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TUESDAY: Jerry on Stu’s Show

I will again be the featured guest on Shokus Internet Radio’s Stu’s Show, broadcasting live on Tuesday August 10th. The show starts at 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT) and runs for two hours. Topics this time will include the just released Looney Tunes Super Stars DVDs, The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes book, the upcoming Looney Tunes TV Show, the Yogi Bear movie and whatever else the listeners want to talk about. You are encouraged to call in with your questions and comments on the station’s toll-free telephone number.

This episode of Stu’s Show will rebroadcast at the same time each day for the next week. Access to the station’s feed is free, with no registration required, and is available either by clicking on the Enter Site button on the home page (, by choosing one of the audio player links on the site’s main page, via iTunes by selecting Radio/Eclectic and then locating the station’s name alphabetically in the list, and now via iPhone by installing the WunderRadio program available from the iTunes online store. Cell phones with Windows Mobile and Internet access can also listen to the station via the new Live 365 Mobile software available at the station’s broadcast facility, .

  • Hank H

    Will the new series of Looney Tunes DVDs feature the Censored Eleven, in particular ‘So White and de Sebben Dwarfs’?

    • Jay Sabicer

      Nope, each DVD will be character-specific to Bugs or Daffy only. One could only hope that Warner Bros. would release the censored 11 through their Warner Archive Collection program: something that wouldn’t enjoy a wide release, but would satisfy the avid Warner completist.

    • Ted

      I think you mean Coal Black, Hank.

  • I look forward to tomorrow night’s show, and I’ve emailed Stu my question/comment, hoping you can reveal more about the specifics of that question/comment–listeners wiill jump for joy as did I when I heard the news, and I’m expecting my copies of the LOONEY TOONS SUPERSTARS disks any day now…long, long overdue!

  • Manny

    Listenin# to it right now! Good!