Bonds Today, Etc.), Wabbit Trouble Will Be A Double Dip AND We Won’t See This Till [email protected]&$ing 2013! Isn’t That Great?!?